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Tramontina Machete

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Tramontina Machete

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Tramontina Machete

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In Stock

Available for Delivery



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Tramontina Machete

Tramontina Machete



The Tramontina Machete is probably one of the best value chopping tools that we sell here at Heinnie Haynes. From garden work and brush clearance to harvesting Brussels sprouts, shelter building and trekking through thick jungle, the Tramontina Machete is a great sidekick to have!

It’s bolo shape provides a large cutting edge (ideal for choppers), and it also boasts great forward throwing weight whilst not being too front heavy.

As it is a chopping tool do not expect this machete to be razor sharp out of the box. However, you should expect a chopping tool that will make pretty light work over most tasks. After all it is made in Brazil where they know a thing or two about making machetes!

For ease of carrying the machete has also been supplied with PVC leather look sheath with includes a belt loop.


Code WIT-CK2639/14
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Tramontina
Blade Material: Carbon Steel
Blade Length (cm): 36.8
Blade Thickness (cm): 0.18
Overall Length (cm): 50.2
Blade Shape: Bolo
Blade Type: Plain
Handle Material: Wood
Handle Colour: Brown
Sheath: PVC
Product Weight (g): 428


  1. PriceReview by
    This is the best machete you can buy Price Vs Quality hands down.
    Good Quality steel (it keeps the edge). The only downside is that this steel type rusts fast.
    However some oil after use and thats done.
    The handle is a little awkward, but it's wood and you can easily remake it to fit your own hand.
    Overall Price Vs Quality 5 Stars.
    (Posted on )
  2. Worth every pennyReview by
    Bought this machete as a cheap beater for the back garden and I am thoroughly impressed, 2 minutes with a lansky pukk and it's like a razor, cuts through brambles and brush upto the 1.5 inch mark in a single chop.
    If you're looking for a no thrills work horse look no further.
    (Posted on )
  3. Still impressedReview by
    I have been using and abusing the 18" Tramontina now for so long I have forgotten when I bought it from H.H.! It lives in my 'Tool Bucket in my Garage in a Nylon Sheath and gets sharpened when needed which is well within reason.
    It is simply excellent to use and the best bargain I have had in years of Tool buying.
    If you want something that gets the job done instead of looking like you are going out after Predator , Tramontina make the real thing for an incredibly good price!
    (Posted on )
  4. Fantastic Review by
    Brilliant blade for the price!! Nice weight and feels good in the hand. Super fast delivery brilliant company (Posted on )
  5. Capable tool that is tremendous valueReview by
    Capable tool that is pretty well made and astonishingly good value. Tho much larger, it reminds me of an Opinel folder. Have used in forest to cut thorns, branches etc and it performs very well. Arrived usably sharp and a bit of time with a Lansky Puck got it very sharp. The carbon steel blade is good quality and holds its edge. Blade is lacquered so it won't rust too easily.

    Hardwood handle is CNC machined and is actually a neat one piece design which is securely attached to the blade. It can be easily shaped with a metal file and/or sandpaper. I made the grip part slightly longer by removing some material. The sheath is not much use because it easily gets cut and I recommend shaping a bit of PVC pipe either in your kitchen oven or with a heat gun.

    One of the (if not THE) best value cutting tools available anywhere.
    (Posted on )
  6. Excelent for the priceReview by
    Bought it to use clearing heavy undergrowth on my allotment i wasn't expecting much for the price but with a slight sharpen i was pleasantly surprised, it keeps a good edge fore a very reasonable time the wight is just right and balanced fairly well, i would definitely buy a second one or recommend one to some one wanting one, great price and pretty good quality. (Posted on )
  7. Value for moneyReview by
    With just a little work to put a Lanyard through the handle and a very simple sharpening this is excellent value for money .
    Once again I have to say a massive thank you to the fellas down Heinnie Haynes.
    Superb service and excellent advice which is a constant Mark of a great online shop.
    (Posted on )
  8. Great intro to machetes!Review by
    This was my first machete and it was purchased more as a cheap addition to my blade collection rather than with any specific task in mind. I've had it two years now and it's become a firm favourite for garden work. I don't have a large garden, but apathy towards upkeep means it gets quite unruly.

    This is the first tool I get out for general garden tidying, as it chops, slices and digs meaning I don't need to keep swapping alternative implements. It's cheap enough that I don't care I've chipped the blade.

