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Spyderco Squeak

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Spyderco Squeak

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Spyderco Squeak

18+ Age Restriction Icon

In Stock

Available for Delivery



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Spyderco Squeak

Spyderco Squeak



Produced in Italy's knife-making capital, Maniago, the Spyderco Squeak is a non-locking one-hand open, clip carry folder called a SLIPIT. The blade is ground full-flat and made from Austrian Bohler- Uddeholm’s N690Co steel. N690C0 is high- carbon steel with added cobalt for structural uniformity resulting in enhanced edge retention and sharpening receptivity. Textured jimping is machined from the blade’s spine and choil for increased slip resistance.

The Squeak’s blade is held in the open position when cutting by a notched-joint at the knife’s pivot. When closing the blade, the notch generates resistance functionally similar to traditional slip- joint penknife and performs the additional function of smoothing the motion of the blade opening. Increasing control and comfort Spyderco designers add a deep finger choil, naturally jogging the index finger into a position on the underside of the blade directly below the thumb. Positioning the index finger in this choil blocks the blade from accidental closing when cutting and provides a grip position that allows the user to choke-up closer to the cutting edge for greater dexterity.

The handle is FRN (fiberglass reinforced nylon) and engineered for user comfort whether in the hand, with ergonomic handle texturing, or in the pocket with a reversible tip-up deep pocket wire clip.


Code SC154PBK
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Spyderco
Blade Material: N690Co
Blade Length (cm): 5.1
Blade Thickness (cm): 0.3
Closed Length (cm): 7.90
Overall Length (cm): 12.7
Blade Type: Plain
Blade Shape: Drop Point
Blade Finish: Satin
Cutting Edge (cm): 4.4
Grind: Flat
Handle Colour: Black
Handle Material: FRN
Lock Type: Non-locking
UK Friendly Carry: Yes
Sheath: No
Pocket Clip: Yes
Product Weight (g): 46


  1. Cracking little knife Review by
    Purchased as an EDC knife, and what a corker it is, have carried it for a couple of months for light duties, not had to sharpen yet. Would recommend to anyone that wants a compact small knife for everyday use. Great service by HH as usual. (Posted on )
  2. Great little EDCReview by
    Bought this because I wanted a hard wearing EDC knife that was small, but big enough to do the job. Have had it for a little over a week, overall I’m really impressed with it, not needed to sharpen it yet and it’s still razor sharp. Not too threatening to look at either, which is good. Would definitely recommend. Can’t fault Heinnie’s service, great as usual. (Posted on )
  3. Ok... I get it....Review by
    So, this is a small bladed knife. Thing is the backspring is so strong, out of the box you're struggling to open it. Was really hopeful about mine when it arrived but ultimately it wasn't for me and even went as far as returning it. Ended up buying a sprint run urban as the increased blade length gives you proper purchase on opening. A half backspring in my opinion would be better for this knife, just like with the original UKPK. No problems with Heinnie, first class service from them as always. The knife just wasn't for me! (Posted on )
  4. Perfect EDC knifeReview by
    I find myself carrying this far more often than the UKPK. It doesnt attract any unwanted attention.

    The blade is slightly thicker and stronger and the steel is better.

    It feels great in the hand and I have never found myself wishing for a larger blade for EDC tasks.

    Together with the Spy-DK, this is my favorite UK legal spyderco.
    (Posted on )
  5. My favourite UK friendlyReview by
    The Squeak is an exceptional small knife and by far my favourite of all the UK friendly Spyderco knives. The blade length is enough for everyday tasks and it feels remarkably strong for its size. The handle has a nice fitting 3 finger grip in my smaller than average hands. (Large hands may want to size up to the Urban though.)

    It has a nice opening action and the smaller overall size allows it to fit nicely into virtually any pocket. I also love the deep clips on these Spydies. A great little knife.
    (Posted on )
  6. Perfect for UK EDC. Review by
    I have just got into knives, and following some more tactical looking yet UK legal knives, such as the lansky world legal, and CRKT liong mah, this is in a different league!

    By that I mean this oozes quality, ergonomic delight, blade precision and finish. In a very touchy and knife nervous UK society, whipping out a lansky world legal might very well cause very bad response and fear. The squeak on the other hand looks so dainty and cute it has friendly design. To make it super friendly, different colour scale options other than black (ninja style) or pink, would be amazing.

    I would love a light blue or yellow one please.

