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Rough Rider Peanut

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Rough Rider Peanut

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Rough Rider Peanut

18+ Age Restriction Icon

In Stock

Available for Delivery

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Rough Rider Peanut

Rough Rider Peanut



In the summer of 1898, Teddy Roosevelt began to organize the 1st U.S. Volunteer Cavalry for what seemed to be an inevitable and difficult battle with the Spanish. Over 23,000 men volunteered to ride with Roosevelt, but he whittled that number down to 2,000 handpicked cavalrymen. The men hailed from every corner of the United Sates. They were Princeton football players, full-blooded Pawnee Indians, trail-wise cowboys, aristocratic Englishmen, polo players, and even Rhodes Scholars. They came from every state and social class the United States had to offer. Roosevelt's quintessential choice was equal parts cowboy and soldier. He was a man who could ride out and defeat the Spanish every day of the week. He was the best of the best. These men, who defeated the Spanish at the grueling battle of San Juan Hill later that summer, became known as Teddy Roosevelt's Rough Riders. The Rough Rider™ brand honors the tradition of Teddy Roosevelt's Rough Riders by choosing the very best knife patterns and materials from around the world and building the perfect line of personal cutlery. From the classic Mother of Pearl Stockman with 440 Stainless Steel blades to the long, sleek lines of a Tactical Linerlock, Rough Rider™ offers the finest craftsmanship and the best cutlery, and like the “Rough Riders,” these knives are “always ready” every day of the week.

The Rough Rider Peanut is 5in overall in length and as the blade is under three inches long and non locking it is UK legal carry.


Code RR110-$$
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Rough Rider
Blade Material: 440 Stainless Steel
Blade Length (cm): 5.0
Blade Thickness (cm): 0.0
Closed Length (cm): 7.30
Overall Length (cm): 12.6
Lock Type: Non-locking
UK Friendly Carry: Yes
Sheath: No
Pocket Clip: No


  1. Cracking little knifeReview by
    I purchased the white bone version- beautiful finish throughput, cracking little knife ,definitely recommended. H.H usual top service,thanks (Posted on )
  2. LovelyReview by
    Everything as it should be! highly recommended. (Posted on )
  3. Great little knifeReview by
    Used to have knives like this, as a kid. This one is well-made. Ordered on a Tuesday afternoon - arrived in Wednesday morning’s post. Excellent service! (Posted on )
  4. Great little knifeReview by
    Used to have knives like this, as a kid. This one is well-made. Ordered on a Tuesday afternoon - arrived in Wednesday morning’s post. Excellent service! (Posted on )
  5. Very Good ValueReview by
    Great value knife , small and pocket friendly .Well built and paper cutting sharp out of the box . Bought a white one ,i may order another in brown . (Posted on )
  6. Little handy bladeReview by
    I have a number of Peanuts by Case, Queen, Schrade USA and now Rough Rider. It is very solidly built the brass spacer being the full height of the liners. The blade stock is slightly lighter than Case but the nail nicks much better (easier to use). General fit finish and snap rather good, an absolute bargain. The smooth white bone without shield on the scales is rather classy the printed details of steel and origin a bit naff. (Posted on )
  7. GoodReview by
    Sits in the watch pocket of my jeans and is very useful without looking sinister. So usable I bought three. Prefer the jigged. (Posted on )
  8. Surprised by this little knifeReview by
    What a great knife! This is my first Rough Rider knife, usually I carry a Buck or Boker as my EDC, I have collected knives for many years. I never bought a Rough Rider as the low price put me off, I wrongly assumed low price meant low quality. This little knife has changed that view, I would happily buy another RR knife in the future. It has made its way into my rotation of EDC knives. HH were awesome as usual, great customer service and fast postage. (Posted on )
  9. Small but mighty... Review by
    The RR Peanut is a fine small pocket knife. Ideal for office use. If you prefer to sharpen your wooden pencils with a pocket knife, the Peanut works great and tends to, with practice, yield a better result than a small hand-held pencil sharpener. Once their blades go dull, even on a good one, unless the dull blade can be easily replaced, all too often the lead snaps off inside the sharpener. Grr.

    A pocket knife, a good sharp one, quickly brings back a fine point, with a bit more control over the shape, too. Trivia: during the War, with supplies crucial, it was not permitted to use pencil sharpeners, as they were felt to be too wasteful. Instead, the wood had to be pared away as needed to use every bit of the lead.

    Actually the RR Peanut makes a very good detail knife if you want to try your hand at wood carving or whittling. The white bone version is very well made, albeit without the half stops offered by other makers.

    If you are not sure if the Peanut pattern is for you, RR is a good entry level manufacturer. If collecting appeals to you, it's better to try a cheap but well made pattern than sink five times the cash into a more expensive version that you may end up not using.

    HH, thanks for carrying this brand. And for excellent customer service!
    (Posted on )
  10. Little gemReview by
    This is the second RR knife I've bought, for the price it is so well made, the blades are sharp enough but I think we all like to sharpen them our own way anyway. The smallest blade is ideal for smaller whittling tasks so will complement my RR whittler well.
    Used to have penknives as a child and always wondered why they had different blades, this site has been a revelation and I'll be getting more styles of RR pocketknives in the future, I thought all knives these days were of the Rambo style, these classic styles are much more acceptable.
    Service from HH has been brilliant.
    (Posted on )
  11. RR Peanut.Review by
    What a lovely old time penknife. Nice weight and well made. Blades sharp enough (I didnt buy it for cutting down trees anyway). The 'back' side of the white bone handle scales came with their own 'flaws' ie. natural dark pin spots which really add to the knifes character. Lovely well made knife. Service second to none. (Posted on )
  12. Good Value EDCReview by
    A decent little knife with two useable blades. Quality is very reasonable for the price . Blades have a bit of flex but should be adequate for light work. Fairly sharp out of the box and appear to take a decent edge. Are they as good as Case Knives? In my opinion - No. They just lack that overall 'feel' of a Case. Rough Rider are good for the price but quality can be a bit up and down. (Posted on )
  13. great knifeReview by
    brilliant knife came sharp out of the packaging and the delivery was quicker than any other company i have ordered from the only downside is that the blade it self is stiff to pull out , (Posted on )
  14. Amazing VFM, Buy 1. . . . No, Buy 2Review by
    Great little knife cheap as chips, and not bad either. I think they make great little gifts for friends and family. Or just add one on to your order to get free shipping. I thought it was going to be rubbish but it's not. Well happy and you will be too.! Super fast shipping from HH . Very impressed all round ! (Posted on )
  15. Great little knifeReview by
    Fantastic service HH again!
    Knife is so tidy, perfect fit and finish and razor sharp! Unbelievable for less than £8, thoroughly recommend this little guy.
    (Posted on )
  16. Excellent valueReview by
    Bought one of these the other day. Fit and finish very good for the price. Very sharp! went to open a multipack of mineral water, just cutting the plastic sleeve on top, without any effort and nicked the side of a bottle and water sprayed out! Surprised but impressed. As I had exerted no force at all. Very pleased. I might get more. (Posted on )
  17. great buyReview by
    Another good knife from Rough Rider. A little smaller than I had thought it was going to be, but that does mean it drops into your pocket and you'll not notice it until you need it. Both blades come sharp enough, though a little work turns them razor sharp. I will say that I have knives that hold their edge longer though. Comfortable enough for a few minutes of use at a time, but I wouldn't want to use it for hours at a time. Fit and finish is excellent and the springs have a nice solid feel to them. Very happy with it all in all. (Posted on )

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