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Rough Rider Stockman

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Rough Rider Stockman

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Rough Rider Stockman

18+ Age Restriction Icon

In Stock

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Rough Rider Stockman

Rough Rider Stockman



Rough Rider Stockman features 440 stainless clip, spey and sheepsfoot blades. Nickel silver bolsters and inlay shield. Available with Orange Smooth Bone handle scales or Red Jigged Bone scales.


Code RR205-$$
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Rough Rider
Blade Material: 440 Stainless Steel
Blade Length (cm): 7.6
Blade Thickness (cm): 0.2
Closed Length (cm): 10.00
Overall Length (cm): 17.4
Handle Material: Bone
Lock Type: Non-locking
UK Friendly Carry: Yes
Product Weight (g): 80g


  1. Red jigged bone stockmanReview by
    My first rough rider
    An awesome little knife for not a lot of money.
    I use it for work every day.
    (Posted on )
  2. Another lovely knife from Rough RiderReview by
    This is my latest RR knife from Heinnie.

    Despite it being only a cm longer than the small model on the main blade this one is considerably chunkier and the blades twice the thickness. I prefer this.

    Fit and finish of this one is perfect.

    A handsome, practical and legal pocket knife for no more money than a trip to Costa. Brilliant

    Speedy service as always from HH.
    (Posted on )
  3. Superb knife!Review by
    I have a great Spyderco knife for use throughout the week at work - but at weekends, I just want something a little more traditional and discreet to slip into my jeans pocket. I alternate between this RR Stockman with the orange bone scales, and a sweet little white bone RR Peanut. I love them both. Very well made, fit & finish is amazing for the price, super sharp and easy to touch up when needed. They just feel so nice in the hand - very tactile,and non threatening when used around non knfe pople. The stockman reminds me of the type of penknife I always had in my pocket as a lad - in the days when every lad had a knife for whittling sticks! (Posted on )
  4. good little edcReview by
    Good little edc, came razor sharp out of the box. Little bit of blade rub but not enough to really annoy but for the price can't really complain. (Posted on )
  5. Can't fault this knifeReview by
    Lovely little pocket knife and to be honest I really can't find any fault in it what so ever. It is dirt cheap, is quite pretty, and all three blades are nice and sharp.

    I've got a lot of stockman knives and this is as good as any of them.

    Very pleased with it
    (Posted on )
  6. Perfect EDCReview by
    Another good knife from Rough Rider. I ordered the red jigged bone model. Wasn't sure about the colour as on some youtube reviews it looked pinkish. But the scales are a handsome wine red colour. Good fit and finish no blade play. Very happy with it. Great service from HH. (Posted on )
  7. Best knife I've ever ownedReview by
    This knife is my new favourite knife above all other knives from Victorionox and Boker. It cost 1/4 of the price of most of the other knives that I have and came razor sharp out of the box, perfect edc knife.
    Also, standard free delivery and it arrived with in 2 days!
    (Posted on )
    I have both of these knives now, bought the red bone one first as a cheap UK legal work knife. It was also the first Rough Rider knife I’d ever seen and I could not believe the quality for what I paid its almost too good for work but at that price what have got to loose. I've been using it for about a month now with no problems and just had to touch up the edge lightly to maintain a razor edge, I’m an electrician and it’s had a fair amount of use. Fit and finish is excellent, the lambsfoot blade is probably the sharpest blade I've ever seen straight out of the box. By the way both knives are a lot better looking than the pictures. Just buy them.

    Incidentally Heinnie Haynes I've thought of a way to speed up your deliveries but it would involve the cost of a Teleporter.
    (Posted on )
  9. Very niceReview by
    Very nice size and weight knife, fit and finish is pretty good for the price although not quite as good as the Rough Rider whittler I own.

    Mine also suffers from slight blade rub, when opening the spey it rubs on the sheepsfoot, but it appears this can be a problem on a lot of Stockman pattern knives even those costing a lot more than this one.

    The smooth orange bone scales look nicer in the flesh than in the pictures.

    As usual superb service from Heinnie.


    (Posted on )
  10. Great knife for the priceReview by
    First Rough Rider knife and quite impressed with the quality. Fit and finish are very good, the blades rubs a bit but not a major problem and there is no blade play.

    The two smaller blades were very sharp out of the box, the main blade was not quite as sharp and the grind angle isn't even on both sides which is making it a bit of a pain to sharpen on my Lansky turn box but all in all I'm pretty pleased with the knife

    I'm new to Heinnie, so far very pleased with the service.


    (Posted on )

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