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TOPS Wild Pig Hunter

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Out Of Stock

Stock due in 14 - 21 Days

TOPS Wild Pig Hunter

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TOPS Wild Pig Hunter

18+ Age Restriction Icon

Out Of Stock

Stock due in 14 - 21 Days



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TOPS Wild Pig Hunter

TOPS Wild Pig Hunter



The TOPS ‘Wild Pig Hunter knife’ is a seriously hardcore design, the 7 1/2” blade is ground from ¼” thick 1095 high carbon steel. To add to a highly functional blade, TOPS have enhanced the blade by adding the ‘Black River Wash’ finish, (you can see the heat treat line running along the entire blade edge), and the final clear coat will give years of dependable service. The handle is designed using green canvas Micarta and the well known ‘Rocky Mountain Tread’ which ensures a positive grip even when in wet, muddy conditions. The sheath is made in the USA of vegetable tanned, tough steerhide. This is definitely a great backup knife for difficult situations and hard use.


Code TPWPH07
Limited Edition: No
Brand: TOPS
Blade Material: 1095 High Carbon Steel
Blade Length (cm): 20.2
Blade Thickness (cm): 0.6
Overall Length (cm): 33.0
Blade Colour: Black
Handle Colour: Green
Handle Material: Micarta
Blade Coating: Black River Wash
Sheath: Tan Leather Belt Sheath
Product Weight (g): 530g


  1. just received my wild pig hunterReview by
    this is a very good knife and can understand why tops added this to their knife series, came to me very sharp, just needed 3 or 4 very light strokes on my fine oilstone to bring it injto a razor edged tool, I have seen some remarks about rust spots, checked minee under a strong magnified lighting and its completely clean of any blemish, to me this is a serious knife to pair up with one of my military bowie type knives for obvious reasons, its a very easily wielded knife nicely balanced for what its for. anyone seriously thinking of getting one then don't delay grab one while theyre available you wont be disappointed, onnce gripped in your hand you,ll know instantly why and what for, superb knife and thankyou for bringing it over her HH . (Posted on )
  2. Totally agree with BenReview by
    It's a major investment in a fantastic looking knife - but mine developed rust spots within a few weeks and there is no way you can deal with this without degrading the coating, so you have to be able to use this as a worker to justify the purchase. Fortunately for me it is a perfect length for bleeding out a deer, but otherwise, if it was e.g. bought for a collection I would be very upset.

    HH rules the online shopping experience - I do not know of any other trader/supplier who does so much to ensure that you are happy with your purchase - also they use Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird for delivery
    (Posted on )
  3. Slightly disappointed Review by
    Let me start by saying I own a number of flawless Tops knives that I love having in my collection. I love the ethos of the company and the way they manufacture knives. This one had been on my wishlist for a long time.

    My complaint isn't about the sheath as such, like other reviews. I had a kydex sheath made from a guy in the US and knew I always would before I even bought this. The sheath isn't too bad really, if leather and carbon steel are your thing.

    The knife itself is beautiful. Well balanced, typical flawless Tops grinds and workmanship. What I was disappointed with was finding small rust spots the instant I unpacked it. More disappointing still was the fact that it was underneath the protective coating they apply. Picking at the rust left very obvious marks where the protective coating flaked off. I decided to deal with these spots 3 days later, so I covered the blade in a very well known gun lubricant that I have used on my shotgun for years in the meantime. When I removed the blade from the sheath after that, the rust was spreading fast!

    Unfortunately, the only way I could deal with the rust was liberal application of WD-40 followed by rubbing with a magic eraser. This takes off the 'protective coating' and also the vast majority of the laser etching. For now I've coated it with a thin layer of grease until I get something more appropriate like a Tuf-Cloth.

    What I'm left with is not the part of my pristine collection I expected, but a rather expensive working knife. To be fair, it's marketed to be used hard and not fussed over, which is why I haven't been harsh on the star rating. It's every bit the beast I expected, but be dutiful with that rust!