    The edge wasn't great when received but I've managed to improve it with a diamond stone, and I've recently used a file. I'm still getting the hang of getting the edge I want on it however. The steel does sharpen nicely though.
    The handle seems slightly oversized (possibly meant for you to shape yourself), and there are a couple of areas where it seemed to rub in use.
    It's not really long or weighty enough for substantial chopping, but that's not really what it is for.

    Reasonable enough sheath for the price, though I'd have a preferred it on my right.
    (Posted on )
  9. Tramontina Bolo Review by
    Quality for such little price brilliant customer service by Heinnie Haynes... (Posted on )
  10. For the Price......Review by
    I bought this with an idea to mod the blade, but having used it for a while, that would be a mistake. It works so well, the balance is perfect, it will cut easily through light growth but also is strong enough to cut heavier stuff with patience.
    There is ever such a belly toward the tip which is right at the sweet spot and you can use the tip to dig and even do the weeding in the veg patch.
    Going to make my own sheath for it, but all in all this is a versatile, fantastic value tool. Get one..::::
    (Posted on )
  11. Works a dream, a great machete. Review by
    Love this machete. Its a proper well made, tough, funtional tool. I spent a day limbing fallen trees and taking out brush. This machete makes short work of even quite thick branches and is well balanced and easy to wield. The wood included Hawthorne and blackthorne and the machete cut right through this very hard wood. The blade kept its edge and there was no rolling or chipping at all. The blade is extremely strong and holds an edge well. I was able to sharpen the blade even further without difficulty and have it like a razor now ready for my next work. Unbelievable value for such a great machete. (Posted on )
  12. GOOD FOR MODDINGReview by
  13. Excellent valueReview by
    You really can't do better for the price. When you receive it it will need sharpening and needs resharpening frequently but that's part of the experience.
    What have you got to lose? (except your fingers!)
    (Posted on )
  14. Best ever machete Review by
    I’ve had one of these in excess of 30 years. It’s lopped all sorts of branches and split wood. It’s hacked brambles and numerous other vegetation tasks. It the occasional run quick run across the bench grinder and is always put away oiled after use. I’m convinced it will out last me. Best heavy working blade you ever buy. (Posted on )
  15. Good with a bit of workReview by
    Mine came blunt but 10 minutes with a file and it was chopping buddlea down no problems

    the last bit of the blade had no bevel but easily ground off to give a razor edge along the entire length this is really easy to sharpen the handle also seems to be provided in a shape it yourself basis which didnt take long either. for the price this a good tool that just needs a little finishing off by hand to make it perfect
    (Posted on )
  16. Super chopper !Review by
    Amazing value . Feels very good in the hand. Built to last. Unbelievable service and delivery time (As always) Thanks to everyone at HH ! (Posted on )
  17. Cheap yet fully effective.Review by
    Easy to get a razor's edge on it. Nicely balanced for hewing birch scrub at a stroke. I have cleared a couple of acres of birch (up to wrist thick) with one or two blows per tree. As the handle and I are often soaking wet I have added some self conforming rubber tape to the handle to increase grip.
    You can spend more and gain bragging rights but you don't need to.
    (Posted on )
  18. 'The' macheteReview by
    Obviously the design of these has been honed over many years to provide a solid, cheap, practical working tool that no doubt sells in large numbers in Brazil where it gets plenty of use.

    I've had mine for about five years and it's seen a lot of action on every camping trip and especially in the garden. don't have a sheath for it and I don't look after it, it get thrown in the shed after use and forgotten about until next time. When I come to use it I give it a quick few strokes with the whetstone (kneeling down, point on a piece of wood blade side up, long strokes with the whetstone - a method I learned by a local sharpening his parang in Indonesia). Get's very sharp and keeps it's edge.

    Flat blade, scandi grind, lightweight, stiff but flexible steel. The handle works, there's no chance of it flying out of your hand, comfortable to use.

    This thing whips through branches and scrub like nobody's business, and I find it easier to use for chopping mid size firewood than an axe. Use a heavy branch on the back edge it'll work a s a splitter for the bigger stuff.

    It's had a hard life and treated with little respect, but no sign of failure anywhere.

