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Schrade Frontier 51

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Schrade Frontier 51

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Schrade Frontier 51

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Out Of Stock

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Schrade Frontier 51

Schrade Frontier 51



The Schrade Frontier 51 (SCHF51) Full Tang, Fixed Blade Knife is a proper survival knife. It’s a well balanced knife with plenty of cutting edge, and generous handle size. The full tang blade is made from 1095 High Carbon Steel with a black protective coating. Where the blade meets the scales, there is a deep finger choil for tasks that require a high degree of control.

The handle is crafted from two scales of ring textured TPE which has been ergonomically shaped to fit even the largest of hands. Across the spine of the handle, there is ample gimping for enhanced grip and a thumb ramp for a positive hand position. At the pommel there is a generous sized lanyard loop.

The Schrade Frontier 51 also comes complete with a black polyester belt sheath. This sheath includes a front pouch, which contains a pocket sharpener and a Ferro rod. Two essentials for any survivalist or outdoorsman.


Code SCHF51
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Schrade
Colour: Black
Blade Material: 1095 High Carbon Steel
Blade Length (cm): 13.0
Blade Thickness (cm): 0.6
Overall Length (cm): 27.8
Blade Colour: Black
Handle Colour: Black
Handle Material: Polymer
Handle Material (Text): Contoured Textured TPE
Blade Finish: Black
Blade Shape: Drop Point
Blade Type: Plain
Tang: Full Tang
Cutting Edge (cm): 11.5
Sheath: Black Nylon Belt Sheath
Product Weight (g): 405
Youtube Link: Watch Youtube Video


  1. Lightweight bk2Review by
    Firstly, excellent speedy delivery from Heinnie.

    The knife is bit of a bruiser, I bought it so I could chop through wood a couple of inches thick and save my pr4 knife for lighter work and food prep. I don't baton with it, that's what my hatchet is for. I've no doubt it would manage it though. It easily chops V style through wrist thick wood for fire making. I've used it to get some thick fatwood chunks from old dead trees too. My bk2 can now stay in my main pack and this is in my day pack. It's much lighter than a bk2 but does exactly the same work, I can't decide which I prefer.

    I find it nicely weighted and the rubber grips are comfy and good even when wet. There's no hot spots and the scales fit well. It struggles with ferro rods because of the coating on the spine but it comes with a rod and striker, plus a rather course diamond sharpening stone. The sheath is functional but the blade hits the plastic liner every time I put it away. It was very sharp from day one.

    Great beefy blade for the cost, good size and weight for heavier work than a 2.5/3mm blade. Hasn't got a ridiculous tactical look with a 9" blade. Recommeded buy if you don't want to spend lots.
    (Posted on )
  2. Back from the deadReview by
    Absolute tank of a knife. Robust, Chunky well weighted Chopping branches and going through roots when making a basecamp is a breeze . Makes battoning wood as simple as possible. Finger choil is nice for bushcraft, Stakes Pegs Structures ETC , dont expect a fine precision knife for intricate work, Food Prep, Skinning ETC. NOT! The purpose of the knife. literally does live up to the name of SHTF would take it into the depths of the underworld with me......

    Bought 2 year ago and had the unfortunate bad luck of losing the knife at a seaside wild camp. ended up finding it a year later on return! it had been exposed open to all seasons of the elements there was a minscule amount of rust on the bevel just surface rust it had survived unprotected uncared for all that time. O_o A bit of wire wool, oil and a a fresh grind and it is back to new!.

    As far as an allsinging all dancing knife goes for under the 50 mark i could not recommend this knife more.......

    A worthwhile investment for any camper, prepper or enthusiast 10/10 Schrade!!!

    (Posted on )
  3. Bomb proofReview by
    At 6mm thick, the blade is bomb proof.
    Its heavy. you can really whack it without fear of breakage and you can probably chop down full grown trees with it.
    Its very well balanced. The choil makes delicate work easy, even with such a heavy knife.
    The knife and sheath are well made.
    The ferro rod and striker are good quality.
    I like the sharpener - its big enough to use and stows well in the sheath. And once used a few times is fine enough to allow for sensible sharpening.

    I struggle with sharpening a hollow grind - but thats me not the knife!
    Its heavy. Really heavy, I want to slip my survival knife in my rucksack when Im out for walks and bike rides - just in case. But I'm too weedy to carry it.

    On the whole for me its just too heavy and Im not keen on the hollow grind.

    It gets a score of 4 because whatever I say, it does what it sets out to do. Its a heavy duty survival knife.

    (Posted on )
  4. knife disappointing! Review by
    Got the knife and the handle was loose and made a clicking noise! I tried to tighten the Allen type rivets up and they sheared off! And the handle came off. I ended up throwing the knife away! I dont blame heinnies though because I never contacted them with the complaint! The rivets are made of cheap die cast! Not good at all! (Posted on )
  5. 6 month updateReview by
    Ok, I have had this knife for 6 months now and used it a lot. Most of my original review stands and I would still recommend it, but have knocked a star off

    The Good. The sheath has stood up really well, even the suspect elastic bit. The knife is comfy to use and balances well, the scales are a dirt magnet but haven't degraded on me and clean up fine, edge holding is great, and it resharpens easily with the right tools (I use the Lansky turn box 4 rod and a strop in the house, fallkniven CC4 in the field) . The coating is mostly intact, no rust anywhere. Surprisingly good at detail work.