    After many years shopping with Heinnie, I knew they would accept a return as soon as i spotted that rust under the coating, but ultimately i made the decision to not be kind to it and actually use it. To be fair, after a thorough cleaning, it looks good despite the markings pretty much vanishing.
    (Posted on )
  4. Scabbard UpgradeReview by
    If like me you dearly love your WPH, but are not happy with the stock scabbard, I have found an upgrade. The Fallkniven A2 leather scabbard fits perfectly. And that's perfect with a capital "P". Even the retaining strap fits perfectly ! HH keep it in stock, click on Carry, then Sheaths and Holsters. Enjoy ! (Posted on )
  5. Tops W.P.HunterReview by
    It's a brave hunter who stands nose to snout, toe to trotter, with a boar. I was told of a man who lost his entire calf muscle to a boar. In one chomp. Boars can bite, big-time. The Tops W.P.Hunter is a very, very nice fixed blade. Mine arrived with a perfect bevel, choil to tip. Blade 8" long. Handle 5" long. Stock 6.15mm thick. Balance point at the integral guard. All specs. approx. The leather scabbard is OK. The leather is quite thick, about 3.5mm. It has no hard insert, or drain port. It has a good snap. The knife fits well, but it's not a snug fit. But the real question is this - When is HH going to offer us a custom kydex scabbard service ? (Posted on )
  6. Stout Knife, very average shathReview by
    HH had this on backorder for some time , when the email arrived telling me it was available I ordered immediately. The parcel arrived the next morning, top work Heinnie Haynes!!!!
    The knife is very stout, sharp and large. The blade is chemically darkened which partially conceals the normally over the top TOPS logos; and provides an element of corrosion control. This is a carbon steel blade so some after use care will be required.. All-in-all very pleased with the knife.
    The sheath , on the other hand is feeble. The mid-brown leather is quite soft, it marks and rubs easily and is far too big for the knife. Plenty of paracord is supplied to tie it all down but i would suggest that the leather tabs would soon be cut and therefore useless. Normally I prefer a leather sheath but this one is just not up to the standard of the knife.
    (Posted on )
  7. Could have been perfect...then again...Review by
    Top-notch workmanship for a production blades. Blade length closer to 8in than the listed 7.5in. Tops new 'black river wash' is really nice looking. Tough, well-balanced and mean looking, reminiscence of the Arkansas Toothpick of old.

    Now to the few gripes I've with this blade, 1st of all is the sharpness out-of-box, really dull for a blade of this price range, 2ndly the sculpturing of the micarta handle scales can be hotspot in hard use (wonder why Tops did not use their "rocky mountain tread') and finally, leather sheath for an outdoor knife with carbon steel is just rust waiting to happen; a kydex sheath would have been perfect.

    Still, just for the workmanship and sleek design, this is a worthy piece to be in one's armory...
    (Posted on )
  8. Beastly & Boaring KnifeReview by
    Firstly, let's get the easy bit over with as it's becoming rather boring: Yes, as we have become accustomed Heinnie order processing and dispatch policy is second to none and in consequence the “free post & packing” option was still delivered to my door in under 24hrs. Twenty three and fifty minutes to be precise! But on to my first impression of the Tops “Wild Pig Hunter”.

    This is an absolute beast of a knife and does not disappoint in either build quality or balance. The blade profile and tapering from ¼” to a perfect chiselled point is exquisitely executed. The proprietary ‘Black River Wash’ is also pleasing and works well with the subdued micarta scales. The only criticism relates to the gingery brown leather sheath that while functional and very well constructed manages to look completely incongruous next to such an overtly aggressive and tactical knife. Far better to have offered one in either drab 1050-Denier water & abrasion resistant nylon or solid kydex if use of similarly subdued leather and matching stitching was not possible.

    In the months ahead I intend to give this fine knife a thorough workout within both the backwoods of Planet Gong and around smokey camp fires. It will also be used to dress deer from large fallow to diminutive roe, thus demonstrating to the deerstalking naysayer there is no such thing as too large a knife!


    (Posted on )

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