    Excellent tool and the best £12 you can spend if you're in to bushcraft, camping or gardening.
    (Posted on )
  19. Best birthday present everReview by
    My wife bought me this for my birthday to use as a BBQ knife and to use clearing brush in the local nature reserve its a great tool perfect for flipping burgers or thinning blackberry's. (Posted on )
  20. Incredible Value!Review by
    In the market for a decent weed/brush whacker I found this at Heinnie Hayes.
    After reading the reviews I was certain it was the right tool for the job, and it is!
    What a great piece of kit at an unbelievable price!
    I bought two just in case I managed to wreck the first with the stoney ground I'm clearing, but I've been out in the garden all morning and most of the afternoon battling away with spikey bushes and very overgrown thick privet hedge and russian vine ( affectionately known as "mile-a minute" ), and it's still as sharp as I made it yesterday after it was delivered!
    I dare say you could use it 'as delivered' , but it really doesn't take long to sharpen it properly using a decent fine file, and a stone or two. I bought a set of three cheap sharpening stones at the same time as buying the Bolo, but ended up just running the blade through a household kitchen knife sharpener, and that's been plenty sharp enough. I've save the stones for later or use them on other stuff.
    I'm still a bit gob-smacked that such a decent bit of 1070 steel can be had for so few pounds.

    Heinnie Hayes delivery service was also, outstandingly fast!
    (Posted on )
  21. Fast delivery. Useful tool.Review by
    Ordered (Tramontina Bolo Machete) late on Friday afternoon. Arrived next day. Phenomenal !
    Blade as expected from previous comments was somewhat blunt, but sharpened reasonably easily - judicious use of Dremel for initial rough work, then stones down to a working edge. Used next day for intended purpose - clearing brush & brambles. Perfect. Even managed (with a series of wedge cuts) a largish shrub (4/5 inch diameter bole) with no problem. Blade kept edge. Handle, as previously commented upon will need a bit of work (at a later date) if prolonged use is anticipated. Not a fancy blade - but a useful workhorse.
    (Posted on )
  22. Excellent and durableReview by
    Back in the market for another one of these after almost ten years! Take care of this (treat the handle as soon as you get it) and it will last. Only replacing mine as it's collected a few chips that are going to be more grief than the ten pound to replace it...excellent tool for the price (Posted on )
  23. BReview by
    Perfect...... (Posted on )
  24. Can't argueReview by
    It's cheap, it's sharp, it chops things and holds a good edge. Not much more really needs to be said. Because of the price you can use it in areas where it could sustain damage, such as cutting close to ground with stones that could chip the edge. Wouldn't want to do that with a £100+ blade, but a tenner? Hard to care if it gets chipped.

    Only issue is with the sheath, it seems like it designed to draw the blade left handed. Draw it right handed and you're holding it back to front. But, it's a tool not a *, so who cares if it takes a couple of seconds more to draw?It's not like the bushes are going to fight back, other than the brambles of course!
    (Posted on )
  25. Great valueReview by
    A good blade for the money.

    It came sharp enough for chopping and is priced low enough that you are not afraid to put it to real work!

    The 14" blade is a little short but for my purposes of cutting back vines I need to be in the thick of it and it is short enough to swing.

    The handle is a bit uncomfortable but for heavy work you'll probably be wearing gloves.

    Good value, I will buy more of these!
    (Posted on )
  26. Good valueReview by
    Arrived today fairly sharp out of the box and decent build quality only issues I have is the handle seems unfinished and will need a bit of modification and the sheath came absolutely smelling of gasoline which is weird but overall I'm happy. (Posted on )
  27. Excellent valueReview by
    Very good for the price!
    Arrived promptly, sharp and clean. Oiled handle and used oil to remove label glue from blade.
    Used to clear mixed shrub and scrub.
    Subsequently rounded handle corners and edges, made new sheath.

    -sturdy yet light
    -cheap yet well made (solid, sharp and neatly finished)
    -round, blunt tip glances off trunks and rocks
    -sharp edge makes light work of all fresh greenery

    -a fraction short for dealing with brambles!
    -crisply machined handle is short and angular, causing blisters prior to reshaping
    -as with most machetes, struggles with dry wood
    -sheath fine for transit but needs replacing, if only for appearances!
    (Posted on )
  28. Great general purpose tool, especially for tougher woodsReview by
    I used mine in Tanzania this summer, where we spent a month off the beaten track.
    This machete got used for everything from clearing a camp site to quartering a chicken to cutting bamboo to size to make long handles for paint rollers.

    It is light and compact enough to carry, it takes and holds a reasonable edge, it withstands abuse, and the blade shape gives it a fair amount of oomph for such a thin blade. The thinness of the blade helps the chops penetrate deeply into wood. If you are not careful, it might get stuck.

