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Traser H3 P5900

In Stock

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Traser H3 Watches P5900 Watch

test 1Traser H3 Watches P5900 Watchtest 2Traser H3 P5900test 3Traser H3 Watches P5900 Watchtest 4 Traser H3 Watches P5900 Watch

Traser H3 P5900

In Stock

Available for Delivery



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Traser H3 P5900

Traser H3 P5900



H3 are top quality Swiss watches, extremely robust and reliable. Chosen by the world's elite military units, including the SAS, SBS, US Navy Seal Teams and French Foreign Legion, H3 watches have proven themselves in active duty throughout the world.

The original military watch, the H3 range utilises Gaseous Tritium Light Sources (GTLS) to make them the easiest watches in the world to see in low-light or zero-light conditions. No need to press any buttons or hold them up to the light, the H3 dial illuminates up to 100 times brighter than any other watch dial, so you can easily identify the time at a second's glance.

These tritium light sources (which for many years were classified top secret technology and only available to active military personal) are tiny airtight vials, sealed under high pressure, and are resistant to water, oil and corrosive materials. A minute quantity of tritium lights up the dye. These properties make H3 watches an absolute must in emergency, safety and protection sectors as well as in the armed forces - and they are also idea for fans of adventure and sport.


Code H3P5900
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Traser H3
Case Material: Steel
Case Diameter (cm): 3.8
Strap: Nylon
Display: Analogue
Power Source: Battery
Crystal: Mineral
Illumination: GTLS Illumination on hour and minute hand and hour markings
Movement: Ronda 505
Product Weight (g): 34g


  1. Great watchReview by
    I've had mine for a few years, three batteries and on its second strap which I don't like much. Been trying to get a nicer one and a longer one so will contact Heinnie and see what they have.
    Keeps great time, can be viewed in any light. Unlike modern watches its smaller and much easier to wear and I just love the simple design.
    Q: would I buy it again? Absolutely.
    (Posted on )
  2. OutstandingReview by
    I have owned this model of Traser watch for some years. Its the cheapest and simplest model, and does pretty much all you can ask of a watch. OK, the rotating bezel models look sexier, but if your not leading a special forces team on a night mission, do you really need them? I work a lot at night, ( just a job, not a special agent or commando), but being able to see the time clearly at a glance in the dark really is a great help, and Trasers do this especially well. The bright tritium lights really stand out, and will be familiar to those who have used them on weapon sights. You can get all this at around a £100.00! Blinding value., highly recommended. (Posted on )
  3. had mine for 9 yearsReview by
    I bought mine some 9 years ago now from Heinnie and thought Id give a review on this fab little watch.
    Im now on my fourth battery and second strap.The strap I have now was bought from Heinnie who sourced a rubber one which is more comfortable and dries quickly unlike the nylon strap.The strap is not advertised on this website but staff can get them within days if needed.
    The glass is sctatched but is expected with the job I do which involves armed and unarmed combat also multi terrain and extreme weather conditions.
    The titrium markers have only now started to dim.
    The time keeping is still spot on as expected with swiss workings.
    The size is compact and is small on my wrist but suits me as it doesn't interfere with clothing.There are nicer looking watches out there but this is a work watch and survived the batterings that Ive gone through.Well worth the money I paid for it which was a lot less back then.
    (Posted on )
  4. Broken GlassReview by
    Amazingly bright and easy to read but the glass scratched within a week and I looked down yesterday to see it had broken. Didn't feel anything hit my wrist just very weak and exposed glass. (Posted on )
  5. IdealReview by
    Great watch, the lighting system is truly amazing, I couldn't live without it. Glass could be stronger, but for ú80 it's a steal.

    On a side note - customer service from Tracer is spot on
    (Posted on )
  6. Not very robust at all !!!Review by
    Bought this less than a year back and although the tritium system is as expected, superb, the problem lies with the glass, which with a level bezel offering no protection is scratched beyond belief and even has 2 splits in it. Do I treat my watches roughly? Maybe I do, but with a watch with a military pedigree isn't that the point?
    Traser want ú40 to replace the glass so I bought a cheap casio instead, guess what? 3 months down the road, treating the casio the same as the traser and the glass is still as new... makes you wonder..
    (Posted on )

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