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Victorinox Tinker - Small

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Victorinox Tinker - Small

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Victorinox Tinker - Small

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In Stock

Available for Delivery



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Victorinox Tinker - Small

Victorinox Tinker - Small



Always well equipped – even when travelling. You always have the right tool to hand with this small "Officer's Knife" - the Victorinox Small Tinker.

  • large blade
  • small blade
  • can opener with small screwdriver
  • reamer, punch
  • Philips screwdriver
  • toothpick
  • tweezers
  • cap lifter with screwdriver/wire stripper
  • Specification

    Code BMC-0460300
    Limited Edition: No
    Brand: Victorinox
    Lock Type: Non-locking
    UK Friendly Carry: Yes


    1. Pocket perfection!Review by
      For me, the whole point of a Swiss Army Knife is to have as many useful tools in as small a package as possible. That excludes models like the Swiss Champ which are too big and the Classic SD which is somewhat lacking. My ideal is a model like the Ranger, with a nice balance of the two factors and can be easily carried in an EDC kit or pocket.

      However, there are also times when I'll want to scale down my EDC, which includes the knife, and for that I turn to my Tinker (small). It has all the basic essentials, including tools that can be turned to uses other than just what they're described as, in a package small enough to fit my wallet-sized micro-EDC organiser or even any pocket, without being noticed. If only they'd make smartphones this pocket-friendly!
      It's also one of the few models still to feature the classic style Phillips screwdriver.

      Besides, as other reviewers have noted, the Tinker is a necessity for any MacGyver fans, along with duck tape and a paperclip. Some of the MacGyver fan sites have even done a breakdown of which SAK models are used in which episodes... and the Tinker range are by far the most commonly featured. Embrace your inner fanboy!

      Build quality is top notch Victorinox quality, as expected, with Heinnie offering the best price around - From every possible angle, it's an absolute no-brainer, even if you don't need one!
      (Posted on )
    2. Edc perfection Review by
      The Victorinox Tinker Small is without doubt one of the best in the line up of pocketable swiss army knives !
      This model is well equipped for the day to day tasks you may encounter , its always a plus to have a philips driver on a swiss army knive and this is in place of the usual corkscrew here
      The Tinker Small comes in at just 84mm long so it really sits in the pocket well ,this model featured a lot in the 80s tv show magyver and saved the day on many occasions ? It's saved the day for me in the past too !
      HH Have this for sale at £12.95 ! This is a price that I have not seen matched anywhere and is without doubt the best value for money model on HH victorinox section
      The regular tinker is £18.95 ? And to be honest is not worth considering at this price point difference ?, I've had both and the small is my choice any day so I would say grab a bargain while you can they surely can't stay at this for long !!!!
      (Posted on )
    3. Perfect pocket allrounder. A EDC must.Review by
      Received mine on Christmas day from the good lady and thought I'd post a review after a couple of months using it.

      Since I've had this in my pocket I can only think of one day that I've not made use of one of its many functions.

      Positives :-

      Quality build.
      Fits in the pocket lovely.
      Blades a extremely sharp. Ok you'd expect it from this manufacture.
      UK legal which in the current climate is a must. Sadly.
      Excellent value for money.

      Negatives :-
      After a couple of months use, I have found none.

      Highly recommended as a perfect bit of EDC kit.
      Will purchase again.

      (Posted on )
    4. Best valueReview by
      Nice lightweight SAK for 5th pocket carry and has a nice Phillips screwdriver and reamer for less money than the Recruit which has neither.
      Good knife for twelve pounds.
      HH next day delivery, excellent.
      (Posted on )
    5. Tinker smallReview by
      The Tinker Small 84mm is one of those knives that has six fold out implements that are in constant use
      I have carried one of these cuties now for many years after first buying a swisschamp back in 1986 because of all the bells and whistles that I soon found out I didn't use ! Still have it but lives in kitchen draw.
      The first tinker was a 91mm version but after many years of service that's been retired
      Well I did a search and came across Heinne Haynes and their vast range of knives the tinker 91mm was £18.95 and the tinker small at £12.95 ! Yes that is correct £12.95 this is really unbelievable the price difference for the two models is hard to believe as they will do the same job ? Infact the small one is more of a pocket friendly size and is great to use I prefer it i would not pay the extra .
      This 84mm model is also the one you can see tv character MacGyver using to save the day so it must be ok ,yes ?
      I am going to order a couple more as they won't stay at this price for long ?
      A first class edc that will be useful ,has nothing that stays in the chassis forever becoming stiff and forgotten about ! And again at this price you would be hard pressed to buy a better knife totally recommended for value ,functionality and not forgetting H H Service too with next day delivery .
      (Posted on )
    6. one of the best EDCsReview by
      UK legal
      pocket friendly
      super sharp
      quality steel
      MacGyver's favorite

      slightly bulky
      (Posted on )
    7. Solid build and useful toolsReview by
      This really does punch above its weight, great build and excellent selection of tools, having the philips screwdriver instead of cork screw is useful to me. For the price Heinnie offer this tool it is a total bargain, almost as cheap as the Classic. It also has the option to carry a flat head pin in the scales as an added bonus. (Posted on )
    8. Tinker smallReview by
      The tinker small 84mm is one of those swiss army knives that is just right ! This knife has a good set of tools in the pocket friendly size that i now prefer .
      It may sound strange but the blade shape on 84mm knives is better than its 91mm big brother ,and here at HH there is 6 quid more to pay for the 91mm model with exactly the same capability !
      One more thing, if Macgyver can save the day with this model its good enough for me !
      Service and value from HH go on pick one up you wont regret it
      (Posted on )
    9. My favourite SAKReview by
      Personally i like the 84mm range of SAKs. Now if they'd do one with scissors & a saw.... (Posted on )
    10. Surprisingly robust Review by
      Had to pry a catch off a cupboard door today, didn't realise it was glued and dowelled so only took a no 1 Philips screwdriver, bent it to 90 degree angle trying to get it off to no avail. Desperately lazy, I decided to try the screwdriver/ bottle opener on my small tinker, in the hope of avoiding walking all the way back to the tool cupboard, bit of grunting and swearing later and the catch was off- blade isn't even slightly loose despite being used inappropriately as a pry tool. Always loved victorinox quality they just make good stuff, and the small tinker in particular for its lightness and choice of bare essential tools. Wish they'd bring back the 'mechanic' though, as a great mid weighted with added benefit of the plier. (Posted on )
    11. Now this is a good bit of kitReview by
      Bought 3 Victorinox knives, this one, an Excelsior and a Bantam, both the latter were poorly finished and the excelsior blade is to long and thin, all 3 cost around the same but this knife is in a standard of it's own, lots of tools, well constructed and properly finished.
      No rattle, solid construction, body panels well bonded to the frame, quality steel razor sharp
      How can they make the others so badly and yet this is a real diamond of a knife.
      (Posted on )
    12. Excellent EDCReview by
      For me this is a perfect sized pocket tool with the right essential Tools. Great value. Fast shipping as Always from HH. (Posted on )
    13. Great budget UK EDCReview by
      Quite simply one of the best inexpensive UK legal EDC knives you can buy. All the tools are useful, it's light, well made, Sheeple friendly, and is comfortable in the pocket. (Posted on )

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