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TOPS B.O.B. Fieldcraft - Black Brown

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TOPS B.O.B. Fieldcraft - Black Brown

18+ Age Restriction Icon

In Stock

Available for Delivery



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TOPS B.O.B. Fieldcraft - Black Brown

TOPS B.O.B. Fieldcraft - Black Brown



The TOPS BOB Fieldcraft Knife was designed by The Brothers of Bushcraft (BOB), a coalition of men across North America focusing on sharing wilderness living skills of all categories. From tracking, to building shelters, the Brothers of Bushcraft make it a point to show the skills to all people, of all ages, from all over. The Fieldcraft Knife is the culmination of their knowledge, combining experiences from; the broad and humid rain forests, the arid and scorpion-littered deserts, and the frigid northern lands that span the Americas.

The knife is 25cm (10") long in total, with a blade length of 11.5cm (4½"). This makes a compact, but extremely serviceable knife. The Fieldcraft's blade is 0.47cm (3/16") thick, and made of 1095 High Carbon steel. The cutting edge is a modified Scandinavian Grind, which is very effective for carving, skinning and other general woods work. With a rockwell hardness of 56-58, the ease of sharpening is astounding. That is if you ever get to sharpen the blade. As the hardness and edge geometry work beautifully together to make a long lasting edge.

The handle is one of the most ergonomic on the market, sporting several useful additions. Although knives with a lot of frills often end up lacking, the additional items found on the Fieldcraft knife were selected from experience and critiqued in every step of design, development and production. Being made of canvas micarta, the handle will never let you down. The bow drill divot on the handle is frictionless and makes starting those primitive fires almost effortless. The "Thumb Scallops", formed on the hilt of the handle offer more comfort and control when using specialized carving and skinning grips. The pommel of the blade is simply the tang of the knife exposed enough to allow impact from a baton to not affect the handle (though the micarta is definitely tough enough to take such abuse). On the exposed pommel, you will find a scraper specially designed by one of The Brothers of Bushcraft for striking ferro rods in a safe and efficient manner.

The sheath is a strong, durable Kydex, with a steel belt clip. This arrangement allows a safe, secure and comfortable carry on the belt, pack strap, or even around the neck. With a built in Ferro-rod attachment point, the sheath now doubles as a minimalist survival kit.

The Fieldcraft knife has had heavy duty abuse, and testing done in the wilderness of Canada, where local survival experts Mors Kochanski, Dr. Gino Ferri, and many others have deemed her a "Serviceable Field Knife". These words are exactly what she is meant to be. From carving netting needles and trap triggers, to splitting logs in two, the TOPS Knives/Brothers of Bushcraft Fieldcraft Knife will do just about any chore that you can throw at her in a wilderness survival scenario.

This knife is available in both a tan-bladed and black-bladed variant. See "You may also be interested in the following product" below.


Limited Edition: No
Brand: TOPS
Blade Material: 1095 High Carbon steel
Blade Length (cm): 11.5
Blade Thickness (cm): 0.5
Overall Length (cm): 25.0
Handle Material: Micarta
Sheath: Kydex
Youtube Link: Watch Youtube Video


  1. GREAT KNIFEReview by
    I have BOB for 2,5 years now and i must say that its my usally "go too" knife.Good edge retetion,easy to sharpen and the most comfortable handle of all my knives (for my heands).Its heavy for his size but you will never fell tierd of using it.A great "all around" knife,especially for buschraft tasks.The sheath its great and gets the job whell done.The only issue is that it rust very eazy so you need to keep it oiled. (Posted on )
  2. Tops BOB updateReview by
    I have had this for a while now and it still is a great knife. It does feather sticks better than any other knife which I have, and robust enough to take any abuse thrown at it and can take a razor sharp edge. But I must add that this knife does rust very easily, so care is needed.

    There was however an issue with regards to the screws holding the kydex sheath together, two days after having received the TOPS BOB (and it not having not actually left the house yet) a retaining screw closest to the opening of the sheath undone itself, making knife retention and withdrawal quite hazardous. This was remedied by using some very strong nylon cord tying the sheath together.

    I immediately told TOPS direct about this issue, and I must omit the customer service is exemplary, they sent me a replacement package of screws for the Kydex sheath at no cost to myself from the USA.