    The size is just about useful, and feels very solid and strong. Safe too due to excellent design and build quality. One hand opening is also a delight and addictive to play with.

    Buy this and try not to get hooked and feel the need to buy other knives. Won't happen though lol.
    (Posted on )
  7. Fantastic Review by
    Firstly I would like to comment on the speed I received my item. Ordered Thursday and arrived Friday. The knife is lightweight and easily fits in your pocket. Although it's small it's up to pretty much any task you can think of. Blade is razor sharp out of the box. Very happy with my purchase. (Posted on )
  8. Great for EDCReview by
    This is the knife I pick up for EDC more than any other.

    It wont alarm anyone and you dont even notice it in the pocket.

    The choil offers great safety and the big spyderco hole makes it easy to open. A must for someone like me who has short nails.

    I prefer it to my Spyderco UK Penknife as the short blade is far far stronger.
    (Posted on )
  9. Very niceReview by
    Shaving sharp out of the box, good jimping, deep carry pocket clip not too bulky and doesn't interfere with holding the knife. Very light too, you'll forget you have it unless you need it. The notched slip joint needs quite a substantial amount of pressure to close. Almost a lock, but not. Brilliant.

    Loving the boxes from HH, they seem very secure compared to a typical cardboard box, and good looking too! Always arrived in perfect condition. Not a dent or even a scratch in sight.
    (Posted on )
  10. Great Service from HH Review by
    I bought a Spyderco Squeak from HH about a year ago. I lost it last week and so I ordered another one by telephone. Three days later the new knife arrived at my home in Spain. Great service from Heinnie Haynes! (Posted on )
  11. Perfect!!!Review by
    I've carried a pocket knife for 25 years.. Nothing compares to the Squeak for me. In my opinion it's the ultimate EDC for the UK. Small, Light, unobtrusive, very capable and excellent quality. I own a few other Spydies and this is as good a knife as any of them. I would love to carry my Meerkat just because it locks but we all know that's not possible (frustratingly). I also wouldn't mind something a little longer in the blade like the UKPK but I find it a little on the large side. Purely because of other people's perceptions. I own a Pingo and I love the blade shape and the size but the lack of one hand opening is a down side for me for EDC.
    The Squeak never shy's away from any task I throw at it. It's comfortable to hold even though it's only a three finger grip for me. (I use a lanyard for my little finger). It's beautifully easy to open with one hand and the N690 is a very capable steel that produces a very usable edge.
    I recently managed to obtain one of the old Ti sprint run versions with the Elmax blade. That thing is in a league of it's own for strength and sturdiness. It will take any abuse you can give it.
    I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the Squeak to anyone either for EDC or for light use around the home. It's a shame the price has increased but it's still worth every penny.

    If you are looking for a UK legal EDC knife of good quality that will last and provide you with years of trouble free use then look no further than the Squeak. You won't regret it.
    (Posted on )
  12. Perfect edcReview by
    I've carried locking folders by Gerber and Böker for several years but now I need a UK - legal EDC. The Squeak is perfect. Well made and sharp enough to shave hair from my arm.

    Hats off to Heinne Haynes; only 6 days to deliver to my home in Spain. My UK bank takes 2 weeks to send me a cheque book!

    (Posted on )
  13. Big but small knife.Review by
    You won't go wrong with this little blade for everyday use. It's very well made. It's very sharp and will carry out any task you'd expect a blade of its size to manage. If your trying to cut an apple then use the knife correctly because it can and does easily (from a silly review) as it's very capable. I skinned a dear last weekend with it ! It's better than the photos and right up suggest. (Posted on )
  14. Good, but not perfect IMOReview by
    Great blade steel & build quality. Found the blade to be too stout on a couple of occasions.

    Sold mine on after buying an Urban.
    (Posted on )
  15. Punches well above its weightReview by
    I like to carry a knife, they are a useful tool in the right hands but some people find them scary.I wanted a knife that I could carry discreetly when I was based in the office that would not freak people out if iwanted to use it.
    The Squeak fits the bill perfectly. The pocket clip allows a deep carry, it could be a pen in your pocket for all anyone knows and if I do pull it out then the short non aggressive blade does not not shock anyone.
    That said the blade is a great cutting tool making short work of paper and carboard package opening etc and if I take it on site it can slice through webbing or strip cables with ease..
    It holds an edge well and using the Lansky turn box (I am no expert in sharpening) it can quickly be brought back to shaving sharpness.
    A great little knife that punches well above its weight. Recommended.
    (Posted on )
  16. Just what I wantedReview by
    I bought this because I wanted a small light legal pocket knife. This ticks all those boxes. It seems very sharp and nicely made. However, the gimping on the back of the blade and edges of the circle on the blade are all rather sharp. I took some sandpaper to them, then a file and it certainly improved them, but they aren't finger friendly.