    The Bad. The sharpening stone is garbage, it's gone in the bin. The knife is badly shaped for batoning, you need a huge amount of force to get it through moderately sized branches (although it survives the pounding , I was knackered after a couple of splits and used my standby mora instead, much better). It's pretty poor at chopping considering the weight.

    The Ugly. I snapped the tip off trying to lever an arrow out of an oak. Ended up destroying the arrow to get it out so not happy. Ugly because I have reground the tip with my dremel and it looks kind of ....ugly. Also I was clearly abusing the blade so don't put this in the bad category. Don't think it will snap again though, I blame the hollow grind.

    Still a good knife, and I won't be replacing it any time soon.
    (Posted on )
  6. Absolute bargain!Review by
    Great bit of kit, like the styling feels good and nice weight. Great added tough with the fire lighter and diamond sharpener, makes you wonder how this can be achieved for such a small price.

    Thanks HH
    (Posted on )
  7. A bit disappointed.Review by
    Service from heinnie was fantastic. Delivered well before I expected it to be, well packaged and would definitely shop with heinnie again.

    The knife looks and feels impressive.

    Out of the box the box the blade edge is ground to a different angle on both sides and so is about as sharp as a bit of loo roll. As someone who is not experienced when it comes to fixing up knives, this is really disappointing as its going to take work, that I simply don't know how or have the equipment to do.
    (Posted on )
  8. Lovely knifeReview by
    Can't add any more to what has already been said...lovely knife...fantastic service!!! (Posted on )
  9. A very good knife indeed.Review by
    An excellent knife from Schrade. A good solid blade and comfortable handle. Going to be very useful at my local field archery club.

    What can I say about HH service that hasn't been said before. If Icould give you 10 stars I would! Ordered over the phone on Tuesday and arrived on Wednesday. Keep up the great work HH.
    (Posted on )
  10. Tank of a knifeReview by
    First off I have reviewed the awesome customer service I had with this delivery on trust pilot, so will stick with a review of the knife.

    I got this knife primarily for digging arrows out of trees - my current field archery club insists on placing the targets close to, or even partially obscured by, hard wood trees and the trusty sharpened screwdriver I used in my old club's pine forest just wasn't up to the task.

    My knife came well finished - no burrs in the blade or the spine, the TPE handles were fitted perfectly and the coating was evenly applied. The blade was sharp out of the box but not shaving sharp, The blade is massive and I have no worries about it snapping even when prying hardwood (yes I know it's for cutting, not prying, that's why I only spent £35)- I have seen reviews of the SCHF 37 (older model, longer blade) where the point snapped off but had no issues digging around in a mature ash tree with this fellow.

    While the blade is fantastic it's the handle on this knife that is beyond what's expected. With the hook on the end of the handle I can get a lot of extra leverage for chopping and still feel really secure. The width and tactile grip on the TPE scales allows for good control while slicing, twisting or prying, the jimping on the top lets me put a lot of force on the blade without slipping, The choil is great for fine control pushing - I just had to make some feather sticks and it was a joy to use, I was able comfortably get my thumb into a position to push down on any part of the blade, handy for carving bigger bits of wood. I haven't batonned with it yet, but have whacked the pommel end to drive it into that ash tree, so can't see beating on the back of the blade to be a problem.

    Personally I quite like the sheath, the only gripe I have is that the front pouch is closed by Velcro, and rather than sticking the Velcro to the nylon sheath itself they have attached it to the elastic strapping that holds the items in the pocket snug. This means that opening the poach really stretches the elastic, so I don't think it will last long. That said I will probably just repair it when it breaks rather than ditch the sheath in favour of another. The sheath holds the knife securely, connects firmly to my wide belt and the pouch is big enough to hold the supplied sharpener, ferro rod and also my whistle and NFAS membership card, you could probably squeeze another few small items in there (fish hooks etc) if you wanted it for bushcraft.

    The diamond sharpener is extremely coarse, I can't see it being useful unless you are out in the field for weeks or need to repair damage to the edge. I suspect I will leave it at home and replace with a two sided ceramic stone. I haven't used the ferro rod yet, but it is longer and easier to grip than I thought it would be from the reviews.

    Overall this is a great knife, I contemplated buying a BK2 but think this knife might actually be better and is less than half the price - the only things I would look to improve are the sheaths pouch fastener and the sharpening stone, both of which you don't even get on a BK2! Everything else seems perfect.
    (Posted on )
  11. speedy delivery happy with product.Review by
    Very fast delivery. The knife was delivered very well packaged. There was one small burr on the spine of the blade which was sharp to run your finger over but a quick rub with the sharpening stone removed that. I am very excited to have this knife, it was my budget alternative to the BK2. feels great in hand and came with a good edge (quick strop will make it perfect).
    Sheath is even cheaper than it looks but its fit for purpose. Outstanding value.
    (Posted on )
  12. SCHF51Review by
    Just great value for money. These 2016 models have a new blade coating, and a new handle design. The SCHF51 has the smaller blade and choil. Blade - 5.25" inc. ricasso. Handle - 5.5". Stock - 5.8mm. Balance - at the first scale bolt. All specs. approx. My main review is under the SCHF52. (Posted on )

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