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Spyderco Sage

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Stock due in 14 - 21 Days

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Spyderco Sage

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test 1Spyderco Sage test 2Spyderco Sagetest 3Spyderco Sage test 4 Spyderco Sage
test 1Spyderco Sage test 2Spyderco Sagetest 3Spyderco Sage test 4 Spyderco Sage
test 1Spyderco Sage test 2Spyderco Sagetest 3Spyderco Sage test 4 Spyderco Sage
test 1Spyderco Sage test 2Spyderco Sagetest 3Spyderco Sage test 4 Spyderco Sage
test 1Spyderco Sage test 2Spyderco Sagetest 3Spyderco Sage test 4 Spyderco Sage
test 1Spyderco Sage test 2Spyderco Sagetest 3Spyderco Sage test 4 Spyderco Sage

Spyderco Sage

18+ Age Restriction Icon

Out Of Stock

Stock due in 14 - 21 Days

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Spyderco Sage

Spyderco Sage



A Sage is someone wise in judgment and experience. It’s reasonable assuming they achieved that title through trial, error and extending their best effort at every opportunity. If that definition can be applied to something tangible it would be an item created from experience and striving for quality and performance at the highest level. If said item were a pocketknife we could call it a Sage.

The Spyderco C123 Sage represents Spyderco’s 30-year pledge to knife crafting and learning to make better knives at every available opportunity. The plan is to offer an ongoing series of Sage Folders with many of the different and ingenuous locking devices and mechanisms the knife industry has to offer.

This model is in recognition of knifemaker Michael Walker’s contribution to the knife industry with his creation of the LinerLock® and ball bearing detent method of locking open a folding knife. While the knife is made in Taiwan, the flat-ground blade is produced with USA made CPM-S30V. It is paired with a twill-woven carbon fiber handle and LinerLock. Categorized as a mid-sized folder, the blade is flat-ground and PlainEdged. Designed for comfort and in-the-hand-ergonomics, the carbon fiber handle is vibrant with multi-colored fibers bonded together when manufacturing the carbon fiber. The weaving runs deep, making ridges and textures for the palm to adhere to while gripping and cutting. A silhouette wire pocket clip adjusts for left- or right-hand carry.


Code SC123CFP
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Spyderco
Blade Material: CPM S 30V Stainless Steel
Blade Length (cm): 7.6
Blade Thickness (cm): 0.3
Closed Length (cm): 10.90
Overall Length (cm): 18.5
Blade Type: Plain
Blade Shape: Drop Point
Blade Finish: Satin
Cutting Edge (cm): 6.9
Grind: Flat
Handle Colour: Black
Handle Material: Carbon Fibre
Lock Type: Liner Lock
Sheath: No
Pocket Clip: Yes
Product Weight (g): 105
Youtube Link: Watch Youtube Video


  1. Sublime!Review by
    What can I say about this cracking knife that's not already been said?
    Well, I decided to add a tiawanese made syderco to my collection of USA made knives and decided on the sage 1. Wow, what a surprise this was when I took it out of the box ! The fit and finish on this beauty is sublime from the immaculate carbon scales to the well finished S30V blade , even the liners are finished to perfection including the exquisitely machined spacers which are lovely! The blade is the most perfectly centred blade on a pocket knife I have ever seen and opens butter smooth with a lovely clack and closes with a polite little thud when the blade closes on the ball baring detent. Ohe even the wire clip is anodised, not painted, so won't chip, lastly the knife, although light, has a nice hefty feel in the hand . All together a gorgious, superbly crafted little gem and worth every penny! Go on treat yourself, you won't be disappointed. Oh and one last thing if you show your none knife loving friends this little cracker and they baulk at the site of the " made in Taiwan " on the blade just let them feel the quality and explain to them that we don't live in the 70s anymore lol!
    (Posted on )
  2. God I love spydies Review by
    Smallish but classy,well impressed with the finish but not surprised, Blade steel great and very sharp,carbon fibre looks and feels good, manual opening OK will probably get quicker but not too bothered. A very well made and finished knife and glad I got it. Many thanx (Posted on )
  3. Classy EDC Review by
    Love this knife its super smooth and performs as good as it looks. Very pleased! thumbs up from me :) (Posted on )
  4. High class modern gentleman's knifeReview by
    After what was perhaps too much time on the internet looking at knife reviews I desided to go for it and buy myself a Sage 1.