    A very nice little knife, which could have been better had it been just little better made
    (Posted on )
  17. Definitely a keeper. Superb design. "BiG" knife of small sizeReview by
    This knife quietly, without squeaking, sneaked into my life. My original wish was UK PK and got this instead..
    You can imagine my face seeing this little nothing, the initial disappointment that hardly lasted for 1 day. The longer I was using this knife the more I became to attached to it. Yes, the pocket clip simply make sense and I can't imagine anything else in its place, but I am talking about myself attaching to the knife mentally rather than the other way round physically. The catch is in the Spyderco one hand opening design, the smoothness, the stop half way, the click! You just want to play with it all day. Actually I think I valued it as a great stress relieving tool.
    I say "valued" as it is gone now. Somebody needed it more than me and took over the ownership. Hope it is serving as good as it was serving to me.

    By the way, the size and the shape of the blade means you can easily hold the blade directly for better rescission, when carving or drilling hole with the point.
    If you decide to buy one, get yourself some safety chain, or piece of cord to prevent accidental or "loss".

    Thumb up for Spyderco! Literally, as that's the move you use to open the knife :)

    (Posted on )
  18. too small for food prep, otherwise greatReview by
    I've found that this is great as a utility tool, and big enough for most tasks in that range. The Urban or Pingo is the lowest-sized UK friendly Spydie for food prep though, in my experience.

    My main food prep test is - can it slice an apple easily?

    With the Squeak the answer is no, it's too small.

    If that's not a use case for you then consider this. Otherwise consider the options I mention above. Ideally a blade 2.5" or so is minimum for any food prep, in my experience.
    (Posted on )
  19. Three years in, still good.Review by
    Mine has spent three years in my pocket, used many times every day.

    It opens & closes very easily one-handed, it stays sharp, it is big enough for everything I want to do.

    If I lost it I'd immediately buy another one.
    (Posted on )
  20. 3 years in, still great.Review by
    It's spent three years in my pocket, still as good as new. Keeps an edge, very easy to open & close one-handed, haven't missed having a lock. Clip works well.

    If I lost it, I'd just buy another one.
    (Posted on )
  21. Spyderco Italian GoodnessReview by
    This is a good size for a trouser pocket knife , and the blade is big enough for most day to day chores. When the blade is open and it is in your hand it feels solid and like it belongs there, very natural and balanced. I have only used it a few times but it appears to be a robust edge.

    1.Construction seems pretty cheap for the price of the knife, two pieces of unattractive
    black plastic bolted directly to the metal, no liners or even washers to take the long term wear and tear. Unlike the Delica or even the linerless Dragonfly it doesn't seem like quality. We'll see how it holds up long term.
    2. The clip is the standard slipit wire clip, looks cheap, but appears to be effective. It seems a little large on this knife, I don't wear jeans and it doesn't work all that well for me. The clip is the most annoying thing about the Squeak, the knife it's much more comfortable to hold and pocket without it.
    3. Opening the knife one handed doesn't feel as natural / easy as larger Spyderco knives.

    Despite the issues I have with with this knife, it seems like a great cutting tool, it's big enough and feels natural in the hand. Despite it's similarity in construction it has a greater presence in the hand than the UKPK and I greatly prefer the Squeak.

