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Tec Accessories Split Ring Kit #2

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Tec Accessories Split Ring Kit #2

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Tec Accessories Split Ring Kit #2

In Stock

Available for Delivery



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Tec Accessories Split Ring Kit #2

Tec Accessories Split Ring Kit #2



A nice assortment of large split rings to attach all of your keychain gear! Includes 8 each of 3 different sizes, including the unique oval style. A total of 24 split rings, sold in a convenient snap-lid storage container.

  • Material:
    • Round split rings: Stainless steel
    • Oval split rings: Zinc plated magnesium alloy
  • Sizes:
    • Size 7, Fine: .430" [10.92mm] OD
    • Size 9, Fine: .542" [13.77mm] OD
    • Size 8, Oval: .472" [12mm] x .236" [6mm]


Code TEC11
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Tec Accessories


  1. Too small and lose shapeReview by
    I bought the UFO organiser ring, plus the glowing isotope fob as well as this split ring kit #2. So over thirty quids worth altogether which for a keyring is quite a high price.

    Putting the split rings on is very fiddly - mostly cos the split rings are too small. They are much smaller than they look in the picture.

    Overall trying to put them on my keys and then on the UFO organiser has been a very frustrating experience. A tip - in the end I found you need to use two split rings for each key. Put one split ring on the UFO organiser, and the other on your key. Then attach the two split rings to each other. So every key will be separated by one link from the organiser. Once I started doing this they became viable, but it shouldn't be necessary in my opinion.

    I also found that either because of the exceedingly small size, or perhaps because of the precise nature of the steel, after struggling to get a ring over a key, if you tried to put that straight onto the organiser (without having an intermediate ring), they tended to be bent open and remain so. Obviously this is bad because it means they could work their way back off the key or keyring. Only by using two split rings was I able to overcome this.

    (Posted on )
  2. Good quality small assorted split ring setReview by
    I bought this set to replace some worn out split rings on a couple of SAK's. They are very good, they seem way better quality than the ones they came with so I feel quite good they will prove themselves a great buy :)

    As said by a previous reviewer, the oval ones are very practical and the TEC kits are the only place where I have seen these so far, so definitely worth it if you have a use for those.

    The larger ones are a bit on the large side (for being a small slit ring kit ofc) but I guess I will find a use for them as well.
    (Posted on )
  3. Hard to find.Review by
    I make a few lanyards and other 55o Paracord things for myself and friends so I get through quite a lot of these split rings.
    The reason that I bought this kit is the 8 oval split rings, they lay flatter, try connecting two items with a split ring and you'll see what I mean. The oval is a much better way but is very hard to find. The other split rings are useful as well but the oval ones are the treasure in this kit.
    (Posted on )

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