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Smith & Wesson Military and Police Pen 2

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Smith & Wesson Military and Police Pen 2

test 1Smith & Wesson Military and Police Pen 2 Thumbnail Imagetest 2Smith & Wesson Military and Police Pen 2test 3test 4
test 1Smith & Wesson Military and Police Pen 2 Thumbnail Imagetest 2Smith & Wesson Military and Police Pen 2test 3test 4

Smith & Wesson Military and Police Pen 2

In Stock

Available for Delivery

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Smith & Wesson Military and Police Pen 2

Smith & Wesson Military and Police Pen 2



This is the second generation of the Smith and Wesson Military and Police Pen with the same tough construction. It has a grooved T6061 aircraft aluminium body with black finish pocket clip. It is available in grey green, brown, blue or black and has a black refill. Can also be used as a PDA stylus or pen. The top on this version screws onto both ends of the body of the pen.

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Code SWPENMP2-$$
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Smith & Wesson
Body Material: Aluminium
Refill: Schmidt P900M Parker Style Black Ball Point Pen Refill
Overall Length (cm): 14.0
Pocket Clip: Yes
Product Weight (g): 45


  1. Awesome tactical pen.Review by
    This pen is solid and is very comfortable. The build quality is excellent and screw cap is a great feature. I absolutely love this thing. (Posted on )
  2. Very Disappointed Review by
    As a pen it writes quite nicely. As a tool it’s truly substandard. I used this on a car window in an emergency and the end completely flattened thus rendering it useless. I will be looking for a full refund or replacement. (Posted on )
  3. Great penReview by
    Great pen , solid and love the look it will go everywhere with me , thanks again Heinnie great service (Posted on )
  4. S & W Police Pen 2Review by
    Looks a lot less aggresive than the previous version, but could still ruin someones day if needed. The blunter 'action' end means you can strike harder without risking penetration damage. A great way to carry a k****n with a legitimate use. ( It's my pen, officer !!) Have carried this all over in a jacket pocket, never an issue. Lets face it, these days you need to be able to protect yourself, and this is a nice non-lethal option. (Posted on )
  5. Looks Great In BlueReview by
    Really sturdy, well built pen. Feels great in the hand and writes really well. I would recommend getting the fisher space pen refill cartridges as well but the cartridge it comes with works fine. A little on the heavy side but by no means uncomfortable. Will probably last a lifetime or two. (Posted on )
  6. ExellentReview by
    I got it yesterday and I can't stop hold it in my hand. Very solid construction, very comfortable in use. If you wanna have a nice pen for years, go for it and buy Smith & Wesson Military and Police Pen 2. Worth every penny spent. *****

    First class service from Heinnies as always - Item delivered within less than 24 hours. Well done guys.
    (Posted on )
  7. Ideal 'tactical' penReview by
    I don't really like the term 'tactical' pen, as it implies there's something dangerous by design about the item.

    This however is simply a very robust pen, it doesn't look overly aggressive...but could no doubt if the situation be called for it be used as an effective force multiplier.

    It is also a great writer and feels good in the hand, I especially like that both ends are threaded for the cap. It also takes the fisher space refills (using the included parker adapter), but ensure you have the parker adapter pushed on all the way.

    Just remember, this is a pen. Never describe it as anything else. If you ever have to use a pen like this to defend yourself and you are asked why you have it. Simply say that you needed a robust pen as you're always breaking them. DO NOT SAY FOR SELF DEFENSE.

    Not trying to sound condescending, just want everyone here to understand the law.

    The same of course goes if you carry a knife (it's for work, opening boxes etc).
    (Posted on )
  8. VeryPracticalReview by
    This is a very made and strongly built pen. Very comfortable to use. I recommend it. (Posted on )
  9. ExcellentReview by
    Got the pen in my hands now and it's amazing. The brown looks more like copper. I bought some fisher refills and the pen is now perfect. Not too tactical, but a good weight in your hand. It feels like if you had to use it in a 'situation' it would not let you down. (Posted on )
  10. Speedy.Review by
    I haven't seen the pen yet as I'm not home until Friday, but I ordered the pen yesterday at 1650, and it was at my door today at 1220. 19 hours 30 mins. Surely a record !!!! For service, you can't be beaten. (Posted on )
  11. Just FantasticReview by
    After a few days of research, reading blog's and looking at reviews I chose the military and police pen for its quality and value. This is a fantastic pen, as said before Smith & Wesson have learnt a lot from the previous version. Its solid aluminium construction is fantastic with no breakable plastic parts like its predecessor. Unlike other "screw cap" pens it is very fast and easy to open, only taking 2 turns to unscrew. This pen has a very nice tip, slowly going to a point like the regular tactical pen but the tip is shortened and a smaller tapered point has been used. This is a welcome feature compared to the very sharp and aggressive point of the original Smith & Wesson. Overall this is a fantastic pen, well worth the price compared to other tactical pens. I would recommend it to anyone. (Posted on )
  12. 2nd genReview by
    Definately ticks all the boxes with this latest model. I have two other tac pens which have their flaws. This on the other hand is just right, not too aggressive pointed end, not too fat and with a screw cap which, screwed on top doesn't make it top heavy and look stupidly long.. Excellent writer too. Thanks Heinnies for usual top class service... (Posted on )
  13. Major ImprovementReview by
    Much improved with the lessons learned from its predecessor. The cap screws on and off both the top and bottom which means no easily breakable plastic retention parts that can render the pen dysfunctional. The threading of the screw is short so only requires 3-4 half hand turns to open and close. Also, slightly less aggressive in appearance than its former incarnation. However, they have omitted the lanyard hole found in the first pen. All in all it's a superior pen and it's good that S&W have rectified the problems of the first Police Pen. (Posted on )

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