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Victorinox Swisstool X

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Victorinox Swisstool X

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Victorinox Swisstool X

18+ Age Restriction Icon

In Stock

Available for Delivery



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Victorinox Swisstool X

Victorinox Swisstool X



The Swisstool X is a powerful multi-tool with the same quality and excellence that it is known for world wide. It is supplied with a leather sheath.


  • Pliers
  • Screwdriver (2mm, 3mm, 5mm and 7.5mm)
  • Wire cutters
  • Cap Lifter
  • Blade
  • Scissors
  • Metal file
  • Metal Saw
  • Wood Saw
  • Reamer and punch
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Chisel / scraper
  • Wire cutter, bender and scraper
  • Can opener
  • Ruler (230mm and 9in)
  • Crimper
  • Hard wire cutter
  • Lanyard hole
  • Specification

    Code BMC-30327L
    Limited Edition: No
    Brand: Victorinox
    Blade Material: Stainless Steel
    Blade Length (cm): 6.5
    Closed Length (cm): 11.50


    1. SolidReview by
      Exellent quality tool. Have 4 other multitools from either leatherman or gerber and this is better built and finished than all of them. Everything works really well on it everything that should be sharp is and the ploers are really strong. I can even cut heavy gauge high tensile fencing wire with it if im careful that is pretty impressive because its really hard to cut with proper fencing pliers nevermind a multitool! Some compain that its heavy well get over it its a heavy duty tool it will be if you want a lighter multitool victorinox make the swisstool spirit get that instead. Some tools are a bit difficult to get out but didnt take long to get used to. (Posted on )
    2. GoodReview by
      Exellent quality multitool. Have a 3 leathermans and a gerber this is better than all af them. Everything works really well and it is solid i can even cut heavy gauge high tensile fencing wire with it that is pretty impressive for a multitool! Some complain that its heavy but heavy equals quality so get over it. Tools can be difficult to take out but it didnt take long to get used to it. (Posted on )
    3. A fine ToolReview by
      I agree it is heavy. For a multitool anyway. Just like my old Swiss Watch, Heavy is good. Heavy equals quality. Finest Stainless Steel is Heavy. Out the Box Sharp. A Combination of Blades /Tools that will come in handy anywhere in or out of the House . Pliers that work, Wire Cutters that cut. Saw that saws. Self locking blades just need a little use to get used to them. If you're Trekking up a mountain choose something lighter. All round general use, MTB etc It's for you. (Posted on )
    4. excellent Review by
      excellent quality as is expected from victorinox got to be 1 of the best multy tools oput there

      (Posted on )
    5. guyReview by
      Hey dudes quit griping about the weight, it's a heavy duty tool in the same vein as the Leatherman Surge so it's going to be heavier than say a medium duty tool such as the Leatherman Wave or the Victorinox Spirit. It sits fine on the belt, just get used to it or else get the Spirit which is lighter for all the less demanding tasks. Tools work well, pliars are strong, cutters are sharp, what else do you want it to be? It is what it is, the design hasn't changed in more than a decade and I think that the guys at Victorinox know a little more about these things than most other people... overall brilliant.!!! (Posted on )
    6. This is a…Review by
      This is a quality tool. It works with a solidity and precision that inspires confidence. The build quality is faultless and the well chosen tools work well. Even the belt pouch is quality. Just be aware that its size and solidity mean it is heavy. (Posted on )
    7. HELPFULReview by
    8. High quality - Swiss styleReview by
      Leatherman gives you a 25 year guarantee
      Victorinox...Life time...

      So if you've blunted an edge or ruined a screwdriver - send it to a Victorinox dealer and they send it back to the factory and Victorinox will pay for the shipment.

      (Posted on )
    9. hmmReview by
      tbh i dont know how people can compare these to the leatherman, this thing has polished screwdrivers and a saw that cant be replaced or sharpened? sold mine and bought a second leatherman surge by way of an appology to leatherman for being disloyal to what i now know to be the best multi tool on the market ( sog included) i will not stray again!!!!! (Posted on )
    10. A wonderful piece of classic engineeringReview by
      I have used Victorinox products for years but this multitool is the pinnacle of their craft. Whilst Leathermans are very well designed and excellent quality (I have a Squirt on my keyring) there is something majestic about the Swisstool. Almost too nice to use. Beware the blade is very sharp as I have found out. Owe! (Posted on )
    11. Heavy and blocky but efficientReview by
      I'd agree with the other reviewers. Solid, indestructible but heavy and - frankly - a little ugly. The large blocky handles are not designed to be comfortable or to look nice but perhaps that's not the point... all tools accessible with the Pliers closed which is nice. (Posted on )
    12. Yes this is…Review by
      Yes this is a great tool even if it's a tad on the heavy side compared to the rest.

      I just wish that Victorinox would not make the cutting blade a locking one, would make it easier to carry in public here in the UK.
      (Posted on )
    13. ToughReview by
      One of the toughest tools on the market. I had that for years and never had a problem. Excellent locking mechanism and very tough. one drawback, the tool is bit heavy compared with Leatherman Wave, Gerber products but certainly tougher. (Posted on )

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