    Originally I bought this for my father who uses a knife about the garden almost constantly. As he's in his mid eighties he has some trouble with a traditional nail-nick, he can open the Squeak with ease, however he finds the handle too short when attempting to open one handed. as a result I've given him a UKPK which I never liked anyway. I
    (Posted on )
  22. Great EDC cutting toolReview by
    There's not much I can add that hasn't already been said elsewhere on here. This is a great little knife, perfect for EDC in the UK. I was looking for a simple knife, specifically lightweight and one hand opening that was a little more discrete than my UKPK to supplement my Tinker Deluxe SAK which serves for every other job (OK in an ideal world I would carry a Leatherman without running foul of S.139).
    The only slight quibble I have is that as has been mentioned by other reviewers the Spyder hole (on mine at least) was a little sharp around the edges. In spite of this (five minutes with a needle file solved that particular problem) great value and IMO worth five stars. I've also added a short box weave lanyard for improved grip to the pocket clip.
    (Posted on )
  23. The perfect EDC knifeReview by
    I did a lot of research before buying my very first EDC knife, as I wanted to make sure that I was going to get the right one for me. After hours spent trawling youtube videos and reviews, I had it boiled down to the Spyderco UKPK and this Spyderco Squeak, and I'm so glad that I chose the Squeak.
    It may be a fair bit smaller than the UKPK, but it's certainly not lacking on ability and charm. It's the perfect size to fit in the coin pocket of my jeans, has a very secure clip so that I'm never worried about it falling out, and most importantly, it's small enough that I don't worry about being caught with it. The UKPK has a much longer blade, and I think that that's something that can worry people if they see you carrying it or using it in public. The squeak is small enough that it just gets noticed for what it is, a tool. The one handed opening works like a charm, and personally I haven't noticed any sharp edges on the thumb hole at all.
    An all round brilliant knife, provided with excellent service from HH.
    (Posted on )
  24. Just the job!Review by
    Just what I was looking for. Clips securely into the coin pocket of my jeans, handles well and is small enough to be convenient to carry whilst being big enough to be able to handle some reasonably serious cutting. It was sharp out of the box and feels well made. Not a major issue but the blade might be a bit chunky for some fine work like whittling, but I've yet to test this and for general stuff the blade shape is fantastic. (Posted on )
  25. Excellent EDC KnifeReview by
    I lost my Spyderco Clipit tool a couple of weeks ago and this has become my new EDC knife. UK legal carry, good edge retention, easy to sharpen and the ease of opening is superb. Nice sturdy pocket clip, so I hope I don't lose this one... (Posted on )
  26. great EDCReview by
    I was hoping this knife would be like the Meerkat, and it is just like it, really good edc knife well impressed with it. Excellent service thank you HH (Posted on )
  27. Excellent KnifeReview by
    I like the Meerkat but cannot carry it legally, this knife is just what i have been looking for. Great service from HH (Posted on )
  28. The perfect EDC for UK.Review by
    This was my first Spyderco. I wanted a small (and UK legal knife) which I could edc mainly in urban areas. I was torn between this and the UKPK. After spending some time going back and forth between the two, I settled on the Squeak, and I'm very glad I did. The quality is outstanding, steel is of high quality, and although I don't have G-10 to compare it to, the FRN seems grippy and very sturdy. I will buy the UKPK at a later date for when im camping etc, but seems just a bit too large to carry around on day to day basis for me. (Posted on )
  29. Great little Spyderco SqueakReview by
    Near perfect little pocket knife, very light, I forget it's in my pocket until I need it, clever, safe for a slip joint design, if held correctly, it's my first Spyderco and I'm very impressed. Would like one with S30 and G10

    I can only agree with all of the positive comments and am also impressed with the outstandingly fast delivery and perfect communications from Heinnie Haynes.
    (Posted on )
  30. Smaller than expectedReview by
    Didn't really quite grasp how small this knife is. It is however very good for the size and the belly makes up for it. If you're looking for a small to medium slip joint though maybe consider the UKPK as I am (Posted on )
  31. Decent little EDCReview by
    Nice little knife. Probably one of the best UK legal slipjoints you're going to get for this price range. Fairly pricey but worth the money for the quality of the steel and brand

    • razor sharp & holds good edge
    • deep pocket carry
    • easy one hand open

    • spydie hole is sharp & and tears away at your thumb
    • FRN feels a little cheap and flimsy
    •While holding in my right hand I find the pocket clip is uncomfortable

    All in all a good little knife , one of the best UK legal knives available and a great edc blade. However if you're looking for superb quality maybe look at a higher price range.
    (Posted on )
  32. Perfect EDCReview by
    A lot of money for such a small knife, but worth every penny. Definitely the best of the slip it range. Tiny but capable. (Posted on )
  33. Just rightReview by
    Opens & closes easily, fits in a coin pocket, grip is good, definitely a keeper.

    A couple of minor criticisms:
    - The opening hole is a bit on the sharp side.
    - The scales are grippy & effective, but they feel a bit cheap for the price.
    (Posted on )
  34. Very Nice Little SpydyReview by
    Very pleased with this.

    Undeniably cute but also a useful high quality one hand opening blade. FRN may not be every bodies cup of tea but seems to suit this lightweight little knife.

