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Victorinox Cadet Silver Alox

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Out Of Stock

Stock due in 14 - 21 Days

UK Friendly

Victorinox Cadet Silver Alox

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Victorinox Cadet Silver Alox

18+ Age Restriction Icon

Out Of Stock

Stock due in 14 - 21 Days



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Victorinox Cadet Silver Alox

Victorinox Cadet Silver Alox



The Cadet boasts nine practical features. Hard-core devotees of the great outdoors will find this companion just as handy as latter-day nomads.

  • large blade
  • nailfile with nail cleaner
  • can opener with small screwdriver
  • cap lifter with screwdriver, wire stripper
  • Specification

    Code BMC-0260126
    Limited Edition: No
    Brand: Victorinox
    Blade Material: Stainless Steel
    Blade Length (cm): 6.4
    Blade Thickness (cm): 0.2
    Closed Length (cm): 8.30
    Overall Length (cm): 14.6
    Lock Type: Non-locking
    UK Friendly Carry: Yes
    Pocket Clip: No


    1. Pocket perfection Review by
      Victorinox cadet alox is one of the best models you could choose .
      Just so slim , stylish and robust with a practical tool set
      This is pocket perfection? Well almost I may add , put on board scissors and I think it would be !
      These come in silver as standard , but you can get limited addition year models but I find these are just hiked up priced and for use the silver is proven a good choice.
      These cadets go for around £25 (silver) and are tremendous value for the money ,so so handy to have
      Service from HH was swift as always five star all the way
      (Posted on )
    2. Slim and solid Alox knifeReview by
      If you've never tried a Victorinox Alox model then this is a great place to start, slimline, great grip and very solid feel. Useful selection of tools and the Alox scales just give it slightly better purchase in the hand compared to standard models.

      No hesitation recommending this Cadet, you really can't go wrong. Also super fast delivery from Heinnie.
      (Posted on )
    3. Unbeatable...Review by
      ...Is all I can say about this knife! In terms of value, build quality and EDC usefulness there's really nothing I can say that hasn't been said a thousand times by the other reviewers. There are certainly other Victorinox models and other brands that are better at specific tasks, or have a better set of tools for an individual's personal needs, but for a standard EDC I find the cadet alox to be slim and well profiled for pocket carry, and the selection of tools to be good for a basic, useful non-specific EDC option. (Posted on )
    4. Cadet alternative carry. Review by
      It is at times fun and practical to explore alternate ways to carry the bits of kit that you prefer. With a little imagination, you can expand your options.

      To keep your Cadet handy and reduce or eliminate pocket clutter, attach an additional Vic key ring. The small size ring works well. Then add a P7 pocket clip. Why add a second, identical key ring to the Cadet? It keeps your pocket knife flat against you, and if you want to try carrying your Cadet clipped inside your trousers waistband, adding the second ring prevents the clip from walking (gradually creeping) off your waistband as you move about. For the last five years or so, and after twice nearly loosing my Cadet when it slipped out of my jacket pocket, this is now my preferred method to carry my Cadet. After adding the second key ring it has never worked loose from my waistband, yet it can be quickly retrieved when needed. I know exactly where it is.

      My belt almost completely covers what little can be seen of the small P7 clip, so waistband carry is quite discrete. I quickly became used to the negligible feel of the Cadet against my hip. It truly is not noticed. Using the screwdriver or nail file means I just hold the P7 clip against the handle. It is less awkward than it sounds. I'm used to the clip, and I would not be without it.

      Additionally the P7 clip allows the Cadet to be clipped inside a suit coat pocket, so it is there next to a pen, etc but still handy. This keeps trouser pockets free.

      Alternatively, if you favour waistcoats with your suit, it is feasible and quite comfortable to clip your Cadet under your armpit so that it is suspended along your side, out of the way inside your waistcoat. With this method, even without a suit jacket, only the slim tiny P7 clip is visible, when your arm moves away from your side. Again, this frees up one's pockets yet easily keeps the Cadet to hand.

      Be aware of the thickness of wherever you clip your Cadet. Obviously thin fabric is probably going to be too loose and thick material like a belt or a thick pocket edge will be too tight for the little P7 clip. Ideally you want it to keep its spring tension and gripping ability. Try a new carry method at home first to see if it suits you before going outside.

