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Tec Accessories Python Clip

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Tec Accessories Python Clip

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test 1Tec Accessories Python Clip Thumbnail Imagetest 2Tec Accessories Python Cliptest 3test 4
test 1Tec Accessories Python Clip Thumbnail Imagetest 2Tec Accessories Python Cliptest 3test 4

Tec Accessories Python Clip

In Stock

Available for Delivery



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Tec Accessories Python Clip

Tec Accessories Python Clip



The TEC Python Clip is the perfect accessory for your keychain to keep specific items detachable. Use this as a much better option over standard split rings, allowing for quick addition or removal of items. The Python Clip is the gate clip of choice for all your keys and gear...once you clip it on, it will NOT let go!

  • The ergonomic profile makes it easy to operate, yet minimizes the overall material for smaller size and weight
  • Gate guard prevents clipped items from sliding under and opening the gate
  • This guard also requires the gate to open farther to remove items. This prevents accidental loss of clipped items due to the higher force necessary to open it
  • The tapered shape of the gate allows for easy opening
  • The flat outer surfaces provide better control during operation
  • Specification

    Code TEC09
    Limited Edition: No
    Brand: Tec Accessories
    Dimensions (cm) Non Config: 2.7 x 1


    1. Should have read the reviewsReview by
      Because it really is tiny! You won't get anything over 3mm wide through the spring opening.

      It's a nice clip, good design etc. and strong but way overpriced for what it is.
      (Posted on )
    2. Pricey but worth itReview by
      Not cheap, but worth it. Tough, compact and an easy detach for various items. (Posted on )
    3. Great little clipReview by
      I have had many different other clips for organizing my keychains, both cheap and expensive ones. These make all others i have tried dissappear in my drawers...

      For me, these are the best clips out there if you are looking for a small clip for easy removal of keys and keychain gadgets.

      Will return for more in the future :).
      (Posted on )
    4. Technically excellentReview by
      Compared with the more commonly available small "Utility" clip, which in certain circumstances can release its contents in the pocket, this is "Truely" a great design because it has a shoulder to protect the gate from inadvertent release. Only its price loses it a star.

      (Posted on )
    5. Too weeReview by
      I know I should have checked, but this thing is disappointingly tiny. I couldn't find a use for it apart from cluttering up the"man drawer" in the kitchen. (Posted on )
    6. StrongReview by
      Good little clip snaps well shouldn't fall off your keys, is a little on the small size though clips well to split rings but not great for larger keys. Great service from Heinnie as always. (Posted on )
    7. Dainty !Review by
      Cracking little clip, well made, ideal size. I'm using mine at the end of a lanyard to fix a Ferrocerium rod for quick release. Gotta say, I think it's a tad over priced for such a small clip, all the same though, a useful bit of kit i'll be buying a few more of. As always 110% effort from HH, items were teleported to me as usual. (Posted on )

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