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Schrade Imperial Sodbuster Small Yellow

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Imperial Schrade Sodbuster Small Yellow

test 1Imperial Schrade Sodbuster Small Yellowtest 2Schrade Imperial Sodbuster Small Yellowtest 3Imperial Schrade Sodbuster Small Yellowtest 4 Imperial Schrade Sodbuster Small Yellow

Schrade Imperial Sodbuster Small Yellow

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In Stock

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Schrade Imperial Sodbuster Small Yellow

Schrade Imperial Sodbuster Small Yellow



The Schrade Imperial is a line of pocket knives carried by Schrade-Knives, where the quality is maintained and the prices are reduced so that one can own a very nice, modestly priced pocket knife.

This smaller model with a yellow handle is a classic Sodbuster design. It has a 400 stainless blade and yellow POM handle. The blade is non-locking and under three inches long making it legal to carry in the UK at the owners discretion.


Code IMP22Y
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Schrade
Blade Material: 400 Stainless Steel
Blade Length (cm): 6.4
Blade Thickness (cm): 0.2
Overall Length (cm): 16.5
Handle Material: Polymer
Lock Type: Non-locking
UK Friendly Carry: Yes
Sheath: No
Pocket Clip: No


  1. Do-all EDCReview by
    What did I do with my little Schrade Imperial today?

    -opened a letter
    -cut up some bread, for the bird table.
    -cut some string, in my workshop, then stripped some wire for an electrical job.
    -prised the plastic caps from ten bolt heads, on a garden bench.
    -scraped paint and moss, from an outdoor table.
    -poked around inside the dust bag of my palm sander, to remove a blockage.
    -chopped up a banana skin, for the compost bin.

    It costs eight quid, it's yellow, so you don't lose it, outdoors. It's well made and easy to keep sharp. Get one, carry it, use it a lot....and don't panic, if it gets lost or damaged.
    (Posted on )
  2. Not the sharpest tool in the box...Review by
    Schrade, the original company, along with the original Camillus, has gone the way of the Dodo. Yes, the names still exist, under Taylor LLC's spawning umbrella, but these two venerable giants of the once-vast American cutlery industry are merely forlorn echoes of the quality they once heralded. An ironic turn of events, because Schrade and Camillus made brands for many other companies. Times change. But the need for traditional pocket knives has not disappeared; there has arguably never been more choice.

    This is a popular EDC knife. It offers value for money. The typical Sodbuster Jr proportions are correct, if you use Case's as a comparison. The full size Sodbuster made by WR Case is much bigger; its blade is an impressive chunk of steel. But Schrade's version of the Jr is the one most people would buy, taking advantage of the sociably UK friendly dimensions. It is also about a third of the price of the least expensive Case equivalent.

    From a collector's view, this yellow handled Schrade comes with an interesting difference. The scales are shaped in the way that Case used to do for their Sodbuster Jr. several years ago. Currently Case makes theirs more slab sided. The Case I have from some years ago has very pleasing curves and contours, whilst the navy blue handled one I recently bought from HH (and which I like very much) has wide flat scales. Likely to save the extra steps and time it took on older models to shape and hand finish the more organic profile. So, personally, the yellow Schrade Imperial Small Sodbuster is a bit more ergonomic than the current Delrin handled Case Sodbuster Jr. The bone handled Cases are in a different category, in my opinion.

    Now then. I know that this is a very popular choice and other reviewers have praised this one, but... The blade on mine will not, not, not hold an edge. Normally when dealing with the shortcomings that occasionally crop up with slipjoints, I'm extremely forgiving. With this one I'm forgiving, all right. I'm for giving it a good thrashing! After much coaxing and cajoling the edge would still rather roll over than butter a roll. Well, alright, that's a whimsical exaggeration.

    So I hate to buck the trend, but three stars is all mine gets. Maybe this one is just an exception, and the heat treatment wasn't done evenly, or perhaps not completed. It will cut twine, open letters and packages, hold its own against apples, carrots, leeks and potatoes, butter toast and carve a roast. But anything more makes the cutting edge go all shy and introverted.

    On the plus side, loosing a Case Sodbuster Jr would be a sad day indeed, prompting frenetic angst and melancholy sulks in equal measure. Parting ways with this Schrade would only provoke a shrugging "oh well," and indifference would soon turn the page in my book of regrets for that day.

    If the edge sharpness and durability was in the same category as a Rough Rider, now that would be something! But, unfortunately, my Schrade is a beater, and no better.

    So, cosmetically, it looks the part. Cheap and friendly, but the disappointing performance looses it two stars. Sorry.

