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Schrade Extreme Survival F1

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Schrade  Extreme Survival F1

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Schrade Extreme Survival F1

18+ Age Restriction Icon

Out Of Stock

Stock due in

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Schrade Extreme Survival F1

Schrade Extreme Survival F1



Schrades excellent quality knives are priced to be affordable and highly effective outdoor tools. This model has a strong one piece construction and a handle that features a compartment holding a screwed in bit driver with included bits. It is supplied with a black nylon sheath.


Code SCHF1
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Schrade
Blade Material: 1070 Steel
Blade Length (cm): 19.0
Blade Thickness (cm): 0.5
Overall Length (cm): 32.5
Handle Material: Steel
Sheath: Yes


  1. Sheath sortedReview by
    Solved my issues with the sheath by buying a SOG Agency leather sheath and it's perfect for the F1. (Posted on )
  2. Great blade dodgy sheathReview by
    Nice blade, very sharp and strong. I've given it some abuse without dulling the edge or bending the blade. Not so bothered about the toolkit but it's a nice water-tight space to keep flint/steel/tinder & the tools are good quality to bung elsewhere. My only gripe is the sheath which is a bit velcro-ey and unnecessary but I removed the front pouch & it's on my rucksack strap for my compass or brick now. Would've preferred a hard case sheath with less trixy bits. Heinnie great as always and overall it's a good purchase. (Posted on )
  3. paulReview by
    Chris Reeve clone at 1/5 price. Easily detached tool kit can be placed in pouch, waterproof gear then goes in handle...much more sensible..long blade suitable for chopping, slicing..shorter clip point/KaBar style blade available but not yet on Heinnie. (Posted on )
  4. Schrade SCHF2SM and SCHF2Review by
    I ordered two variants of this. First, kudos to Heinnie's people for taking the special order in their stride. The SCHF are machined from a single piece of steel, allowing for a hollow handle without compromises. All angles and bevels are nicely cut and rounded with generous, and heavy, amounts of steel left everywhere. The handle is gently textured, with a uniform pattern giving a solid grip. Symmetrical forefinger grooves and quillons keep the hand safe and allow for different holds. The very solid pommel unscrews to reveal a good screwdriver with several bits. It is removable if you have other uses for the space and protected by an O-ring. The grey painted finish looks good but will probably not last long. While the SCHF looks unbreakable, all this exposed steel makes it quickly uncomfortable. Not good for an everyday knife but perfect to go in a survival kit, as was intended. The sheath is adequate but cheaply made, a small letdown for what is otherwise superb value for money. (Posted on )
  5. Schrade Knives: Extreme Survival F1Review by
    I have had one of these for a while, overall a useful tool, the hex bits are solid, but only have a specific use, bikes etc. I covered the handle of mine as chopping tasks can cause blisters. Steel is good and functionally sharp but not razor, but I don't like mine that sharp anyway. sheath is fine with poach for fire lighters etc. I put tinder in the empty handle with the bits to save space. A solid knife and good value overall. Well done Heinnie. (Posted on )

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