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Victorinox Mini Screwdrivers

In Stock

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Victorinox Mini Screwdrivers

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Victorinox Mini Screwdrivers

In Stock

Available for Delivery



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Victorinox Mini Screwdrivers

Victorinox Mini Screwdrivers



A replacement Victorinox Screwdriver for any large (91mm / 111mm) Victorinox Swiss Army Knife that has a corkscrew.

This tiny screwdriver fits into the corkscrew of your Victorinox knife.


Code BMC-A364300
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Victorinox


  1. And one more thing . . .Review by
    It fits the screws on the Photon Microlight 2, which is nice. Prior to buying one of these, I always had trouble finding anything small enough, even in a tool-rich environment, though one more hammers 'n' spanners than razors 'n' lasers . . . (Posted on )
  2. Easy SAK upgradeReview by
    This tiny screwdriver is an effortless upgrade to any Swiss Army knife with a corkscrew - I don't know why Victorinox don't offer them as an optional extra when you buy the knife. These days with screw caps on most wine bottles, I find myself using the corkscrew itself less and less, but it provides a snug housing for the screwdriver, and you can get extra torque on a stubborn screw by fixing the screwdriver back into the corkscrew to make a T-handle. (Posted on )
  3. Just what was needed. Review by
    Perfect for the little nose pad screws on glasses. Increases the utility of a SAK without any noticeable weight or bulk.

    Alternative uses? Makes a decent pilot hole in some materials, or when a small hole is needed. Can even be used to make a series of perforations in certain materials like leather or plastic. Almost like a miniature gimlet. Clears blocked or clogged tips of very small nozzles. Can be used to remove mineral deposits in a shower head. Can be used as a thumbtack in some situations. With care, serves as a scriber, to save wear and tear on a blade's edge or tip. Makes a temporary plug for a small hose or tubing where the bore matches, or, with appropriate packing or shimming, comes close in size (use the tiny screwdriver blade as a handle to remove it from the tubing). Can quickly scrape a corroded contact clean enough in very tight spots where a blade or even a SAK awl is too big. Other people have probably found yet more uses.

    Adds to the versatility of the excellent Victorinox Waiter. Will fit older Victorinox corkscrews, at least on my '80s Super Tinker. An enhancement to any corkscrew Vic. Good little item!
    (Posted on )
  4. Good Item.Review by
    Great little screwdriver. As well as SAKs this fits the Leatherman Juice cork screw as well . It will also fit the Leatherman Flair if you have one :-)
    (Posted on )
  5. Necessity!Review by
    No wearer of glasses/sunglasses should be without one of these, it has been useful on a huge number of occasions.

    Just buy one for your SAK, they are worth their weight in gold!
    (Posted on )
  6. The Real McCoyReview by
    This mini screwdriver was bought for my Victorinox Huntsman knife, which I've had for 20 years and never realised it was possible to upgrade. I discovered this when I recently got a Swiss Champ and discovered the mini screwdriver. I can say the one supplied by HH is EXACTLY the same as the one that came with my Swiss Champ, so I know it is genuine. There are replacements available from other sources online, but mostly they look a bit iffy and are overpriced to boot. Thanks, again, Heinnie, and for your near-instantaneous delivery service, which is the stuff of legend. (Posted on )
  7. Ingenious piece of kitReview by
    Fits inside a Swiss Army Knife corkscrew. Very clever and useful screwdriver for anything small such as sunglasses screws etc. Well made and works. I buy one as a stocking filler for everyone I know with a Swiss Army Knife .
    Next day delivery from Heinnie Haynes just days before Xmas - fantastic mail order firm.
    (Posted on )

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