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Swiss Tech Utilikey

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Out Of Stock

Stock due in 14 - 21 Days

Swiss Tech  Utilikey

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Swiss Tech Utilikey

18+ Age Restriction Icon

Out Of Stock

Stock due in 14 - 21 Days



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Swiss Tech Utilikey

Swiss Tech Utilikey



Weighing only 14g (½oz), this micro tool features flat screwdriver, small Phillips screwdriver, eyeglass screwdriver, bottle opener, serrated cutting edge and knife blade. The UtiliKey self locks onto your key ring, being compact enough to carry everywhere, so you will always have a tool at your finger tips.


Limited Edition: No
Brand: Swiss Tech


  1. Super smashing great. Review by
    Supper little tool.
    Mine came to me from a box of bits after my father died. I added to me house keys and it’s travelled with world with me always getting through security, until recently.
    Used it at least once a week. As others have said don’t expect great things. But when used within its limits it’s a super little tool.
    Even saved a day trip date with my (now) wife when I forgot the knife to cut the cheese and fruits on a picnic.

    All good things come to an end. The eagle eyed security staff at Denpasar airport in Bali found it when I was leaving to fly home.
    Bugger. Have to buy another now.
    (Posted on )
  2. Can't fault it, brilliant bit of kitReview by
    I got my first one for free out of a crate of HESCO in Afghan around 5/6 years ago. It's always on my keys, it's never failed, the blade is great for opening packaging / snipping string, bottle opener is handy (just hold it carefully as the blade is exposed when using it) the screwdriver has saved me losing loose screws from my climbing helmet a few times. Use it within its means and I'm sure it won't break. Obviously it's not designed for tasks of great significance, but as a useful EDC tool it's awesome. I bought my wife one as she was always using mine. Now we have one on each set of vehicle keys. (Posted on )
  3. Excellent little gizmoReview by
    Pop it on your keys and you know you have a useful little tool it needed. (Posted on )
  4. Poor in several areasReview by
    The serrations are too large for sensible use, the mechanism that locks it to a key ring looks too flimsy to be sure that you wouldn't use it. The angle of the blade edge makes it a poor cutter.

    However, all of these shortcomings could have been lived with if the steel hadn't snapped within a week of very gentle use. A waste of money, although the idea is good.
    (Posted on )
  5. Got AnotherReview by
    Shouldn't have written that review cos I've only bought another!Well I missed it that much,whoever found it was a lucky so-and-so. HH & RM services top notch as ever. (Posted on )
  6. Lost it!Review by
    Disappeared off my keyring!Gutted 'cos it was such a useful little tool and never failed in it's duty.I got this ******************* at Blackpool Pleasure Beach and felt very smug,but it came off somehow and now I'm loathe to buy another. (Posted on )
  7. UselessReview by
    If you have ever wondered what the term Next door to useless meant it is the SwissTech Utili-key,comlete waste of a tenner.. (Posted on )
  8. BUY ONE !!!Review by
    There's really nothing negative that can be said. It's small and innocuous and you'll only notice it's on your keyring when you need it. The blade is good enough for cutting through small things, string, cords, parcel wrapping etc. The screwdrivers great for minor work, when you don't have real tools with you. For example, the micro screwdriver has saved many a pair of spectacles. Bottle opener for when you find yourself on holiday without one and the apartment doesn't have one. It's a tenner for a bit of kit that you'll use at least once a week, guaranteed. (Posted on )
  9. Not built to lastReview by
    This really appealed to me because I'm always using my actual keys to saw/cut open packages, but the rivet holding the 2 parts failed soon after I bought it. (Posted on )
  10. Bloody marvellous!Review by
    Had mine for 6 years. Barely a couple of days go by without me using it. Most useful feature is the spectacles screwdriver. If you wear bins like me, you can't live without one. Build quality superb. What more do you want for a tenner. (Posted on )
  11. rubbishReview by
    tiny & very fiddly & has no real use at all. feel im going to cut myself as its so small. mine broke in my pocket!?! get a key ring swiss army knife that you can use (Posted on )
  12. You get what you pay forReview by
    Nice idea this little thing, but doesn't really work IMHO. Here is why:

    The blade is one sided, and not sharp. Sure you can prob. cut a piece of string, but not knife sharp. Serrations are too big to be useful.

    Too awkward to use, I feel liable to cut myself on the blade, which becomes a handle. Awkward to open it too.

    Philips could be used, otherwise seems too small for practical application.

    Should have kept it down to just one or two tools.

    Cheap though.
    (Posted on )
  13. DisagreeReview by
    I disagree with the previous reviewer. I have carrird one for years. They are superb little tools. They can be a little fiddly to use, but there is always a balance between carryability features and function. The one tool I find that I could not live without is the spectacles screwdriver. A perfect addition to any keyring. (Posted on )
  14. Excellent - first response or last resortReview by
    Get one ! (Posted on )
  15. nt just for key ringReview by
    Just got mine - because it is barely thicker that normal key it can go other places. I am putting mine inside my Civilian Lab wallet which has a pocket for a single key. Who has one key? But this fits in there great - so never withut a bottle opener now! (Posted on )
  16. SwissTech UtilikeyReview by
    Excellent piece of kit!Discrete,useful,cool and clever!Well worth the money!(Re: above comment about 'stainless' steel,There is no such thing really it should be stain resistant really,but with regard to the Utilikey normal care and cover from weather will ensure long life. (Posted on )
  17. not that good!!Review by
    Handy little device, as with other reviews unoticed on keyring dont use as keyring though.mine hangs on my bag on my cycle commute and has went rusty hence only 3 stars it says stainless but i do wonder zmf (Posted on )
  18. GREATReview by
    Got one, Love it - Buy it. (Posted on )
  19. Had one of…Review by
    Had one of these on my keys for three years now.
    Fantastic discreet little blade for those little emergencies. Always with you so you don't have to remember to swap pockets.
    Love it!
    (Posted on )
  20. Swiss techReview by
    Proper brilliant idea
    Easy to use
    Easy to have on a key ring always having a sharp edge with me is a distinct bonus
    New order for four more on its way as going to buy all my nearest and dearest one
    (Posted on )
  21. Carry with you everywhereReview by
    >> compact enough to carry everywhere

    Can it be opened by pulling the blades apart or does it it need to be unlocked first (if it is the latter it is technically a lock knife).
    (Posted on )
  22. Gadget Nut!!!Review by
    Swapped my old lady's front door key for this little beauty 3 weeks ago, and she didn't have a clue!
    2am came and went, and she was still trying to do the Yale in with it!!
    Bless her.
    Very sharp (as stated) and very cool.
    Must get it back sometime...
    Lovely little bit of gear.
    (Posted on )
  23. CursedReview by
    Owned a Utilikey from Heinnie for a while now, never without it, Blade is sharp, bottle opener is effective once you get the knack! best last as a last resort, but excellent non the less. (Posted on )
  24. Great for the priceReview by
    This goes unnoticed on your keyring so is great for times when you don't want to be seen carrying a full size Leatherman(offices etc). It's a bit awkward to open bottles as there is a blade where you want to put your thumb but you soon get used to this. The only other problem is that when you open it your keys fall off so don't do it over a drain! This is not a problem is you put a finger through the keyring. (Posted on )

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