    The silver lining to this particular cloud? HH is always a delight to deal with!
    (Posted on )
  3. I am in love!Review by
    I just wanted another Sodbuster and didn't expect much for 8 quid but boy, was I wrong!
    This must be the best f&f I've seen in any pinned handle foler in any price range!
    I don't really care much for plastic handles but this just feels like reaaly old ,worn bone. Comes really sharp, smooth action and yes, it's got no "super steel" but then again, I'm not trying to get into Fort Knox with it!
    I own many ~ 60mm blades but this is my new "PRECIOUS"!
    (Posted on )
  4. Chunky work knifeReview by
    Actually bought a knife that wasn't a Rough Rider! I wanted a sodbuster pattern and for the price this was worth trying. Glad I did, it's a well made knife for this price point. No gaps, rivets flush and a nice strong spring.
    The blade isn't the smoothest of openers, the tang isn't perfectly finished, but once opened stay and play is great. The blade is rather thick with an acceptable edge for heavy work, but I gave mine a good going over on a belt sander before stoning/lapping and it took a really good edge.
    The yellow plastic handles remind me of those 1950's cutlery handles so it looks a bit traditional.
    HH service as brilliant as usual.
    (Posted on )
  5. Excellent value.Review by
    I bought the black handled version of this, I used it, I liked it, so I bought the yellow one as a spare. It's under eight quid, it's a classic design and it works. What's not to like? (Posted on )
  6. Great EDC but finish a little rough.Review by
    Solid old fashioned feel knife.

    Not razor sharp out of the box but good enough for general use.

    Brass liners and backspring finish a little rough on mine but a good EDC knife that I'm sure would give you years of good service.

    Thanks for the super prompt delivery.
    (Posted on )
  7. Good EDCReview by
    This is a basic non-locking folder that makes a good EDC knife. It's cheap so i f you lose it or damage it it's not the end of the world. The only downside is that mine is very stiff to open and close, hopefully it will ease up with use. (Posted on )
  8. Excellent valueReview by
    Had one for a year or so. Extensively used for making art sketch books. Cuts the paper to size easily, and the smooth handle is ideal for pressing down paper folds to a neat edge. Rarely needs sharpening and is smooth in the pocket no edges to cause a hole! (Posted on )
  9. Never Out Of My PocketReview by
    I own a lot of knives way more expensive than this one, but since buying it several months ago it is rarely out of my pocket. I like it's old fashioned look with the yellow handle reminding me of an old bone handled knife my Grandfather had. I like the shape and find it easy to handle and use for a wide variety of tasks. It can blunt quickly but is easily sharpened and I often find a touch up on a strop restores it. It's a legal carry, doesn't have a tactical look about it and you could hardly be accused of concealing it with a bright yellow handle. I find it tucks easily and comfortably in the small "watch pocket" in a pair of jeans. For the money it's an absolute bargain and I would recommend it as a VFM EDC knife. (Posted on )
  10. Fantastic value legal folderReview by
    Perhaps I over egged the relative value in my review of the otherwise identical black version but I was making a point about a more expensive knife which had proved to be particularly unsatisfactory.

    At the price point this knife is brilliant VFM and good quality material and finish to boot. The blade steel is quite soft and needs frequent sharpening to maintain a keen edge but is forgiving in that an edge ruined by inexperienced hand sharpening is easily restored by a sharpening system, e.g.Lansky's.

    The yellow scales show up dirt more than the black and the black scales have a more attractive contrast with the polished brass detailing but I wanted a different colour to differentiate use use.

    A great product but I can't personally give 5 stars to a PK without lanyard attachment, though I added a bale to my black one.
    (Posted on )
  11. Great Legal EDCReview by
    Great Knife , I have many small Lock knives but this is UK legal, I am going to get a black one next , I got a kissing crane Black Angus for my Birthday not very good ,I will be sending it back ,, it cost more than the Schrade, but is very poor Quality , I recommend this knife to every one that wants an EDC that’s 100% legal (Posted on )
  12. Great knifeReview by
    Great Knife , I have many small Lock knives but this is UK legal, I am going to get a black one next , I got a kissing crane Black Angus for my Birthday not very good ,I will be sending it back ,, it cost more than the Schrade, but is very poor Quality , I recommend this knife to every one that wants an EDC that’s 100% legal (Posted on )
  13. good knifeReview by
    Good knife for the money and first class service from HH (ordered from Shanghai day before, delivered to Aberdeen by the next afternoon). Only 4stars as the blade edge fouls the middle back pin causing a slight nick in the cutting edge nothing I can't live with for 7quid! (Posted on )
  14. Useful pocket knifeReview by
    Solid and sharp, a lightweight and simple little pocket knife. I bought three of the black models for Xmas presents and decided I need one too, saved a quid by going for the yellow one. (Posted on )
  15. Good beater knives.Review by
    If you're after high end quality look at something else there's plenty of choice at HH, but if you're after a cheap knife to use and abuse then this is the knife for you. Mine came paper shredding sharp out of the box and with the added bonus of it being UK legal it's a good cheap all round choice. (Posted on )
  16. great edcReview by
    Bought two of these to go with my two black models. I use these at work and they get a lot of use, I usually blunt 3-4 knives a day so having a few is good but can get a bit pricey. These are perfect hard use knives, cheaper than my Spyderco UK models and a lot less rambo too. Recommended. (Posted on )

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