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Rough Rider Whittler - Amber Jigged Bone

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Rough Rider Whittler - Amber Jigged Bone

test 1Rough Rider Whittler - Amber Jigged Bonetest 2Rough Rider Whittler - Amber Jigged Bonetest 3Rough Rider Whittler - Amber Jigged Bonetest 4 Rough Rider Whittler - Amber Jigged Bone

Rough Rider Whittler - Amber Jigged Bone

18+ Age Restriction Icon

In Stock

Available for Delivery



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Rough Rider Whittler - Amber Jigged Bone

Rough Rider Whittler - Amber Jigged Bone



In the summer of 1898, Teddy Roosevelt began to organize the 1st U.S. Volunteer Cavalry for what seemed to be an inevitable and difficult battle with the Spanish. Over 23,000 men volunteered to ride with Roosevelt, but he whittled that number down to 2,000 handpicked cavalrymen. The men hailed from every corner of the United Sates. They were Princeton football players, full-blooded Pawnee Indians, trail-wise cowboys, aristocratic Englishmen, polo players, and even Rhodes Scholars. They came from every state and social class the United States had to offer. Roosevelt's quintessential choice was equal parts cowboy and soldier. He was a man who could ride out and defeat the Spanish every day of the week. He was the best of the best. These men, who defeated the Spanish at the grueling battle of San Juan Hill later that summer, became known as Teddy Roosevelt's Rough Riders. The Rough Rider brand honors the tradition of Teddy Roosevelt's Rough Riders by choosing the very best knife patterns and materials from around the world and building the perfect line of personal cutlery. From the classic Mother of Pearl Stockman with 440 Stainless Steel blades to the long, sleek lines of a Tactical Linerlock, Rough Rider offers the finest craftsmanship and the best cutlery, and like the Rough Riders, these knives are always ready every day of the week.


Code RR106
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Rough Rider
Blade Material: 440 Stainless Steel
Blade Length (cm): 5.7
Blade Thickness (cm): 0.0
Overall Length (cm): 6.3
Handle Material: Bone
Lock Type: Non-locking
UK Friendly Carry: Yes


  1. All round value & quality Review by
    Recieved my Pair of RR Amber jigged bone whittlers at 11:30 am the next day after selecting express delivery.
    Whittlers arrived perfectly pack .
    Fit & Finished when compared to my Amber jigged bone Case Russlock nothing the RR is exactly the same for alot of money less.

    My Thanks to all the staff of Heinnie Haynes excellent service excellently delivered.

    (Posted on )
  2. BargainReview by
    I recently purchased a Rough Rider Whittler pocket knife and I was very impressed with the service from Heinnie Haynes. The knife was ready to use as soon as I received it, which was a pleasant surprise, there was no need to sharpen it. The quality is superb.
    Being UK friendly means it's always with me.
    The price is unbelievable, don't spend a fortune when you can buy a Rough Rider at these prices.
    The knife was very well packed and I will be buying some more for friends and family.
    (Posted on )
  3. Good for wood carving or EDCReview by
    Very good value for money. Sharp and easy to keep an edge. Nice inexpensive carving knife, UK friendly and well made. Performance is excellent on most woods as long as material is not really hard, like hard maple, for instance. Classic proven pattern and many good things said below. HH, super quick delivery. (Posted on )
  4. StunningReview by
    Not a bad word to say against this knife
    Fit and finish is excellent, no gaps anywhere and a beautiful colour on the scales
    No blade rub which is unusual for a three blade knife
    Has the split back, a spring for each of the two smaller blades tapering down to were the main blade uses both springs, very nicely done
    Absolutely stunning, have seen knives five times the cost that aren't finished as well
    Really, really pleased with this one, an absolute stunner

    Usual fantastic service from Richard and the guys at Heinnie
    (Posted on )
  5. Old school love.Review by
    Nearly perfect.
    If you are verry picky you wil find in my case 1 flaw.
    The bone scale on 1 part of aprox 1cm lenght is not flush with the liner.
    This has no influence on the quality of the scale in that i do not think it wil become a problem.
    What could be a problem is that this is an old school knive like they used to build them in 1954.
    In that time evverything was not flush and perfect.
    Looking for that, go buy an CRKT modern frame lock, nothing wrong with that too.
    This knive like the old 1954 wil not fall apart, and keep cutting for ever.
    That is the demands that a pocket nive had in those days, but now with better 440 steel wich is around ssince the 70s.
    I saw old knives and the 440 steel is better, Victorinox uses the same steel, although they have perfect finnish.
    Accept this knive as an old knive made with the same demands as back then.
    9 out of 10, go get some !
    (Posted on )
  6. wowReview by
    What a great knife, does all I want it to.My other knives will do the rest.Pretty sharp out of
    the box but it will give me something to do getting it better.Great knife,great service what great
    (Posted on )
  7. Excellent little knifeReview by
    Superb knife, quite sharp out the box, minimal work required to hone to a razors edge, not overly heavy. You know its in your pocket & ready when you need it, but not obtrusive at all, fits neatly in fishing box aswell, all in all, a perfect edc. (Posted on )
  8. great whittlerReview by
    Excellent quality whittler. Tight blades don't feel like they will close up on use. Good sharp blades from box... used without even needing a strop. Fits great in that little pocket in my jeans. Just bear in mind that blade is 2.25 inch and closed measures 3.5...a total length of 5.75 inches (largest blade that is) and ignore the 6.25 inch it states in the specs lol.. delivery fast as it could be.. customer emails with progress. I will be back. (Posted on )
  9. good toolReview by
    I purchased this knife after seeing it used by many US whittlers/woodcarvers on You Tube. My knife has already been used to carve several lovespoons, mainly in recycled hard woods, so far it has only needed stropping to maintain the edge, I did not expect this performance from such a reasonably priced knife, Well Pleased. (Posted on )
  10. Better for RealReview by
    Very nice knife, I am so happy with it the knife is so much better looking than the pictures. Nice and sharp straight out of the box, amazing price to, well recomended. (Posted on )
  11. RR107 WhittlerReview by
    I have an A. Wright & Sons (Sheffield) bone handled whittler. I wanted a folding whittler for ease of carry when out and about.