    Bought on a trip to the HH showroom, also highly recommended.
    (Posted on )
  35. Finally bought one...Review by
    Well, this seems expensive for what it is, but it is also a really high quality knife.

    Compared to the UKPK the back-spring is better, the steel is better, and you will actually carry it in all those places where a 3 inch blade isn't appropriate. On the other hand you get a 2 inch blade for the same price...

    Probably the best thing to compare this to is the Boker Subcom Ti. I own and love both; the Subcom is a beautiful thing and has an awesome blade shape, but the steel on the Spidy is better and it's more discrete to carry.

    Take your pick.
    (Posted on )
  36. Small but mightyReview by
    I really like my UKPK but three inches of sharp pointy steel can be too frightening/intimidating for some people (especially living in London) and I find myself being extremely discreet in it's use in public. Not so the Squeak, and that is why I bought it. It's quite small and dinky in the hand and doesn't look intimidating at all which makes me feel confident and comfortable about using it out in public.

    I'm no metallurgy expert but the steel is obviously better on the squeak than the UKPK as the squeak is holding it's edge longer than my UKPK and I haven't had to sharpen it yet. I suspect when I do come to sharpen the Squeak I will also be able to get it that little bit sharper than I am able to with the UKPK.

    Ergonomically, the squeak sits in the hand exceptionally nicely. I have medium size hands an can get a very comfortable three (almost four) finger grip on the knife.

    I can't fault this great little knife.

    (Posted on )
  37. Pretty AwesomeReview by
    This was my Christmas gift to myself :)

    Came out of the box sharp enough to take any of your hairs off.

    Incredibly light. Strong. Excellent blade shape and size for UK EDC. Love the opening action. Getting used to the closing action! The slip-it mechanism is good and strong... re-assuring with this being my first non-locking folder in a long time.

    I can't praise it enough. I think this is the perfect EDC and the knife I've been looking for.

    This is my first Spyderco and most definately won't be my last.

    Service from Heinnie top notch as usual :)
    (Posted on )
  38. Cutest knife you will ever ownReview by
    This cute little pocket knife is comfortable in the hand, very light weight and the blade steel is of high quality. Forged in the mountains of Austria no less.

    The knife is made in Italy and radiates quality. The blade length is small at 2 inches but extremely adequate for UK legal every day carry uses and is people friendly.

