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Schrade Extreme Survival F2

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Schrade Extreme Survival F2

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test 1Schrade Extreme Survival F2 Thumbnail Imagetest 2Schrade Extreme Survival F2test 3test 4

Schrade Extreme Survival F2

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Out Of Stock

Stock due in



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Schrade Extreme Survival F2

Schrade Extreme Survival F2



Schrade Extreme Survival is a partially serrated high carbon steel blade with dark grey finish. It has a textured high carbon steel handle with a bit driver and 12 assorted screwdriver bits stored within via an 'o' ring sealed screw cap with lanyard. It is supplied with a black nylon belt sheath with leg tie.


Code SCHF2
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Schrade
Blade Material: High Carbon Steel
Blade Length (cm): 18.5
Blade Thickness (cm): 0.55
Overall Length (cm): 32.5
Handle Material: Steel
Blade Type: Part-Serrated
Sheath: Nylon Belt Sheath
Product Weight (g): 545g excluding sheath


  1. NOReview by
    For the price it costs, it not Worth at all.
    Good shape, good idea to copy the Reeve knife, most likely the only way to have a decent hollow handle knife, but the way it is realised is really poor...
    Bad edge, badly sharpened (dull out of the box) it takes a lot to be resharpened due to the shape of the edge.
    The serrated edge is either too short to be useful to cut ropes or useless to be used with a fire steel. Terribly weak coating.
    Extremely heavy (ok, this was expected given the design of the knife), the screwdrivers in the handle are totally useless (and heavy!! if you have to carry them) in these kind of knives (and of bad quality steel). Very poor sheat.
    It takes a lot of work to be fixed in a way that one can use it. For that price one can find much better knives.
    A good idea but a bad realisation, unfortunately.

    (Posted on )
  2. What else do you need?...Review by
    Will seek out a custom leather sheath as this one deserves this. Already purchased the clip point which I gave to my son ( he's a commando). How much fun do you want with these knives?!, you can even select your own contents!.... this is a classic in the making. (Posted on )
  3. Feels solid, good size, good ideaReview by
    I really wanted to give 2.5 stars. I don't see the point of the serrated edge and at the back, where I would use a straight edge to make feather sticks . Feels good and can chop but is not very well finished and not at all sharp. Coating is not good and comes off easily. No place to use a firesteel, apart from the cutting edge of blade, so I will put a sparking tool and cotton wool in handle. I would love this if it was made like Fallkniven knives and didn't have serrated edge. Threading in handle is really bad and inconsistent and the knife seems really cheaply made, although it feels quite solid in the hand. Cutting edge is dull and inconsistent. Screwdriver bits in handle? I want to put a compass in there but I somehow need to take the magnet out. Magnet is supposed to hold bit in there but it isn't even needed for that as it seems to be held in by friction anyway. Screw cap has grub screw to hold small bar to put more torque on bits. What is that about? Have used such things many times and never needed to fix bar with screw. At least one of the bits fits this screw. Threading on the screw cap and hollow handle is very bad - would expect better on a £10 knife. Still a useful knife and I will take it out and field test it and see how it stands up. Blade metal seems soft so easy to sharpen but, even with a steep angle, the edge doesn't seem very strong. Sheath is terrible. (Posted on )

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