      Also, I find that shirt pocket carry with the Cadet is comfortable, convenient, and unobtrusive, especially in cooler weather when wearing layers of clothing. If you decide that you like the convenience of shirt pocket carry, but the Cadet is too bulky or heavy for you, consider the wafer thin Alox Bantam. Offering equally nice build quality and reduced to a minimal single layer tool selection, the Bantam, although lacking the useful key ring, absolutely vanishes in a pocket.

      A Cadet is not super expensive; Vics are widely available, so it can be replaced easily if need be.

      For a while I carried my Vic Farmer, another superb Alox pocket knife, in my trouser pockets, but once in a while the key ring, an item I like and prefer to leave on, was snagging in the small strip of material at the bottom of my pocket, at the seam. Pulling my Farmer out was turning the whole pocket inside out. So I tried the Farmer with a P7 clip, and eventually found I preferred waistband carry rather than the edge of my pocket.

      The Farmer, at 86 grams, is of course heavier than the Cadet, plus I found that while I appreciate the sturdiness of the Farmer, for most days the saw was not needed. Nice to have, but, for me, rarely used. The back of the saw makes a good scraper on Vics, by the way. Often, the edge of the blade can be spared when a scraping tool will suffice.

      Carrying the Cadet in the waistband is more comfortable than you might think. It is easily accessible even when seated - probably easier, if anything, to deploy than digging around in a trouser pocket. And with the extra ring and P7 clip, it only weighs 55 grams. It is easy to forget it is there.

      I haven't tried back pocket carry; in theory, it too would be discreet and convenient, but maybe a little awkward whilst sitting. I prefer waistband, for now.

      As to the Cadet itself, yes, it's a fantastic little pocket knife! Lighter and nearly as capable as its esteemed big brother, the Vic Pioneer, another favourite. I miss the Pioneer's reamer when carrying the Cadet. But the trade off in light weight and the Cadet's thin flat profile are worth it. Every single tool has been used.

      Recently I paired up the Cadet with a Leatherman PS4, after carrying a Leatherman Micra for some time. On a separate P7 clip, it hangs from a secure flat lanyard, also on the waistband, on the opposite side from the Cadet. Don't laugh. It really is unnoticeable and, for me, comfortable. I prefer the pliers on the tiny PS4, although the Micra is an excellent pocket tool, too.

      So between the Cadet and the little PS4, the tools I need the most are right there.

      The Cadet makes a wonderful gift, too. Useful, affordable, and invariably received with gratitude.

      The Vic Cadet is my favourite of its type. By the way, the pattern is usually referred to as a Scout, by various manufacturers. Overall, within its class, for aesthetics, ergonomics, versatility, ease of replacing, lifetime warranty, durability and quality, as well as value for money, the Cadet comes out on top.
      (Posted on )
    5. Tidy pocket knife!Review by
      A short while ago I lost my Victorinox Escort on account of it being so small (have re-purchased as I love it..) also decided to buy something a little bigger and so gave the cadet a go. Wanted something slim and lightweight - not after a multi tool with stacks on and this is just fine. Everything snaps open in a very satisfying manner and it feels nice and solid. The blade is keen enough and really can't complain. Am looking forward to using it.
      Mega quick service yet again too!!
      (Posted on )
    6. A very practical knifeReview by
      If you only own one pocket knife , this is the one.
      A lot of other knives are too bulky to carry in one's pocket - they need an outside sheath. This means that ,eg , in an urban situation ( eg. the office) , they are not practical. If the knife isn't with you , then it's of no use , no matter how many tools it has. Have you ever tried to open a bottle of wine with the corkscrew tool seen on many knives .? You'll end up with a hernia. Most wines don't come with a cork now anyway - thank goodness!
      The point is that it's surprising how few tools you actually need in a daily situation.
      The nail file on this knife can double as a Phillips if used carefully and one blade is all that is required. The screwdriver / opener blades are robust and practical.. The screwdriver can sit at a right angle for more torque.
      To keep the knife clean, I use one of fingers of an old leather glove .
      (Posted on )
    7. All you need in a pocket knife.Review by
      I am the owner of various high quality pocket knife's, Opinel, Spyderco and Boker to name but a few. They are all fantastic high quality tools ,(and some of the Spyderco knife's are just superb!). But..... This little knife seems to be the one I find in my pocket time after time. It comes from a highly respected stable and carries a world renowned pedigree. It's pleasing to look at, practical and really all you will ever need.
      Exemplary service from HH and there is really nothing more to add. Buy one and you will not be disappointed.
      (Posted on )
    8. Overrated IMOReview by
      First of all i've had a few Cadets all in rare colours, they look & feel great, however i always feel the blade folds too easily & they have a poor choice of tools.

