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TOPS Tom Brown Tracker

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TOPS Knives Tom Brown Tracker

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test 1TOPS Tom Brown Tracker Thumbnail Imagetest 2TOPS Tom Brown Trackertest 3test 4

TOPS Tom Brown Tracker

18+ Age Restriction Icon

In Stock

Available for Delivery

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TOPS Tom Brown Tracker

TOPS Tom Brown Tracker



This is it. The original. One of the most unique, recognizable knives sold by TOPS.

Designed by Tom Brown and featured in the movie "The Hunted" as well as the cover of BLADE Magazine. One of the most popular knives we make, the Tom Brown Tracker speaks for itself.


Code TPT010
Limited Edition: No
Brand: TOPS
Blade Material: 1095 High Carbon Alloy
Blade Length (cm): 14.6
Blade Thickness (cm): 0.6
Overall Length (cm): 29.8
Handle Colour: Black
Handle Material: Micarta
Sheath: Kydex


  1. Go to Camp KnifeReview by
    I've had this nice for many years and it is always my go to camp knife. Echoing the previous reviews you have to play with it in order to get all the functions which it performs all very well.
    I I have reground the the first section of the knife as this works better for feathering etc. Holds a fantastic edge. My only slight grumble is that the black traction coating soon scuffs up and causes snags. So I stripped that off and blued it which solved the issues.
    (Posted on )
  2. African TestReview by
    After 6 months in the West African bush this knife is the only knife that has survived the brutal workload and still looks like it was barely used, except the micarta went black because of the moisture. Still looks cool and works wonders for me. I'm not rating the sheath because it's revolting, but the knife gets a 5 for its brilliance! (Posted on )
  3. A big thingReview by
    I thought this TOPS looked too expensive but after much delay decided to take the chance.
    And it's worth the money, the tracker tool is a TANK ! Incredibly sturdy, heavy (but not clumsy) and sharp.
    I'm a collector so my tracker may never see heavy use but it certainly feels extremely "bashable".
    (Posted on )
  4. Hey. It works just fineReview by
    I agree with hawthorne entirely, this is a great knife with a little bit of diligence and a bit of elbow grease. It works fine, heavy yes but great at chopping. I used it to go through branches upto 3in (6cm) in minutes, even used it to shape the planking for a bench I made in our garden. I agree on the sheath though, not the best. Hence dropping one star (Posted on )
  5. There is a Mole sheath. Stock it Heinnie!!Review by
    I include a link below that shows Tops Knives alternative Molle Sheath for the original Tom Brown Tracker knife. It is much lighter and has multiple carry positions.

    Please stock this bit of kit Heinnie Haynes!
    (Posted on )
  6. Good but with caveats...Review by
    I heard a lot of mixed reviews concerning this knife/tool. And I was looking for a piece of kit that could do a lot of tasks without taking up too much weight or space on my person. In that respect the Tom Brown Tracker covers that without bother. You have to keep in mind that if you have nothing else in the wilderness but this tool, then it will keep you alive. But you need intelligence, and you need the graft and energy to use it to its optimum performance. This is possibly why a lot of knife enthusiasts have moaned and whined about this tool. In a survival scenario you need will and determination. And the Tracker personifies that. For hacking and chopping it does it, but you will work and sweat to achieve the cut. But that is to be expected. Reviewers have commentated on the weight. To me this is a plus in that it helps the blade to dig/cleave to its target.

    To sum up. Good tool, but they need to offer a lighter sheath with MOLLE capability.
    (Posted on )
  7. Great KnifeReview by
    Durable and Heavy. I love it however its handle was a little darker in color then what all the pictures on line show. It didn't seem to be majorly sharp either. (Posted on )
  8. mrReview by
    Great knife really cool and does very well in lots of tasks, reliable and bullet proof. (Posted on )
  9. Solid KnifeReview by
    The design is odd to be sure, but the performance is what I'm after; and this knife performs well with each facet. My critcism of this blade is that the saw is positioned uncomfortably on the back and the knife can be somewhat cumbersome: it is BIG. Carry a bushcraft knife with it for small carving chores. (Posted on )
  10. T1Review by
    This is a superb bit of kit,heavy for chopping,strong thick blade,who said it was just a film prop!!
    A real bomb proof knife!
    (Posted on )
  11. mrReview by
    Tracker knife is original design by the old native people if you know how to used it, the balance and weight is perfect this knife is one of the best I ever have, good for camping, hunting, survival most of all if you are real tracker. (Posted on )
  12. not badReview by
    Nice. It is very heavy, and I've heard that the red scorpion six raven is better, lighter and more like the origional concept (webb?)

    It chops, cuts, splits etc. All the things it is supposed to.

    Very mixed camps on this one. love or hate basically.
    (Posted on )
  13. top toolReview by
    This thing is cool, VERY heavy!, excellent tool.
    Covers all bases as a survival tool and you only really need a smaller knife and you're all ready to go on a bush trip. Not amazing as a hatchet but does the job nonetheless.
    (Posted on )
  14. cool bladeReview by
    Best blade I've ever owned ,if the world goes to hell tomorrow you know you have a blade you can trust tor survival. (Posted on )
  15. Great KnifeReview by
    It`s a smooth steel, easy to sharp. She does what was desing for, a Survival and Tracker Knife for dense jungles. The sheath could be better, locating the first steel locker a little behind the for more comfortable off carrying. (Posted on )

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