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Victorinox Farmer Alox

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Victorinox Farmer Alox

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Victorinox Farmer Alox

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In Stock

Available for Delivery



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Victorinox Farmer Alox

Victorinox Farmer Alox



Inspired by the classic soldier's knife, this sturdy knife combines lots of useful functions in a durable fluted Alox handle – incuding a wood saw and a reamer. The blade is non-locking and under three inches long making it legal to carry within the UK at the owners discretion.

  • Large blade
  • Can opener with
  • Small screwdriver
  • Wood saw
  • Key ring inox
  • Cap lifter with
  • Screwdriver
  • Wire stripper
  • Reamer
  • Specification

    Code BMC-0824126
    Limited Edition: No
    Brand: Victorinox
    Blade Material: Swiss stainless steel
    Blade Length (cm): 7.0
    Lock Type: Non-locking
    UK Friendly Carry: Yes


    1. Still THE BEST Swiss Army knifeReview by
      My Son has one, my Granddaughter has one and my Grandson is getting one for his birthday!
      The best combination of tools bar none in an amazingly compact package. I have a Soldiier, the same as the Farmer minus the saw. The Alox scales are tough and durable and the whole range of tools and blade are beefed up relative to the normal officers range. Manufactured to a tremendously high standard and still just about the best value on the planet, in spite of being made in Switzerland, with high labour costs. I carry my 1990 Soldier almost every day and have used it on countless occasions. Even so it is still as good as new. Victorinox may have brought out numerous new flash models, but none will surpass the Farmerr in my opinion. By the way, I still own a German Army issue Victorinox Trooper, another classic, sadly no longer produced.
      (Posted on )
    2. Still going strong 5 years laterReview by
      Sits in a leather pouch on my belt almost always, unless I'm visiting the school or on a very rare night out. 5 years later still going strong without defect. All tools are used frequently. Good strong thick main blade, holds its edge well. The addition of a wee cross head screwdriver is the only way I could improve this knife (Posted on )
    3. A Farmer for all seasons!Review by
      The Vic Farmer is hands down my very favourite SAK. I also like the Huntsman very much, and have used and recommend several other Victorinox models. Yet I keep coming back to the Farmer. I agree with all the positive remarks below. This is one sturdy, capable, reliable pocket knife! The robust tools and consistent build quality, together with the renowned warranty and reasonable price make the Farmer an outstanding bargain.

      Every tool has been put to work over the years, and has always performed well. Sometimes with a bit of imagination you even discover yet another use for it! The Farmer takes on any reasonable task you could find. The reamer is very handy. One thing about the saw. Use more force on the pull stroke. Helps avoid jamming or possibly bending the blade. Especially when pruning green wood. It's not really meant for really hard, unyielding, dry hardwoods. As with so many things in life, when not abused or used foolishly, the Farmer will really give its best. Don't loan it out unless you really trust the person! To someone who is responsible and appreciates their tools, likes their kitchen gadgets, or for anyone who travels frequently, this one makes a fine and practical gift.

      Time and again the Farmer has saved a trip to get a toolbox or a bigger garden implement. The saw copes with tough tree roots just fine. One tip: scrape the root with the back of the saw blade first to help minimise dulling its teeth. Takes just a few seconds but it is worthwhile. Stropping keeps the knife blade in tip-top condition, and benefits the reamer too. And it goes without saying - don't pry with it!

      It's surprising how on a building site or similar situation to see just how few people carry a SAK. But it is no surprise to see just how useful one can be. The Farmer has proven its worth many times over. Very heartily recommended!
      (Posted on )
    4. Rock solidReview by
      Great outdoors tool.

