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Schrade Frontier 36

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Schrade Frontier 36

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Schrade Frontier 36

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Out Of Stock

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Schrade Frontier 36

Schrade Frontier 36



Schrade Frontier full tang fixed knife with powder coated 1095 high carbon steel drop point blade with finger choil. The handle has a ring textured TPE material with spine and grip jimping. It is supplied with a black nylon belt sheath with ferro rod and sharpening stone.


Code SCHF36
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Schrade
Blade Material: 1095 High Carbon Steel
Blade Length (cm): 12.8
Blade Thickness (cm): 0.5
Overall Length (cm): 26.4
Handle Material: FRN
Sheath: Yes
Product Weight (g): 560
Youtube Link: Watch Youtube Video


  1. Poor Man’s ESEE 5Review by
    I bought this knife as a bit of an experiment, I wanted to put it up against my ESEE 5 as the specs were similar, but at a fifth of the price. I won’t go into too much detail here, but I was extremely impressed. Of course he ESEE isa better knife, however the Frontier 36 exceeded all expectations. The edge needed a little touch-up out of the box, but that’s no big deal, but once sharp, it held an edge well and the 1095 steel was easy to maintain. The sheath is functional, and met expectations for the price, the front pouch being plenty big enough to add some customisation (I like to carry a small folder with a big knife), the ferro-rod is functional, but the sharpener isn’t great. However, in my mind these are bonus items, so no big loss. Funnily, my biggest issue with the knife wasn’t one of quality, it was one of design. The knife is hollow ground, which in my opinion is not ideal for the uses this knife was designed for. It leaves the edge prone to chipping when used for heavy tasks like chopping. I think a sabre grind similar to the ESEE 5, would have narrowed the gap between these knives usher still.

    Having said that, this is still a great knife, and for the money is a no-brainier. As a final comment, this knife is also a great choice if you’re looking for something you can customise. With a nice new sheath and custom scales, the Frontier 36 would standup there with knives three times the price.
    (Posted on )
  2. Super fast delivery Review by
    So happy with the delivery time it come within 24 hours. the knife it self is not as sharp out the box as I was expecting but over all very nice knife for the price it's hard to beat. (Posted on )
  3. WOWReview by
    Super fast delivery thank you. A good solid dependable knife, razor sharp straight out of the box would recommended for people with big hands.Heinnie hayes a good reliable company to do business with would recommend to anyone. (Posted on )
  4. Excellent for the priceReview by
    Excellent knofe for the price. My desired knife is a bit out of of price range at the moment so I went for the Schrade 36 as my first fixed blade in a while. Can see this being in my possession for many years, even decades, to come. The hold and weight are perfect, a great and strong full tang knife.

    Only issue, the sheath isn’t that great. It can be tightened enough so there’s no movement, but the position of the strap gets in the way of the knife when putting it away. Can imagine this being an annoying issue if you’ve only one hand free or with cold hands. A knife with a kydex sheet would defeat this problem.
    (Posted on )
  5. Great tip for penetrating bear hide Review by
    I didn't expect much from this knife as the price was low. But what an amazing knife.
    Slides through flesh like a knife in butter. Came very sharp

    Also great for peeling potatoes as i found out.
    (Posted on )
  6. Great survival knifeReview by
    excellent service from heinnie,

    Get this knife if you want an excellent all rounder when out in the wild. came very sharp, i have got it shaving sharp with a diamond hone

    Its size makes it a little impractical for what I need it for, wish i had got black fox hunter now, but it didnt come in carbon steel.

    I have made some wooden scales for it out of highly figured ash which makes it look even more awesome.

    sheath isnt the best but it does its job, what else can you expect at this price?
    (Posted on )
  7. Nice knife but blunt Review by
    I can't fault the super service from Heinnie order came within 24 hours!

    I got the knife & loved it from first sight.
    However the knife it's self is as blunt as a badgers *. There is no sharpness to it at all out the box which I feel is pretty bad. I mean you shouldn't have to put it on a stone from brand new with no use.

    I think the edge will take some work to get it up to spec.

