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Svord General Outdoors

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Svord  General Outdoors

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Svord General Outdoors

18+ Age Restriction Icon

In Stock

Available for Delivery



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Svord General Outdoors

Svord General Outdoors



As the name suggests this is the no frills outdoors knife for all general yet essential duties. The blade is Swedish high carbon tool steel with a drop point blade whilst the handle is orange polypropylene. Supplied with black (very basic) belt sheath.

Blade is individually hardened and tempered using a unique heat treatment process. Blade is hand ground with a water cooled stone to produce a convex razor edge. Designed and produced by Bryan Baker.


Limited Edition: No
Brand: Svord
Blade Material: Swedish high carbon tool steel
Blade Length (cm): 12.5
Blade Thickness (cm): 0.3
Overall Length (cm): 27.4
Handle Colour: Orange
Handle Material: Polymer
Sheath: Leather belt


  1. One year afterReview by
    Here is an update to my previous review, posted 2/3/17. Its as I suspected - very useful knife, if not very refined. In answer to the review by Cannon-16, who carries his on his tractor - neither do I sit and polish this knife (it would be a waste of time). My comment about not coming with a quality leather sheath is less of a criticism of the cheap vinyl sheath it does have, but more that the blurb on Heinnie's website states that it comes with a leather sheath. This is frankly misleading, and I am surprised to see the text still states that it comes with a leather sheath. All in all its been a good rough use knife, comfortable to use and up to all sensible tasks. Mines got a bit of rust, despite my best efforts to dry and clean it, but I, too have better things to do than sit cleaning knives all day! (Posted on )
  2. Great practical toolReview by
    Ok, so its a bit rough as some reviewers point out. But really, get a life. This is a £40, handmade (in NZ), practical knife, designed to be used, not polished to sit on a mantlepiece. Yes, the sheath is basic and hardly pretty, but it works (more than can be said for many more expensive knives). The handle is large, easy to handle, doesn't get too cold, can be used with gloves and is usefully visible in pack or (in my case) a tractor. The blade is good enough out the box, but it is a big old thing (don't be assuming its some little whittling bushcraft toy). Not massively thick, with a bit of flex on heavy jobs, but it sharpens easily and if kept dry and oiled, won't rust. If you need an affordable, practical cutting tool for various uses, you can't go wrong with this. I like it more (and use it more) than most of my vastly more expensive knives. Amazing service from HH once more! (Posted on )
  3. OK - bit rough really.Review by
    I have just received this and am a little underwhelmed. For a start, mine did not come with a quality leather sheath - it had a pretty dodgy vinyl sheath which is simply riveted together and already fraying around the belt slot. The knife is roughly finished, as I expected with some flashing still around the moulded plastic handle. Mine arrived reasonably sharp once I rubbed off the lacquer, but was vastly improved with a little attention from my Lansky sharpening system. The knife itself is a good general purpose, but I would say its over-priced for such a simple blade with obviously free-hand ground bevels, moulded handle and dodgy sheath. It will no doubt become my favourite work knife, but I will have to make or get a decent sheath for it... (Posted on )
  4. MrReview by
    Used daily. Very versatile due to shape and size. The blade sharpens easily and cleans up with a polish. (Posted on )
  5. almost thereReview by
    Good knife. Sturdy with a Nice big handle, very comfortable.
    But WHY oh WHY are Svord the only company I've come across that make no attempt to sharpen their knives. Most knives come razor sharp, these are plain blunt.
    (Posted on )
  6. Good workhorseReview by
    Cheap and cheerful with comfortably large handle and a practical blade design in an easily sharpenable carbon steel, and a decent open leather sheath. The blade did not come evenly sharpened, with some spots of glue on the blade, but somehow Svord gets away with this because of the feeling of a charmingly handmade knife. (Posted on )
  7. good utility knifeReview by
    Had this a few weeks now, good sensible no-nonsense knife that will easily take care of all camp chores. Good steel and handle is great for guys like me who have large mitts. As for the sheath well you could pay 20 quid just for that alone. (Posted on )
  8. At Long last!Review by
    Know that this is going to be a very popular knife so better get plenty in stock Hennie.. Really good Knife. Good Youtube reviews. Been waiting for this to come to Hennie.. Quality for good price. (Posted on )

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