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Ruike P831-SF

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Ruike P831-SF

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Ruike P831-SF

18+ Age Restriction Icon

In Stock

Available for Delivery



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Ruike P831-SF

Ruike P831-SF



Compact size, flat shape and razor sharpness make the Ruike P831-SF a real quality knife at a very decent price. The flat and compact structure plus a stainless steel pocket clip make it a great work companion with more than enough quality to not let you down.

The blade is Sandvik 14C28N which is a martensitic stainless chromium steel with a chemistry optimized for high quality professional knife applications which put very high demands on edge sharpness, edge stability and corrosion resistance. The 14C28N is intensively processed by RUIKE using quenching and subzero treatment, which features an ideal hardness of 58 - 60 HRC.

The 3Cr14N stainless steel handle features high standard in toughness, abrasive resistance and corrosion resistance. In addition, the stainless steel handle is stonewashed, allowing authentically fine and comfortable sense of touch.


Code RKEP831SF
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Ruike
Blade Material: 14C28N Stainless Steel
Blade Length (cm): 8.5
Blade Thickness (cm): 0.29
Closed Length (cm): 11.00
Overall Length (cm): 19.4
Blade Hardness (HRC): 58-60
Blade Type: Plain
Blade Shape: Reverse Tanto
Blade Finish: Satin
Grind: Flat
Handle Material: Steel
Handle Material (Text): 3Cr14N Stainless Steel
Lock Type: Frame Lock
Sheath: No
Pocket Clip: No
Product Weight (g): 92


  1. Could have been a good knife...Review by
    ... if they had skipped the pointless "safety catch" on the lock bar, and put the time and materials into not just (a) proper thumb stud, but (b) a thumb stud on both sides.

    South-paws beware, you will not be able to open this knife left-hand-only, no matter what
    (Posted on )
  2. Good Knife, looks beutifulReview by
    As always HH delivery second to none, had knife in my grubby paws in less than 24 hours from ordering. I know this sounds naff but loved the Packaging, looked like I had just purchased some expensive aftershave.
    As for the knife itself, yes it is difficult to deploy, yes it wasn't ultra sharp but any knife owner worth his salt would with a little bit of patience sort these issues out, if your looking for perfection you need to buy a Cold Steel Code 4 at over double the price of the Ruike.
    (Posted on )
  3. No issues here!Review by
    Turned up promptly as per usual! Thanks HH.
    When opening the box and getting the knife in my hand i was expecting to have issues deploying the blade with the problematic thumb stud everyone is going on about in reviews.
    However i have no issues in fl*~@king the blade out with minimal effort, i found it easier than some of my other folders to deploy. I find you have to f@*%k with your thumb upwards and to the left (10-11 O' Clock). Easy!
    Great knife and well worth the money for what you get.
    Sharp out the box (may give it a strop with some compound) and nice in the hand.
    Glad i ordered it.

    (Posted on )
  4. Superb knife Review by
    Had this knife for a few weeks and liked it but had difficulty opening it after reading the reviews I contacted Mike at MPCustomBlades and had him mod it for me and it's a different story now it fly's open and is much sharper after him mirror Polishing the edge
    It's so good I may buy another
    (Posted on )
  5. Excellent value Review by
    As the previous review says it is slightly difficult to open up with your thumb. but as a knife maker I have the tools to make it work I opened up the cut out on the show side scale and shaped it to guide your thumb into the stud allowing you to f*k it open with ease (Posted on )
  6. Not easy to openReview by
    Firstly the bad things about the knife.....

    1. the blade had some kind of staining spots on both sides of the blade straight from the box. As though something had splashed on it and not been cleaned off. Like drops of water left on a carbon steel blade. Within half an hour of receiving it this morning I had used ultra fine paper and sanded the blade down. I would rather have a satin finish than horrid spotting.
    ( I have to say this may only be a problem on my knife and its fine on any others).

    2. The knife is not easy to open. For the first ten minutes I actually rubbed the skin off my thumb trying to get it open one handed. Its not that the blade is tight....its actually very smooth. The problem is the positioning of the thumbstud. I found in the end that you have to push the stud along the knife itself....maybe 20 degrees off the centreline.

    3. The lanyard hole is very close to the edge of the handle....looks about 1.5mm. This for me is just an aesthetic thing. You may find it fine.

    Now the good things.

    1. Its under £40

    2. Its good looking

    3. Its well built ( apart from the misplaced lanyard hole )

    4. Lockup is solid. No play up or down and no side to side movement.

    5. Blade is well centered

    6. Came paper cutting sharp out of the box.

    So is it worth buying? well....I would say yes. the only thing that may freak you out is the awkward (imho) opening. Me......I'm quite happy to open my knives two handed. I don't need to open them lightning fast anyway.

    (Posted on )

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