    This was a good decision.

    From taking it out of the box it oozes quality with a superb fit and finish. I really could not find fault anywhere.
    The operation is smooth regardless of how you open it and (this may seem silly) the sound of the lock engaging gives an exceptionally satisfying click too.

    The feel of the carbon scales is nice and blade is very sharp on arrival.
    I have quite large hands but find this fits in my hand well. I would perhaps like the handle to be 1/8" shorter but really that's just nit picking.
    For what is it they got it right.

    Having the Spyderco wire pocket clip is good but having it in black on this knife makes it even better stil.
    For a light knife and for wearing clipped into the pocket of casual trousers this is probably the best clip I've come across and I really wish Spyderco would offer black wire clipes on their other small knives or perhaps to buy seperately.

    Honesty, for me, this knife is more or a toy/piece of jewellery/thing to show off. It'll get used but I consider it perhaps too good for shreading boxes and abusing at work.
    At least so in the UK.

    A Spyderco Persisence or Tenacious would most likely serve as a better tool (I have a Tenacious for around the house and workshop in fact) but if you want something a bit special then go for this; you won't be dissapointed.
    (Posted on )
  5. Beautifully made Review by
    This is my 2nd spyderco knife and I must say its build quality is excellent, I thought the para 2 was very good but this better finished off in my eyes , and well done to heinie haynes for there brilliant service yet again. (Posted on )
  6. SageReview by
    Excellent quality knife fit and finish lovely and quite light, great service from Heinnie too, speedy delivery ordered Sunday arrived Tuesday morning. (Posted on )
  7. The best of the SagesReview by
    It really doesn't get any better than this. S30V blade steel with Carbon Fibre handle scales.

    Undoubtedly the best Sage in the series, the smallest and lightest it locks the blade with a louder more reassuring click than even the Military.

    Add to this the Taichung quality control and Heinnie's service and you have a clear match made in heaven. You will not be disappointed.

    Check out my full video review here:
    (Posted on )
  8. Another Win!Review by
    So you may have read the other review above and felt the love for this Sage.

    Well I can tell you after receiving this knife I am totally in agreement.
    The whole unit feels extremely well made, the finish is great and the blade sublime.

    The Sage is simply a fantastic, practical and visually appealing knife.
    (Posted on )
  9. the best edcReview by
    The best knife money for money. (Posted on )
  10. Excellent KnifeReview by
    I have to say that I am blown away by the quality of this knife. The Sage and the Phoenix are the first Spyderco knives I have ever owned and I have to say I am won over. I was never really a fan of that Spyderco design but I decided to take the plunge and I haven't regretted it. Truly quality knives. Just wish I could review the Spyderco Phoenix but its gone from the site. Looks like I got the last one :) (Posted on )
  11. Spyderco Sage - superb!Review by
    I consider this the best value Spyderco - wonderful build quality, carbon fibre, superb flat ground S30V blade, strong lock-up. If you only plan to buy one Sypderco, get this! (Posted on )
  12. Very classyReview by
    I love these taiwan made spyderco knives,
    quality steel,carbon fibre, excellent fit and finish, ergonomics feels good in the hand, well worth the money.
    (Posted on )
  13. Absolute StunnerReview by
    This knife is gorgeous! The carbon fibre has an amazing texture and depth to it! The knife is super smooth and incredibly sharp out the box. The only bad thing I can see is the lack of a lanyard hole, I personally don't use them, but I know a lot of people who do. (Posted on )

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