      The blades are thicker than the usual ones in knives with plastic handles. Combined with the Alox scales and beefy springs it really creates a robust feel. The saw blade is simply excellent, I found it best suited with green wood.
      (Posted on )
    5. EDC at its best!Review by
      If you want a well made , attractive , usefull , UK legal carry pocket knife then this is about as perfect as you can get!
      I have used the traditional red victorinox for 30 years of Hill walking, fishing and hunting and they have never let me's the Swiss engineering, but the aluminium Scaled Alox take the build quality to another level ! This is probably the most tactile knife I have ever bought, it has a solid, reassuring weight and feel to it and also sits nice in your pocket won't know it's there till you need it...just EDC perfection!
      (Posted on )
    6. Buy it! Review by
      Just buy it and you will have no regrets, I have been using victorinox for as long as I remember and the alox farmer just stepped up the game.

      Only wish is that I bought it sooner
      (Posted on )
    7. A hard to beat classicReview by
      A do-all knife at home in ny hiker or canpers pocket.
      The small and non-threatening farmer will offend no one and is uo to most tasks you coupd ask of a small knife on a hike or in camp.
      The lockup is ver solid on these knives and the reamer is a particularly useful feature that often gets forgotten.
      At this price everyone should have one, even just as a sensible backup.
      (Posted on )
    8. If I could only have one knife - this would be the oneReview by
      I carry the Alox Farmer with me all of the time. I used to rotate my EDC knife, but always missed this if I wasn't carrying it. The Alox scales are not only tough, but they look great too. All the tools work great (didn't think I use the reamer much, but it's brilliant). I've got knives costing way more than this, I've also got a Swisstool Spirit which is very good - but a bit heavy in the pocket. The Farmer is my 'go to' tool.

      The usual top service from HH too.
      (Posted on )
    9. Great EDC, well worth the cash.Review by
      It took me while to decide which SAK to buy but it was the saw that won over in the end and I'm glad I got it as it works really well for its size, I've also got the Alox Electrician which is similar but I found the lack of a small screwdriver blade when changing a plug a bit annoying.
      Overall a good knife with great build quality and very useful..
      Great service from HH.
      (Posted on )
    10. EDC perfectionReview by
      Have several Farmers, Pioneers and 08 Soldiers, for EDC and in collection.
      When I need a solid knife outdoors, the Farmer can always be relied on.
      And, mass-produced by the thousand, with no human errors to moan about !!!
      (Posted on )
    11. Little pocket tool kit still going strong.Review by
      I put new number plates to sister-in-law's car last weekend. The spike made neat holes in the plates and the screwdriver quickly dealt with the self-tappers. I used it to open the six bottles of beer she bought me by way of thanks. The subsequent events are not Victorinox's fault especially if they agree that silence is often the best policy, whether or not someone's dog is poorly house-trained and resembles a guinea-pig breeder's practical joke. (Posted on )
    12. Perfect EDC Knife & Man ToyReview by
      Just wanted to add a brief bit to my 1st review having used this for a few months. Brilliant knife for every day carry. A perfect boy's toy if you like quality pieces and it's great value so it's perfect - girls take note :-)

      Everything works as it's meant to and the blade steel, if not super-hard, is easy to get, and keep, sharp. Aside from blade, my favourite tools are the tin opener (particularly good for slicing through the stiff aluminium collar around the necks of wine bottles) and the awl / reamer: if you want to make a small, perfectly clean hole in plastic there isn't a better tool anywhere.

      A great man's present that should last a lifetime.
      (Posted on )
    13. Great DesignReview by
      I have MULTIPLE Victorinox models, the Farmer has no faults. This is a great folder, and HH are offering it at a great price. The Farmer is one of the best models you can get. IF you have "soft and delicate" hands, wear gloves, and stock-up on hand cream. (Posted on )
    14. Close but bad designReview by
      I have multible SAK's and other alox models. The farmer has some faults

      - The saw sticks out in the close position and mess up your pinky when you cut in hammergrib

      - Part of the main blade touches the inside and gets dull

      - The keychain is placed very badly when using the saw.