    The knife (closed) was well finished, smooth and solid.
    The nail marks are placed too close to the pivot which makes each blade more difficult to open than they should be, given the strength of the springs - which are just right.

    All three blades were sharp out of the box but with uneven bevel grinds. The two small blades stropped to keen edges.

    The large clip blade had a large nick about 1/8'' from the point and I had to grind this out. It is taking some effort to bring this blade to an edge sharp enough for branch whittling.

    All three blades rub slightly in the closed position.

    The two small blades are quite thin but the main blade is very chunky.

    For a tenner it could have been worse, but for another fiver or so, you're in Victorinox territory - tried and tested quality control with consistent blade steel and keen edge retention.

    (Posted on )
  12. Amazing!Review by
    I've been looking at Rough Rider knives for a while now and finally took the plunge and bought this little beauty. You really are getting a LOT for your money. I'm blown away by the sheer quality of this knife. Money definitely well spent!

    And people weren't lying when they were saying about HH's delivery service! Ordered it Tuesday around 1pm and recieved it today (Wednesday). Cheers, HH!
    (Posted on )
  13. For the price…Review by
    For the price this knife is hard to beat. It comes fairly sharp out of the box, but can take and keep an edge very impressively (amazingly so for what your paying. I work in a builders merchants and use it every day instead of a stanley knife; and I find it easier to carry and also more fun and easier to use than a stanley. It puts up with all the abuse I give it and the main blade is reassuringly thick, and the other two blades thin enough for most fine jobs or when razor sharp cutting ability is needed. Above all it's a bargain at the price and you won't regret the purchase as it's UK legal and very handy to have in your pocket. (Posted on )
  14. useful bladesReview by
    I have quite a few knives but for certain tasks I reach for this first. The blades are thin and very sharp, very good for cutting stitching, fabric and leather. Quality is excellent for the price. (Posted on )
  15. sturdy durable bladesReview by
    what a handsom whittler this is. The blades are fantastic and the thickness of the large blade I can see this knife giving me a good few years service. Liked that much ordered another one for my son, so if you are thinking of getting a nice pen knife for your boy I would say this one is a must. (Posted on )
  16. excellentReview by
    I've carried a pocket knife for decades,I whittle wood also. You can pay 6 or 7 times as much and get no better! Pen knives like they used to make them, I can recommend these rough riders wholeheartedly. (Posted on )
  17. Perfect for its purposeReview by
    This is a perfect little whittler knife. I'm using it as an EDC and also as a Whittler, as it is meant to be used; and it performs above my expectations. Sharp enough out of the box but some extra makes it shaving sharp. Fit and finish is good for the price. The large blade is much thicker than the picture would show so it is very strong. Nothing to complain about, after weeks of use I still don't need to sharpen it. Overall extraordinary, will be back buying all the other versions too.

    (Actually it is much better than an other whittler I have, a Buck Creek which costs 4 times its price)
    (Posted on )
  18. Awesome KnifeReview by
    This is an awesome knife, great size and looks great, all the blades have a great action and come with a realy good edge. Realy impressed with service too, ordered it at 1600hours on Friday and it was delivered on Saturday morning. (Posted on )
  19. Very impressedReview by
    I have seen (and in one online auction instance been conned out of money for, to my shame) some horrible chinese knives, and, as per usual Heinnie expectations, this is emphatically NOT one of those.

    It looks and feels well made from decent materials. Whilst the blades are sharp, they will benefit from honing & polishing a bit more - but that's part of the fun of owning a pocket knife. The main blade is very sturdy, and there is no play in the joints at all. A very useful multi-bladed legal EDC knife.

    Whatever I buy from this company always turns out to be high quality and good VFM, and service is always spot on.
    (Posted on )
  20. top quality !Review by
    This is wonderful for the price! The amber jigged bones scales are wonderful, the blades are amazingly sharp and the fit and finish is really good. The only minor problem is that the two small blades scratch the main one but for the price is really a minor issue. (Posted on )
  21. Very NiceReview by
    This is a Great Little knife, used it one day solid at my wood carving club i attend. the two small blades are very good for fine carving bigger blade also handy.
    It did come very sharp but not sharp enough for carving so a quick sharpen and strop perfect, the edge holds up very well.

    The knife is well made and feels solid with all the blades opening easily the amber jigged bone looks very nice.

    I hope Heinnie will add more of the rough rider range to there catalog.
    (Posted on )
  22. Cracking good valueReview by
    Just arrived so review not based on use. First impression is solid well made little knife. Blades come nice and sharp. Action of blades a little bit gritty. fit and finnish is very good but not perfect (what do you expect). slight negative is one of the nail nicks is a bit shallow/small which might make opening a bit tricky for some. I do like the size of the blades and feel in the hand, much better than a SAK. Overall a very good first impression. (Posted on )

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