      I sold my blue one on, still have one in dark green & a 2015 blue model, never used, no doubt i'll sell them on. Yet i still like my SAK small tinker.
      (Posted on )
    9. The perfect every day all purpose less-is-more toolReview by
      This little knife is all anyone could ask of a simple tool to carry every day. Beautiful in its own straightforward function-over-form way, for jeans pocket or a dinner jacket. I use mine for work, as a surveyor, using the nail file not for filing nails but for jabbing into things in a rot-and-asbestos testing sense, and once had to use the heavier screwdriver to get out of a room when the door handle fell off and locked me in a loo. The blade opens letters, peels a lunchtime apple, deals with the cursed blisterpacks and tests for wet rot in floorboards. The whole package is elegant, non threatening and perfectly functional, for picnic or banquet, work and play. There can be no need for anything more hefty and complicated, this little thing is all I need. (Posted on )
    10. Pocket PerfectionReview by
      I think I have an unhealthy fetish for ALOX knives. They are just so damn well designed and pretty to look at that I can't help myself!

      I have been carrying the Cadet I bought from HH for several months now and it really is a wonderful little thing. - so much utility in such a small space. Every tool has seen use except the can opener. My nails have never been cleaner!

      If you really need a saw or scissors (or a mini-screwdriver storage device aka corkscrew) on a daily basis then obviously you will be looking elsewhere in the Victorinox range, but for most of us, this is all the pocket knife you need in an urban environment.

      This is where the Cadet shines. As a small, stylish yet unobtrusive and UK legal carry it is simply superb. Get one. You'll love it.
      (Posted on )
    11. Great valueReview by
      Great value UK EDC and very light and slimline. Great for pocket carry or keys. (Posted on )
    12. Awesome little EDCReview by
      This is a great little knife! I've got two of these both in the orchid 2016 and the steel blue 2015, both are regularly used and defiantly people friendly!(who can be scared of purple?);)

      I would defiantly recommend this to anyone who wants a lightweight edc that slips into your pocket and you can forget about until you need it!
      (Posted on )
    13. The, so far, unbeaten EDC for me.Review by
      An absolutely excellent bit of kit to have on you.
      I've had a good 10+ different UK carry legal EDCs over the years, but whilst usually finding niggles with knives, this thing has always been in my jean coin pocket.
      So many pros to the cadet.
      - Small, narrow and lightweight
      - Has all the tools I ever end up needeing (aside from plyers)
      - Non-Knife People friendly for sure. People who don't know me well at all have happily taken this off me to cut BBQ stuff etc or open a beer etc without a second look, and mates pretty much rely on it now.
      - Definitely carry legal at a sub 65mm blade length you're well in the clear
      - EVEN if this is confiscated or lost it's only £22 or so
      - Excellent fit and finish, best of any victorinox I've had... most of the others I actually don't like, but somehow this cadet alox just works great.

      So long story short, I can't say enough good things about it. I wish I felt more comfortable carrying other blades with me every day, but even when I do, I end up using/handing over this one to people anyway.

      Get one!
      (Posted on )
    14. a stunning knifeReview by
      Song, well put together, razor edge out the box, fun culture, looks fab, feels right, budget price.what more can you ask for. HH service as always unbelievable, how do they do it. (Posted on )
    15. Excellent all rounderReview by
      Perfect little pocket knife.
      Quality build and Alox finish means it sits well in a suit or jeans pocket.
      Non tactical enough to carry in most situations.
      Slim little knife but still manages to incorporate some useful tools.
      Why pay more for something that you probably wont carry ?
      (Posted on )
    16. A true companionReview by
      Love this little knife. Had one previous however after a year or so use I unfortunately lost it. Decided it was time to get another and I'd forgotten the quality of the thing. Very nice look and feel to the knife and I find it so handy in day to day tasks. Definitely an essential part of anyone's edc and for the price why shouldn't everyone have one? (Posted on )

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