      Otherwise I love the alox models, SAK's and their multitools but the farmer is a bummer!
      (Posted on )
    15. Victorinox FarmerReview by
      Out of the entire Victorinox range, the "Alox" series is my preferred choice. Out of the "Alox" range, the "Farmer" is my preferred model. Beautifully made in Switzerland, the Farmer has a blade length of 70mm (2.75"). Closed 92mm (3" +5x8ths). Damn fractions ! Weight 85g. All specs. approx. It has a panel on the reverse side, so you can have your name engraved. I specifically got this little folder/tool for my survival tin. (Posted on )
    16. First Victorinox /Great customer serviceReview by
      This is an excellent tool, my first Victorinox from the Alox range and far superior to the standad plastic construction. Could be used for many different jobs in and around the home/shed. Also the customer service I got from this company is very good, Linda who I had contact with was excellent! I have already recommened this website to my friends. (Posted on )
    17. Brilliant EDC Blade, carried for 2 years now, very happy!Review by
      Brilliant EDC Blade, carried for 2 years now, very happy!

      If only all knives could be as rewarding as this one, this turned me on to pocket knives.

      Check out my review here:
      (Posted on )
    18. Most sensible SAK by far.Review by
      This is the best non locking folder that Victorinox make. All tools are sturdy and useful. The alloy scales make the knife more durable and less flexible than the plastic handled models. If you're only going to have one pocket knife, this should be it. (Posted on )
    19. Sak FarmerReview by
      I carry one of these every day and as I work as a gardener I find both the saw blade and cutting blade to be invaluable. I have mine in a belt sheath which I find best for regular access. (Posted on )
    20. Pleasing EDC knife / mini-toolReview by
      Didn't buy from HH but received as a (v nice) present.

      Great knife for everyday carry in the UK. It's well designed, well constructed & plenty strong for its intended purpose, i.e. urban or light-field tasks. At 85g it's not a burden. There aren't many tools but this has the essentials and the only other thing I'd like is a phillips head screw driver. I've never rated the SAK scissors or corkscrew and I don't miss them not being here.

      All-in-all a very pleasing item. Would be nice to see this with a pocket clip but with a split-ring, mini-carabiner and cord you can rig something up suspended from your belt that's more than satisfactory. Highly recommended.
      (Posted on )
    21. Everything you need and nothing you don'tReview by
      Ideal pocket tool (Posted on )
    22. Multi-role penknifeReview by
      Not a HH purchase, but a present. It's based on the old Swiss army service issue but with a good sharp saw. Ideal for outdoor leisure pursuits, but just about small, light and friendly-looking enough to be an urban EDC when not in the backpack. It has a stronger construction and thicker blade than the plastic red SAKs.
      For me it's easily a 5-star knife in quality and usability, but I suspect that if taking this knife where hands might go cold and wet, and definitely if you bite your nails, you should look elsewhere. This one has fairly stiff springs and needs fingernails which haven't gone soft/brittle/nibbled.
      (Posted on )
    23. I ordered this…Review by
      I ordered this as a replacement for my working pocket knife, a Victorinox Camper, which at 10 years old is a bit knackered and missing a handle scale. The knife looks very solid and has everything I need as an engineer, won't miss the tooth pick or tweezers as I have both in my edc kit anyway. Amazing service as per usual, thanks again Heinnie! (Posted on )
    24. Most sensible for EDCReview by
      This Victorinox pocketknife is by far the best tool you could choose for your EDC.

      The alox scales are hard wearing, the blade comes amazingly sharp, the saw is practical and actually does it's job.

      All the other tools come in useful and there's nothing there you wouldn't find a use for, but weight is saved by not having silly things like corkscrews or scissors.

      It looks classy, non-threatening and will serve you well.
      (Posted on )
    25. BRILL PIECE OF KITReview by
      This is a cracking little knife a lot stronger than normal SAK's, blade thicker too, saw is functional, awl is very good, only draw back no toothpick or tweezers but it's worth the sacrifice. This is now my back up hunting, camping, mountaineering general outdoors knife and my number 1 edc knife as it is legal, stupid uk knife laws. (Posted on )

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