    Again great knife service & build for under £40 but it really needs to be ready to go out the box. I've a 15 year old Mora that is paper cutting sharp & beats this hands down. You live & learn I guess.
    (Posted on )
  8. I prefer the F36 over the F51Review by
    Please see assorted Youtube reviews before buying, or better, actually get your hands on the F36 and F51.
    Blade coating: The '51 is superb, much better than the '36, not aproblem if you want to 'pimp' it.
    Gimping: The '51's is MUCH better, on the '36 the over - aggressive may be a problem, especially for those planning to chop with it.
    Handle contour: Much better on the on the '51, as the bump (at around middle finger position) has been levelled out.
    Handle length and shape: This is the deal breaker. On the '51 the handle has been extended, for larger hands, and given an addition "beak" at the butt end. This to facilaitate chopping.
    Overview: When held choked up the '36 feels like a light sabre, hardly noticeable and impeccanly balanced for finer work.
    The extra metal at the butt end of the '51 makes it feel chunkier and more cumbersome.
    I reckon that this makes the '36 a better 'One tool option'.
    Feel free to disagree - you will be overjoyed with either of them.
    You can take down a wrist sized tree / branch, by 'beavering" around rather than chopping, with a small bladed Mora. So can both of these.
    But when you can cut a good sized baton in two minutes why risk RSI?.
    I do own both, plus the 'F37 (which I will sell on) and the 'F38 which I aim to reprofile and pimp.
    (Posted on )
  9. what an absolute animal of a knifeReview by
    ordered this baby about 2am on tuesday 17/11/2015,arrived 11.45 on 18/11.15,this is what i call fast delivery ,HH just cant be beaten,knife is well packaged and in pristine condition ,its a work horse in the truest sense and sharp right out of the box,,dont hang about, for the price get yourself one now...... (Posted on )
  10. Great dealReview by
    A knife that inspires confidence and served me well on a recent camping trip. Stout blade - very strong and quite sharp out of the box. Ferro rod works well with the blade spine - no need to remove the blade coating. A must have if you want a great value all-rounder. (Posted on )
  11. Tank Review by
    Received my schf 36 in record time from HH ordered 9.30 mon morning was delivered 10.00 am tuesday superb service superb bit of kit thanks.
    (Posted on )
  12. LOVE ITReview by
  13. BRILLIANT !!!!!!!!!Review by
    Good heavy weight bushcrafty type blade .

    Very solid build. Comfy grip. Played with is fore a couple of hours today, chopping wood, making feather sticks, legging & heading rabbits all no problem whatsoever.

    Good solid weight. ( Even matron said It was an impressive chopper ! & she's should know)

    Good solid knife. Diamond sharpening stone & a fire steel with striker, all in a usable sheath.

    All this for less than £30 Quid.

    JUST BUY IT ! You'll not be disappointed
    (Posted on )
  14. Awesome outdoor toolReview by
    Schrade have produced a great knife. This is a thick, little slab of good quality steel. I have tested this knife and put it through the tasks that it's built for. Chopping, batoning and feather stick making are easily managed with this little powerhouse. This blade has some superb features. It's grind, design and its weight inspire confidence. The finger choiI is of serious, practical use , steel holds up just like all the Kabar and Ontario 1095 that I have used andthe price point on this overall package is jaw dropping. As for the extras.?Well, I wasn't expecting much. The sheath is very serviceable, the sharpening stone was a little warped , the fire steel is surprisingly decent. But all of f these items can be upgraded and exchanged. The power coating on the blade is rough and it wears and chips easily with use. Do not expect this knife to stay pristine looking after you have put it to task. But please be fully aware that beneath that "cheap suit "coating you have a serious work horse and a beast of a tool that will not let you down. This ,and the F37 are legit challengers to the Kabar Becker's . And so be it. Great work Shrade and many thanks to HH for being such an excellent supplier of quality items. (Posted on )
  15. A beast of a knifeReview by
    I first saw this knife getting rave reviews on a couple of YouTube channels I follow from the States. Seemed like exactly what I was after i.e. a really affordable workhorse in the same vein as some of the Ka-Bars or Beckers but alas, Heinnie didn't stock it.

    So I bought the Schrade 30 Full Tang which is FRIKKIN AWESOME.

    Then, up popped a notification on my phone telling me Heinnie had uploaded a new video to YouTube on this knife. Obviously, I immediately hung up on a client & emailed Richard asking how I could get hold of one (it wasn't even on the website at that point). The knife was in my hands within 36 hours.

    This is a hefty piece of kit and anyone counting grams in their backpack should probably think twice. It came shaving sharp (although it comes with a diamond sharpener in the sheath), it's very comfortable in the hand & has a kind of rubberized grip with pretty aggressive gimping (everywhere!). I've given it a little bit of a workout & it appears to be absolutely bombproof & as a definite bonus, will strike a firesteel on the spine.

    I've been really impressed with Schrade's recent knives and you simply cannot fault them at the price. I cannot think of another knife anywhere near this price that can compete.

    Thanks to Heinnie for excellent Customer Service (as always) & ludicrously swift delivery.
    (Posted on )

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