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TAD Alchemy Skully

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TAD Alchemy Skully TARMAC

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test 1TAD Alchemy Skully TARMACtest 2TAD Alchemy Skullytest 3TAD Alchemy Skully TARMACtest 4 TAD Alchemy Skully TARMAC
test 1TAD Alchemy Skully HEATHER BLACKtest 2TAD Alchemy Skullytest 3TAD Alchemy Skully HEATHER BLACKtest 4 TAD Alchemy Skully HEATHER BLACK
test 1TAD Alchemy Skully RAVENtest 2TAD Alchemy Skullytest 3TAD Alchemy Skully RAVENtest 4 TAD Alchemy Skully RAVEN
test 1TAD Alchemy Skullytest 2TAD Alchemy Skullytest 3TAD Alchemy Skullytest 4 TAD Alchemy Skully
test 1TAD Alchemy Skully HEATHER BLACKtest 2TAD Alchemy Skullytest 3TAD Alchemy Skully HEATHER BLACKtest 4 TAD Alchemy Skully HEATHER BLACK
test 1TAD Alchemy Skullytest 2TAD Alchemy Skullytest 3TAD Alchemy Skullytest 4 TAD Alchemy Skully
test 1TAD Alchemy Skullytest 2TAD Alchemy Skullytest 3TAD Alchemy Skullytest 4 TAD Alchemy Skully

TAD Alchemy Skully

In Stock

Available for Delivery

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TAD Alchemy Skully

TAD Alchemy Skully



Alchemists sought to perfect elements from the natural world, transforming the ordinary into extraordinary. Blending technology and evolution, TAD's Alchemy base layers redefine the formula of performance and comfort.

Multi-climate. Multi-mission. Resilient. Alchemy base layers deliver the foundation for success across diverse environments, combining the next-to-skin performance characteristics of merino wool with the stability, durability, and breathability of technical synthetic fibers.

Low profile and versatile, the Alchemy Skully offers breathable warmth in a lightweight package. Flatlocked seams and a contoured headband ensure a snug, comfortable fit underneath a helmet or other headwear. The compact footprint of the Alchemy Skully easily fits in a pocket until it is needed.

  • A highly breathable grid structure moves moisture and provides next-to-skin softness.
  • Odor resistant merino wool provides warmth even when wet.
  • Polyester is inherently hydrophobic, promoting quick dry times.
  • Polartec® Power Wool™ suspends a matrix of fine merino wool in a resilient synthetic base. Highly-absorbent and odor-fighting wool pulls moisture vapor away from your skin, transferring it to the outer synthetic layer where it expands and evaporates faster. This mechanical wicking action allows Polartec® Power Wool™ to keep moisture in motion at all times.
  • One size fits most


Limited Edition: No
Brand: TAD Gear
Fit: Next to Skin
Materials: 69% Polyester/31% Merino Wool
Product Weight (g): 36
Youtube Link: Watch Youtube Video


  1. V light weight scull cap.Review by
    In the pics, this looks like any other snow sport beanie and essentially, it is.

    The main trick is the material which is extremely light weight. I'd like to see the specs printed but I would estimate around 200 gsm. The top panel is one layer and the brim around the sides is doubled. Thematerial is an air permiable grid. Breathable and thus not windproof, although the double layer around the head does a good job of keeping the wind out and the single layer alows hot sweaty air out.

    Being so light weight, it packs into a pocket taking up about as much space as a handkerchief.

    Fit on my 58cm dome is perfect. Not too tight but not coming off in a storm. Very comfortable, it feels like a fine, soft, Marino wool, beanie and is barely noticable.

    The heather gray colour is what I would call a mottled charcoal.

    Performance is excellent.

    Riding a bicycle in 5 degrees C works really well. It keeps the cold wind off your forehead and ears but lets excess heat out the top, making for a really comfortable experience. It provides excellent thermal insulation for a material this thin and does seem to transfer sweat very efficiently. I suspect in warmer conditions it would end up spending more time in my pocket than on my head.

    It's thin enough to fit under a crash helmet without noticing.

    I'm impressed and hope that the blurb about durability is true. Only time will tell but I look forward to using this a lot.
    (Posted on )
  2. QualityReview by
    A very well made beanie. It is wafer thin so hope it lives up to its extensive description against the cold and its not all just hype. The up side to being so thin is it will fit unobtrusively in a jacket pocket until needed. A bit expensive, but what TAD gear isn't, for what it is. (Posted on )

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