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Svord Von Tempsky Bowie

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Svord Von Tempsky Bowie

test 1Svord Von Tempsky Bowietest 2Svord Von Tempsky Bowietest 3Svord Von Tempsky Bowietest 4 Svord Von Tempsky Bowie
test 1Svord Von Tempsky Bowietest 2Svord Von Tempsky Bowietest 3Svord Von Tempsky Bowietest 4 Svord Von Tempsky Bowie
test 1Svord Von Tempsky Bowietest 2Svord Von Tempsky Bowietest 3Svord Von Tempsky Bowietest 4 Svord Von Tempsky Bowie
test 1Svord Von Tempsky Bowietest 2Svord Von Tempsky Bowietest 3Svord Von Tempsky Bowietest 4 Svord Von Tempsky Bowie
test 1Svord Von Tempsky Bowietest 2Svord Von Tempsky Bowietest 3Svord Von Tempsky Bowietest 4 Svord Von Tempsky Bowie

Svord Von Tempsky Bowie

18+ Age Restriction Icon

In Stock

Available for Delivery



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Svord Von Tempsky Bowie

Svord Von Tempsky Bowie



The Svord Von Tempsky Bowie is a replica Forest Ranger Bowie Knife, based on the knife design that von Tempsky issued to his company of Forest Rangers in 1863.

Gustavus Ferdinand von Tempsky, adventurer, soldier and artist, learned the benefits of the Bowie knife in California while working in the gold fields. He possessed a fine knife of American manufacture for his own use, but had about 30 bowie knives made to his personal design by a cutler of Shortland St, Auckland. These were issued to the men of No. 2 Company, New Zealand Forest Rangers, under Major von Tempsky's command.

The knives were made from waggon spring steel - being one of the few sources of suitable steel available to blacksmiths in Auckland in 1863.

The big knives were used to clear tracks through bush, dig defensive positions, cut fire wood and for general use about camp.

Svord's version uses high carbon tool steel for its 28cm (11") blade and is supplied with a leather sheath.


Limited Edition: No
Brand: Svord
Blade Material: High carbon tool steel
Blade Length (cm): 27.9
Blade Thickness (cm): 0.7
Overall Length (cm): 39.9
Handle Material: Wood
Sheath: Leather


  1. a classic knife Review by
    Having bought the Von Tempsky Ranger i could not resist getting the Bowie to go with it.The knife and the sheath are of excellent quality. The service from H H was of the usual excellent standard,ordered 4.30 in the afternoon arrived 10.30 next morning.Thanks Richard. (Posted on )
  2. Man size Bowie ThugReview by
    I grew up in the country, on a livestock farm, and carried a sheath knife all my youth and as a young man, until I gave up that life. I spent most of my childhood in the woods with my brothers, using axes, pangas, swords, you name it. I used to dream of a Bowie style knife that would do the work of a hand-held axe and still keep its edge. Then I spotted this blade from Svord. Having read the reviews, and looked at a few on YouTube, I thought this might be it, but nothing quite prepares you for the enormity of what you are buying with a Von Temsky Bowie by Svord. I admit, when I opened the box and found this huuuge knife in its dark brown, brass studded sheath, I had to laugh. I instantly wanted to show my brothers! It's a THUG of a thing. You feel twice the size when you hold it, and I guarantee you will smile while you're doing it! Even a brown bear would run away from you with your new friend in your hand!
    It comes greased, and ready to go, razor sharp sufficient to easily shave my forearm clean. It is made from industrial strength and thickness wea**ns grade steel, temper-blued and fully functional. No energy is wasted on the design of this work tool, it's clearly all gone into the steel and the edge. I have used it out in the bush three times, for logging, splitting, kindling, taking down saplings etc etc, and thumping timber pegs in the ground with the flat of the blade. You just automatically feel you can do anything to it and it will not matter. Confidence. That's what the Von Tempsky gives you. For camping and woodsman work I would always take a small folder for the fiddly stuff, but for absolutely everything else, take the knife that is also an axe! If you think BIG, you cannot possibly be disappointed. Buy it.
    (One piece of advice, fit a well measured leather lanyard to the handle hole, and loop it round the thumb guard to prevent your hand slipping off the handle when you're chopping. Works a treat.) I also admit when I first bought the thing I was just playing with it, not really concentrating and cut a two inch slice into my knee. Blood everywhere! Probably should have had it stitched but it healed ok under a strip of gaffer tape! Damn, it was sharp from new...
    (Posted on )
  3. Homemade lookReview by
    Its very big, thick blade with tempering marks, quality shealth and weighs a substantial amount, No polished blade, exotic handle just metal, rivets and wood worked in knife that looks like its come straight out the blacksmith forge - and that is the point. A well constructed workhorse of a knife that shrugs off the abuses. Batonning, chopping, cutting, digging , clearing are what its meant for and delivers with understated quality.
    I love mine and can see it being part of my collection in years to come. Its got a look that says 'dependable' .
    Only downside is that the handle could do with a palms swell and its a tad expensive. But i suppose its coming from across the world .
    (Posted on )
  4. No finer knife for heavy workReview by
    Finally, a manufacturer who makes a quality product. From the handle to the sheath this is quality, practical knife making at its best. The blade is of course an absolute beast, almost indestructible and capable of the heaviest work. It is also a thing of beauty, clearly hand made and each piece unique. The patina of the blade is amazing when oiled and razor sharp and easy to sharpen. This is no bland, mass produced factory effort. Special mention must go to the sheath - generally they are cheap, last minute afairs that require replacement for safe carry, but not this one. Hand made, high quality leather and stitching with copper rivets. Fantastic.
    Generally I'm dissapointed with mail order knives, but not this. The best knife in my collection. The only limit is its massive size - when will Svord make a premium quality 4" knife?
    (Posted on )
  5. robust laviathan,Review by
    pallets, pine, conifer, secamore, oak.,old chairs,kindling, bush clerance,
    battoning,hammering with flat of blade,striking fire goes on and on...
    this is a brilliant camp tool.
    there is very little you cant do with this....the sheaths so thick i sit on it if theres a cold rock to put it on...really this is a tool..not plush but very capable .
    easy i mean EASY to touch up the edge that holds sharp for a good deal of work.
    no chipping or bending from the cutting edge at all.
    ive had mine three years now given it a good thrashing and its a winner every time.
    the large finger gard has protected my fingers on several times too , tho granted for finer stuff it gets in the way a bit.
    if you want a big knife to use...this really is worth considering..
    (Posted on )
  6. Tempsky was well armedReview by
    Deadly fast service and delivery as usual. If only all sellers were this on the ball. Thanks to HH, you are the best. This knife makes the Downunder Bowie look like a toy, pure non chinese made quality and comes with a great sheath. I cannot see any reason to buy another Bowie, this one does and has it all. (Posted on )

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