    Check out my video for a full review:
    (Posted on )
  39. best uk EDC?Review by
    Going to start by saying that I LOVE my UKPK! Sharp out the box, easy to sharpen, UK legal, comfortable to use.
    The Squeak beats it! Better steel. MUCH better backspring, sacrificing that little bit of cutting edge to ensure legality with even the most stringent on police officers is a plus for me as it makes it a true EDC. As small as it is, this knife still sits comfortably in a full hand gorilla or saber grip (although I dont have the biggest hands in the world).
    Service by Heinnie was perfect as usual! Standard delivery still got to me within 24 hours. Best internet shopping experience yet.
    (Posted on )
  40. Better than UKPKReview by
    Pay the little extra money for a better blade steel and stronger backspring. The slightly shorter blade makes it even more people friendly IMO. Loses a star because of price but you can't win them all. (Posted on )
  41. MrReview by
    After looking for an every day carry knife for some time I came across this little beast. For something so small it packs one hell of punch, despite its size it won't let you down in both quality and reliability. If your looking for a small EDC then get one fast you wont be disappointed! Excellent service from Heinnie as usual, thanks guys. (Posted on )
  42. Another winner!Review by
    As a new knife collector, like many other people, initially I wasn't a Spyderco fan - just didn't like the look of them. However, I now have several Spydercos and I am a complete convert. The Squeak is just another reason as to why Spyderco are now one of my favourite knife makers. I'm primarily interested in UK legal EDCs and this fits the bill to a tee. Easy to use, good wire pocket clip and razor sharp out of the box - I always test my new knives on paper and arm hair! (I now have bald patches on both arms). Yet again, more brilliant service from Heinnie Haynes - other companies take note - this is how customers love to be dealt with! (Posted on )
  43. Great non scary EDCReview by
    I bought a Squeak as a backup EDC for where my UKPK S30V wasn't suitable. I've carried it for a week and I am pleasantly surprised. I disliked the FRN UKPK and worried the squeak may feel cheap and nasty compared to my (no longer produced) UKPK G10 S30V. However, the squeak is a good compromise, fair price, FRN seems to work better on a small knife and I really like the blade steel used, it holds an edge very well and the blade shape for its size gives excellent cutting power, perfect for boxes, other light cutting, food, etc.
    The main features over something like the FRN UKPK which is a similar price is I feel the steel is a better quality, it has an excellent backspring and lock up, much more similar to the S30V UKPK than the weaker one of the FRN UKPK model, and the full flat grind on the squeak screams quality as opposed to the hollow grind on some of the cheaper knives. It's also very light and unobtrusive to carry making this an all round ideal EDC blade, well worth the money.
    (Posted on )
  44. No pip squeak!Review by
    Very small, smaller than you expect at first to be honest. Feels nice in the hand (unless you shovel coal for a living) and is easy to control. I'm a little disappointed by the slip lock, having swapped over from a Victorinox Solo, you really need to choke up on the provided choils to keep the blade from moving, it's takes a little bit of practice to learn how to apply the same level of pressure to both; making you jump when you don't get it right and the blade moves. The finish is disappointing for knife of this price, mine has some very rough machining on the finger hole and is gradually carving away more skin every time I open it. The smarter money would be spent on the UKPK although it is obviously larger. I have no concerns using the squeak as a EDC and it hasn't left my side so far. Make it S30 steel, Wharnacliff blade and G10 handles and it would be perfect. (Posted on )
  45. excellent edc for the ukReview by
    All the plus points of the other reviews are correct, but I deducted a star as the blade can be pressed slightly further than its normal closed resting position, causing the cutting edge to contact the back spring inside the handle, which can result in a dulled or even blunted blade. None of my other Spydercos do this. Other than this however it's a wonderful knife which I would highly recommend. (Posted on )
  46. EDCReview by
    This being my first spyderco purchase I wasn't sure to get it or not,as they are pretty pricy but this is a great little package and a good EDC.
    Excellent customer service too.
    (Posted on )
  47. This is geting sillyReview by
    When I first saw the Spyderco knives I just didn't like the look of them but after reading a lot of reviews I took the plunge. I now have five and every one has been better than the last. The Squeak is now my EDC and in the short time I'v had it it has proved itself a very good tool. Ok its not going to chop down a tree but it can do lots of lighter tasks. It's main job is opening boxes and cutting string and such like and for this its more than perfict. The fact it is made in such a way as to prevent it closing on your fingers when in use is just the icing on the cake, and as ever a fantastic service from Heinnie what more can I say. (Posted on )
  48. Perfect EDCReview by
    This little piece of cutlery is perfect for my every day carry. Virtually weightless in my pocket and non threatening when pulled into view in front of customers.

    Sharp out the box (sharp enough to shave hair off my arm) and has held it's edge well, cutting all types of things (mostly cutting card boxes ready for recycling) it's lovely being able to just sharpen it up and not have to hunt around or go buy new disposable blades like most of my colleagues do.

    I've only given it 4 stars as it would have been better with a nicer material rather than FRN for the handle scales but cost would go up and in all honesty the FRN is strong and light with a good texture.

    Non threatening and light... Perfect EDC for my needs.
    (Posted on )
  49. Perfect "Pocket Pal!"Review by
    Very impressed. The Grasshopper is a little too small for comfort in big hands like mine, but the Squeak fits the bill perfectly! Now my EDC for everyday usage around town.
    Exemplary service as usual from H.H. Thank you.
    (Posted on )
  50. Just the job.Review by
    When your Urban leaf foliage green is just too much knife this is the blade for you. 4 stars only because of the handle material, I would prefer G10 but then the cost would go up, but I think I would still buy one, don't even think about Ti... (Posted on )
  51. love itReview by
    I have one word for this knife "CUTE" get one and you will understand. (Posted on )
  52. Perfect for a…Review by
    Perfect for a UK EDC blade, for me it was between this and the UKPK, I went with this simply because it seems less threatening than the larger blade of the UKPK, and so far the blade size has been perfect. lightwieght, great looks, decent steel, discreet, amazing little knife. But if you do want to have the pocket clip on the other side, make sure you don't take the bolt fully out, it's a pain to get back in because of the spring tension, other than that, perfect little knife. (Posted on )
  53. Nice compromise EDCReview by
    This is the Spyderco EDC I've been waiting for- better quality than a Bug or Cricket, half the price of their other UK legal blades.

    The Squeak feels good in the hand, sits well in the pocket and the distinctive leafblade is sharp right out of the box.

    (Posted on )

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