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Rough Rider Trapper

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Rought Rider Trapper

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Rough Rider Trapper

18+ Age Restriction Icon

In Stock

Available for Delivery



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Rough Rider Trapper

Rough Rider Trapper



The Rough Rider Once in a Blue Moon Series Trapper. 3" 440 stainless clip and spey blades. Master blade features frosted Once in a Blue Moon etching. Blue smooth bone handles with grooved nickel silver bolsters and moon inlay shield.


Code RR1194
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Rough Rider
Blade Material: 440 Stainless Steel
Blade Length (cm): 7.6
Blade Thickness (cm): 0.0
Closed Length (cm): 10.20
Overall Length (cm): 19.1
Handle Material: Bone
Lock Type: Non-locking
Sheath: No
Pocket Clip: No


  1. EditReview by
    Whoops! NOT plastic scales. Bone. Apologies! (Posted on )
  2. This one is a keeper!Review by
    Rough Rider generally represents value for money. Of the ones I've collected, a few have been lacklustre, but most have been very good for their price range, and some have been outstanding. This is one of the great ones.

    The crisp pristine manufacture and fine detail were simply stunning. For several minutes I examined the Trapper from all angles, noting with pleasure how the lines flowed smoothly, and the action was a tuition in how pleasant a finely made slipjoint can be.

    The scales are plastic, yet well done. If I was thinking about upgrading the scales, this would be a fine candidate. Stag would be stunning. Trappers are often a canvas for the engraver's artwork. Scrimshaw is one form utilising the Trapper's larger surface area.

    My Case Chestnut Bone CV Trapper, by comparison, feels deeper through the frame and cosmetically is somewhat over buffed, uneven. Hand finishing, part of the Case charm, results in a softer, melted feel. Which is taken even further to produce their "pocket worn" series, emulating decades of ownership.

    The RR in contrast imparts slender grace and more accurate geometry, if you will. Whereas the blade shapes on the Case are almost clumsy, especially the converging edge and spine on the clip blade, the RR is refined, sweeping into a fine sharp tip. All the grinds are pure and tidy.

    While the Case Trapper feels agriculturally chunky, the RR feels elegant and refined. Two words that are not normally associated with this pattern. The Case spey blade backspring has, unusually for this maker, a thin section which looks to have been overground. Daylight peeps through, and the tension was noticeably less compared to the other spring. I wondered at first if it would fail eventually, although I have never personally had that happen with any of mine. Cleaning, oil, and use have calmed the reluctant spring down and it now behaves itself properly. Looking at the Rough Rider backsprings, they are exemplary.

    In fairness, I did not care for the satin feeling to the decorative text on the clip blade. Gentle buffing toned down the overall effect; not that it was jarring or strident to begin with. But the outcome is more in keeping with the aesthetics of this graceful example.

    This review has focused on appearance. From long experience, and exposure to hard use well suited to an agrarian way of life, as well as the self-evident namesake heritage, the Trapper pattern is not afraid of work. Yet I would rather get stuck into a job with my Case, and keep the Rough Rider pristine. Collector's prerogative, you see.

    Someone needing a good inexpensive pocket knife for a dependable user would be well served by RR.

    Individual pocket knives will vary, especially in the realm of traditional slipjoints, where the legacy of hand fitting and finishing is inseparably part of the process. It is possible to find a good one or a bad one from any manufacturer, in my experience. And then, sometimes, you get an exceptional one. As soon as you hold it in your hands, and examine it, you know.

    Heinnie's range and service - excellent.
    (Posted on )
  3. Not very blue!Review by
    Usual lightning service from HH., but the covers on this knife were rather mismatched, and so dark on the mark side as to look black rather than blue. Otherwise, usual RR build quality. (Posted on )
  4. Ding-a-dong ding blue moon. :)Review by
    Great value in a legal carry slipjoint, not perfect fit on the scales but come on for the price I'll take a sharp pair of blades over the blue plastic any day...Put it this way, I didn'i get tge attraction of these small slip-joints, I do now, this was my first purchase of a Rough Rider along with a "Midnight Swirl Baby Toothpick" it certainly won't be the last. (Posted on )
  5. Great knife, looks…Review by
    Great knife, looks fantastic however, on really close insepection there are a few problems with the build quality but nothing easy to notice or unexpected from a knife at such a great price. I would definately recommend this, great product, great price. (Posted on )
  6. Incredible value.Review by
    Looks and feels fantastic, really surprised at how much quality you can squeeze out of just over a tenner. It's razor sharp, as it says on the blade and I really can't stress enough how great it looks. A true gentleman's pocket knife. (Posted on )
  7. MrReview by
    Amazingly built and very sharp from factory, a true bargain at ú11.95 (Posted on )
  8. Blue Moon TrapperReview by
    Stunning looks and build quality, don't be fooled by the cheap price, buy one you won't be disappointed.
    (Posted on )

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