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Viper Dan2 Silver G10

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Viper Dan2 Silver Carbon Fibre

test 1Viper Dan2 Silver Carbon Fibretest 2Viper Dan2 Silver G10test 3Viper Dan2 Silver Carbon Fibretest 4 Viper Dan2 Silver Carbon Fibre

Viper Dan2 Silver G10

18+ Age Restriction Icon

In Stock

Available for Delivery



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Viper Dan2 Silver G10

Viper Dan2 Silver G10



The Viper Dan was designed to in answer to a specific modern day need: to carry a knife, suitable for everyday life, yet not considered offensive. To add to this it can be easily opened with one hand, and without a locking system. Designed by Tommaso Rumici, the Viper Dan is their first sports folder equipped with mechanical Action Stopper®, now thoroughly tested over many years since its debut. The system is similar to that used on their Britola and Regional series: offering the right resistance to be safe in general use. The name is followed by a number that identifies the blade shape and hides the acronym "Daily Assorted Needs" that suggests the great versatility of this small folder.

Viper Dan1 has a Clip Point Blade, this one, Viper Dan2 has a Wharncliff Blade.

  • Blade: Böhler N690Co stainless steel; vacuum and cryogenic heat treatments; hardness HRC 57/59; finished thickness 3 mm; satin finish.
  • Locking mechanism: AS patented system (Action Stopper).
  • Liners: dual AISI 420C tempered liners.
  • Scales: Silver G10
  • Fasteners: AISI 303 stainless steel pivot screw and fasteners.
  • Spacer: GR2 Titanium anodized.
  • Clip: AISI 420 tempered stainless steel.


Code 01VP200
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Viper
Designer (Text): Tommaso Rumici
Blade Material: Böhler N690Co stainless steel
Blade Length (cm): 7.3
Blade Thickness (cm): 0.3
Overall Length (cm): 18.2
Blade Type: Plain
Blade Shape: Wharncliff
Blade Finish: Satin
Grind: Hollow
Handle Material: G10
Lock Type: Non-locking
UK Friendly Carry: Yes
Sheath: No
Pocket Clip: Yes
Product Weight (g): 95


  1. Fantastic SlipJointReview by
    Wow, this knife is superb and I'm an avid Spyderco fan and have a Limited Edition, UKPK Design Team UKPK as my EDC.

    The Dan 2 has a wonderful blade shape, scales. action and quality. The weight feels just right and there is no flex in the CF scales are all, which are also beautifully shaped for comfortable use.

    The flipper action with it's 90 degree safety stop is really good. Not as fast as the good old Spyder hole, but it's still great and a little different.

    My best compliment I can give the knife is that it looks and feels like a custom knife costing many times more.

    PS - Please note that the Silver Twill Carbon fibre has changed and doesn't look like any picture I've seen of the Dan in Silver. Now it's a lighter, even Silver Carbon Fibre with the typical repeated rectangle weave pattern. Still lovely, but not the predominantly dark scales with silver patterning.

    A recommended buy and super fast delivery from HH.
    (Posted on )
  2. An absolutely sensational and stunning carry knifeReview by
    The package arrived in only a couple of days by special delivery. Wonderful service. I’m so very impressed with this light and functional knife. It is absolutely stunning in looks and has a tactile beauty that keeps you looking and handling it. To say it arrives sharp is a massive understatement, as I could literally shave with it and the blade will last a lifetime. The clasp allows a deep pocket carry but is easy to hand at the same time. Because UK laws do not allow sensible people to carry sensible knives that over the years have developed into being super safe in the locking systems, we now have to revert to blades that are inherently more dangerous and do not lock but without a doubt this knife is one of the best I’ve seen on the market that complies with UK laws. You don’t have to look anywhere else for a day-to-day functional tool that you can lawfully carry and the aesthetics are unbeatable. (Posted on )
  3. Legal and awesomeReview by
    I got this knife wondering what viper would be like, My previous EDC rotation was a Swiss army knife a Spyderco ukpk and a shrade trapper and out the box this knife cannot be called sharp. To call this knife sharp would be like calling a tiger a cat. Technically its right but like the tiger is so much more than a cat this knife is so much more than merely sharp. Out of the box I tested it on My now clean shaved arms and it shaved them so close not even a trace of stubble this is not a sharp knife its a cut throat razor with a advanced slipjoint system and a semi friction folder with a modified warnecliffe blade. As to the silver carbon fiber it is the essance of beauty. Move over case as Gentlemen have a new pocket knife to invest in with style grace and substance. With the materials it will last for a long time to come and its build quality is outstanding. As always Heinnie delivered promptly in fact the first post the following day to the order. This knife isnt cheap but talk yourself into it. a lesser knife may cost a fraction of the price but your grandkids will thank you when they inherit this knife many years from now. (Posted on )
  4. great knifeReview by
    Absolutely love this knife. I was initially sent the wrong handle finish- black carbon fibre instead of silver carbon fibre. To my taste, the difference is like night and day. The black carbon fibre made the knife seem very ordinary. In contrast, the silver carbon fibre looked incredible and visually flowed into the silver blade material in a much more homogenous way.