    The locals thought it was a bit thin for their tastes - the local pangas tend to have thicker and stiffer blades.
    But the local pandas were made of cheap steel, and struggled to take and hold an edge.

    Now a slightly thicker, leaf shaped machete - that would be interesting.
    (Posted on )
  29. I agreeReview by
    I agree with all the previous reviews. I bought it for the jungle that is our garden and it has been fantastic.
    Of course, I had to spend 45mins or so putting an edge on it, but since then it has cut through everything I have aimed it at!
    (Posted on )
  30. Good valueReview by
    For the price you should not expect much. Surprisingly quality is not bad at all. maybe not the sharpest but don't forget, its a machete not surgical blade. Will be in use for garden clearance. 4* only from me due to the time I had to wait for delivery. Almost 7 weeks. First time a bit disappointed with customer service, offering some discount for next purchase will be nice but not. (Posted on )
  31. Great, What a bargainReview by
    The only problem is that it came so dull with no edge. However I used a course stone first to get a bevel and then the smooth side to get an cutting edge. If you are going to buy one make sure you know how to sharpen a blade. It took me almost one hour to get it razor sharp for the paper cut test using a water stone. Also it will take a lanyard which a hole can be drilled into the handle. Now cheap does not mean bad in this blade and I am now ready for * and * lol. (Posted on )
  32. good valueReview by
    this is top for the money, cheap but very good. (Posted on )
  33. Great in garden!Review by
    Used this previous for camping, proding the fire etc, BUT also absolutely fantastic and best tool to take all the small branches and twigs off a tree in garden, quicker than a saw, good weight on the end, I want another incase this one should ever disappear! The sheath on mine is not real leather but ok to protect it, also the handle I shaped down to make more rounded and comfy then linseed oil. PERFECT. Bargain! (Posted on )
  34. the standard against which all are judgedReview by
    Ive had one of these for years, granted its dull when you get it, but it teaches you to sharpen.
    it gets better with age and a ten year old one will be better than a new one. granted you will cut up the sheath, but its the same cut for ten years. you can adjust he handle with a nail board. I own a lot of Cold Steel and they are all judged against this machete, and as much as they cost, they are all almost as good as this machete.

    buy one. this is the machete against which all are judged.
    (Posted on )
  35. Bye One TodayReview by
    I often utilise the Condor Village Parang also available from the Heinnie Haynes Team which is built like a tank, will last a life time and is an outstanding chopper being ideal for shelter building and the general processing of wood with great effect. However, a friend and i have been tasked with coppicing an area of unmanaged woodland so got to work with clearing dense bramble and general undergrowth. Whilst i set to work with the village parang my friend demonstrated with great effect what a truly effective piece of cutlery the Tramontina Machete is. It is agile in the hand and quickly clears all in its path. It is obvious this is also used to great effect in rainforest/jungles or indeed anywhere there is a need to cut through otherwise inaccessible areas with minimum effort. The bottom line is............I cannot praise the Tramontana enough, yes you may have to spend a couple of minutes getting the blades to a desired edge but at the price it has to be in the top 3 of cutlery bargains outthere. Buy one today you will not be disappointed and Buy it together with all your cutlery, bushcraft and general outdoor kit from Heinnie Haynes as they are second to none when it comes to customer service, competitive pricing and prompt delivery excellence. (Posted on )
  36. eeeeReview by
    Really happy with the item only downside is that it came dull and had to sharpen it but order A work sharp so no problem 20 minutes and it was razor sharp thanks h and h (Posted on )
  37. BargainReview by
    I've had one of these for years, and would concur with PJ's comments in terms of the tang and sheath. Mine came with an absolutely rotten 'edge', but the steel is basically good and it sharpened up OK. I've used it as a beater in the garden for years. For under £11 it's a bargain. (Posted on )
  38. Cheap and bomb proof!Review by
    I've had one of these for years. Mine came in a pretty naff vinyl sheath not a leather one.

    This Bolo isn't full tang, it's a morticed tang about half the width of the handle. The wood scales are retained by aluminium rivets and it all stays together well. I've used the heck out of this Bolo! On one occasion I cut straight through the target vegetation and the blade ploughed into a sandstone rock. It took a piece out of the rock and after a couple of minutes on a belt sander the edge was good as new. Edge retention is fine, it's easy to sharpen and silly cheap. Really as a cheap, basic beater this is almost unbeatable!
    (Posted on )

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