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Viper Fate Micarta

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Out Of Stock

Stock due in 14 - 21 Days

Viper Fate

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Viper Fate Micarta

18+ Age Restriction Icon

Out Of Stock

Stock due in 14 - 21 Days



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Viper Fate Micarta

Viper Fate Micarta



The Viper Fate is a fine looking and high end performance knife, hand made by the craftsmen of Maniago, Italy. It features a Böhler N690Co stainless steel with satin finish. The handle is green canvas micarta which is weather and hard use resistant. The sheath is  cordura with plastic inner core and is MO.L.L.E. compatible.


Code 02VP042
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Viper
Blade Material: Böhler N690Co
Blade Length (cm): 17.7
Blade Thickness (cm): 0.5
Overall Length (cm): 31.8
Handle Material: Micarta
Sheath: Yes


  1. Excellent, but......Review by
    I can't add much to what's been said. It's a lovely knife and well made.
    One thing that niggles, though, is that I was expecting it to be made of the Böhler N690Co as in the description, but got the D2 version.
    I can live with it, as the knife is a fine piece, but the joy has been reduced somewhat.
    (Posted on )
  2. Outstanding!!!Review by
    The epitome of a fighting knife. Perfectly balanced, this knife comes alive in your hand. The handle lends itself well to grip transitions. Truly a work of art in steel. After carefully examining this knife I could find no fault at all. Even the Vega made sheath which some have expressed disappointment in has grown on me. It is solid, and after breaking in a little works well with the knife. The micarta handle scales are soft and warm in the hand yet provide confidence in grip. The crowned spine and tang are details rarely seen outside of custom knives.
    I originally purchased this knife because it had characteristics similar to the impossible to aquire Emerson Kandahar. Now that I have the Fate I like it better.
    This knife will not disappoint.
    (Posted on )
  3. Scabbard UpgradeReview by
    If like me you dearly love your Viper Fate, but are not happy with the stock scabbard, I have found a replacement. The SOG Seal Team Elite nylon scabbard (P37), fits almost perfectly. The hard insert hits the ricasso, but that's only 5mm of exposed blade. And although the Velcro retaining strap fits, it could be relocated 1" further down. Non the less, the SOG P37 nylon scabbard is miles better than the Viper nylon scabbard. HH keep it in stock, click on Carry, then Sheaths and Holsters. (Posted on )
  4. Viper Fate by TecnocutReview by
    A great design by Mr Fabrizio Silvestrelli. I think the blade geometry on this model is excellent. The Viper Fate has a stonewash blade of just under 7". The handle is just under 5.5". It is made from 5mm stock. The balance point is just behind the first scale bolt. All specs approx. Beautifully made in Italy. Now the nylon MOLLE scabbard is very sturdy, it even has a drain port. It is however, not finely tailored. I will even go as far to say it is .5" too wide. It deserves Kydex. In the meantime I have put mine in a Ka-Bar USMC leather scabbard. It fits perfectly. You will need to push the retaining strap back through the slots, and re-route it to the outside of the belt loop. There are a few vids on YouTube if you are interested. (Posted on )
  5. It was Fate afterall!Review by
    When they were out of stock for so long I badly wanted one of these, and the Keeper. I purchased the Keeper first and although I really liked it, the blade tip was bent so I was put off from buying the Fate, concerned about quality issues. I straightened the Keeper and giving in, I now have the Fate and I so regret not getting it sooner, it really is superb. Quality is 1st class, design is faultless and sharp? OMG!!
    Must say, as is so often the case, the sheath lets it down, not so much that its a cheap item, more because I don't see a modern military sheath as being in keeping with the knife, it needs a stylish leather one. Might try one of those nice Fallkniven sheaths. Bit costly but this knife is worth it!
    Thanks once again for the superb HH service, you never fail to please.
    (Posted on )
  6. Rude not to get one...Review by
    I bought a Cocobolo-scaled/leather sheath version in Austria. This IS a 5 star knife, top quality in every way, with beautiful Italian styling. Sorry Heinnie, but I hope this review helps folk to appreciate a very fine blade. (Posted on )
  7. Stunning!Review by
    I've been waiting for so long to see it back in stock and when it arrived I've placed an order without hesitation. It is a big knife, nicely put together. Hand built in Maniago, the craftmanship is simply outstanding. Blade? OMG, great to look at and to admire, one of the best I've seen, so is the handle, ergonomics are great even though I know I will never use it in the field, for me it is a real collectors gem. Great price, get one while you can. (Posted on )

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