    So a little word of warning, make sure that all the screws are done up on your sheath to avoid this trouble yourself. Apart from this small issue 5 stars and worth the cost.
    (Posted on )
  3. Aesthetically pleasing & fun knife :-)Review by
    I have seen the Tops BOB reviewed on many sites and YouTube videos, and complete mix of positive and negative.

    I was torn between the Ray Mears iconic Bushcraft knife, Fallkniven F1, Benchmade 162 Bushcrafter, Survive Knives GSO 4.1 and the Tops BOB.

    What I wanted was a strong medium knife, with a few gimmicks to make the whole experience a little bit more entertaining. For the money I think that this fits the bill quite well.

    The only negative that I can see is that this is quite expensive for the type is still that is used, although tops is well known for producing some of the better 1095 blades out there and the knife rides are quite high on the hip, therefore a simple addition of a leather loop placed inside the spring clip will give you that comfortable placement.

    For those you cannot make sense of the fire striking notch here's an useful video this seems to be the best method that I've seen so far? Cannot wait to try.
    (Posted on )
  4. Great knifeReview by
    Just received my Tops Bob this morning. Once again great service from HH.
    First opinion is that this is a fantastic knife. Even in my big hands the knife feels just right. Razor sharp out the box & flawless. The kydex sheath does the knife justice.
    As for the fire starter???? Have to buy a better one.
    Overall it seems to be a great knife & will be out this weekend putting it through it's paces.
    (Posted on )
  5. Great KnifeReview by
    Was looking for a big brother for my F1 and had a short-list of S1, Esee4 or 5 and Bravo1. Called into HH and was shown a BOB in black Micarta by Rich and was very impressed with the handle shape/size and the blade that was razor sharp. It has a very slight convex to the grind and is a good sized piece of steel that has enough weight to chop. The handle fits my size 9 perfectly but I would grind off that exposed piece of tang with the notch. The sheath is a great fit and can be securely clipped to most belts. If you want to see it in action watch the youtube field test by MrFermanaghman ( If you're looking for a great all rounder with a blade just under 5" this is well worth the cash. Call into HH if you're in the area, you're sure to part with some cash. (Posted on )
  6. Very Good KnifeReview by
    Great bushcraft knife but I do have 2 minor issues with it but they are minor. 1st is my fault I forgot to clean it after using to cut vegetation and a few days later I noticed black rust. I polished it with Heinnies premium polishing paste and I still can't get it off it's pitted the blade. 2nd thing is the handle shape. I have big hands and I can't get a tight grip without using the jimping. I have to use the lanyard wrapped round my hand to get a comfortable grip. If you're small to medium size hands you will love the handle. I can't wrap paracord either as the sheath clips onto the handle thus not allowing anything else inside the sheath. Like I said it's minor things but worth knowing. The pommel striker is a bit gimicky no need to do that when you can use the tip of the spine to produce sparks. The sheath is very good and sturdy with multiple carry options easy to keep razor sharp the blade demands respect good weight and balance with a bit of heft to chop. (Posted on )
  7. Great all round bush bladeReview by
    Excellent strong, well balanced blade. Scandi grind with a slight convex edge is razor sharp making it a great carver..Handle is large and comfy and affords, probably, every grip needed in bushcraft.
    Forget the 'shango' thing for sparking your ferro rod! It does actually work, but takes getting used too and it chews your rod up. The sharp spine near the grind works very well, but so does the striker that comes with a standard light my fire ferro rod.
    Talking of the TOPS ferro rod, it works like any other, the magnesium bits work too! I'd keep it as a spare in your kit, the ferro rod holder in the excellent sheath accommodates the light my fire army model perfectly.
    In summary -- an excellent bushcraft knife, great steel, grind and handle. Sheath is IMO excellent and can be adjusted between vertical belt carry to horizontal and all points in between.
    It has become my main belt knife when wild camping and resigned my customs to the box under the bed!
    (Posted on )
  8. Simply perfect!Review by
    I've been interested in knives for more than 20 years.
    Out of the "box" (Tops plastic sleeve, in fact) this knife stands really among the best I've ever owned.
    Blade shape and steel: perfect!
    Handle shape and material: perfect!!
    Sheath: perfect!!!
    HH service: perfect, as always...
    PS. French speaker here, sorry for my approximate English...
    (Posted on )

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