    The opening and closing action is perfect and easily achieved with a single hand, blindfolded.

    (Posted on )
  5. Unbelievably good !Review by
    So this was an early Xmas present from my gorgeous wife who apart from her natural beauty is also gifted with great taste in knives! It has to be said that I am getting on a bit and therefore I am fortunate to have quite a large collection of knives, some cheap but quirky, some just cheap! However in my collection I have been fortunate to have some expensive examples, to me this knife is as good as any knife I own, it really is amazingly good looking and very functional, the photo seriously does it no justice, it is also priced to the point where anyone can own a top notch knife that is legal in the UK!!!!! (Posted on )
  6. An exquisite pocket knifeReview by
    I recently acquired this from Heinnie via a special order.

    I am realtively new to knife collecting and currently own the Heinnie x Qtrmstr and the Heinnie x Boker subcon 42z.

    I have found the above two knives to be excellent but each had an issue. The boker is slightly too small and the qtrmstr is amazing but does look aggressive. i also wanted something slightly more refined.

    Enter the Dan2. This caught my eye when the silver twill was released and quickly sold out before I could buy it. Que months of looking at every single colour whilst waiting for a restock. The burgundy was in ny shopping cart on a number of occasions.

    I am glad that I waited for the silver twill. The pictures really do not do the handle justice. It is beautiful and has an incredibly subtle depth to it.

    The blade is also incredible. It is stiff to open at first but, as the first reviewer stated, it does become smoother. The build quality is also excellent.

    This is an excellent knife and I am very pleased with it. It is a smarter offering than the other knives that I own and will complement them nicely. I like it so much that I just mught buy the burgundy too!
    (Posted on )
  7. Just about flawlessReview by
    This is a beauty... I was initially going to buy the Burgundy version of this knife, indeed, it was literally in my basket on this site, when the silver version appeared. Despite the £20 price hike to get this version, I didn't hesitate to swap out the Burgundy one for this one. It is a superb knife. Straight out the gate you can feel its quality.

    The blade comes super sharp on arrival. The wharncliff blade makes an excellent piercer and it a perfect shape for opening boxes, letters and the like. The steel is great, N690 has always performed well on the other (Spyderco) knives that I have with it.

    Deployment of the blade was stiff on the initial two openings. On the third it was just fine. The retention of the blade when closed is excellent and, despite there being no lock, it feels really solid when open. The extended blade tang makes it feel somewhat like a friction folder.

    The knife is opened in very much the same way as a Case Russlock. It may initially feel awkward, but it becomes second nature once you are used to it.

    The handle is beautiful. Almost snakeskin like. When the light catches it, the silver shimmers and it is just stunning to look at. It is also grippy too, offering good traction in the hand and it is so ergonomically comfortable.

    This knife is big for a UK legal knife. It is just about on the verge of being too long for UK legal carry, so bare that in mind if you want something a little more discreet. For me though, this is very likely to be my new favourite UK legal knife (it was initially the Spyderco UKPK, but this just feels much more robust) and I will almost certainly be purchasing the Burgundy and CF versions of this blade in future.
    (Posted on )

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