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Rough Rider Lockback Stainless

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Rough Rider Lockback Stainless

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Rough Rider Lockback Stainless

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In Stock

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Rough Rider Lockback Stainless

Rough Rider Lockback Stainless



Plain, simple and highly effective working knife at a brilliant price. Features a stainless steel blade and handle and a lockback locking mechanism.


Code RR221
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Rough Rider
Blade Material: Stainless Steel
Blade Length (cm): 5.8
Blade Thickness (cm): 0.2
Overall Length (cm): 13.5
Handle Material: Steel
Lock Type: Back Lock
Sheath: No
Pocket Clip: No


  1. still perfect after lost in garden for a yearReview by
    I was using this knife to tie up climbers with twine. I was called away and forgot about it. Could n't remember where I put it afterwards. Found the knife one year later - had been out in the elements for one wet year. It was still perfect - no rust, but was stiff to close. A little oil on the blade pivot point and the next day it was perfect - good as ever. Cracking little knife. (Posted on )
  2. Rough Rider Lockback StainlessReview by
    Cracking little knife. Almost a shame it's a lockback, coz would make a nice EDC / keyring knife. (Posted on )
  3. amazing present and pocket toolReview by
    amazing little blade perfect for any small task. brilliant for anyone and very good for young children. defiantly recommend this knife to anyone who wants a very nice small blade.

    i also highly recommend as a present to anyone who likes knifes.
    (Posted on )
  4. good value! awesome value!Review by
    unbelievably good little blade for under a fiver. the nail mark is a little finicky for my tastes but that's a small quibble. best £5 i've spent in ages! (Posted on )
  5. brilliant little knifeReview by
    Great knife - smooth & sleek. holds a great edge. small but just right size as a pocket knife. light to carry and slim so takes up little room. delighted with it. (Posted on )
  6. brilliantReview by
    lovely little pocket knife. Nice and slim to carry all day. Holds an edge well and smooth opening / closing. Brilliant knife for the price. (Posted on )
  7. Phenomenal Knife for Only £5!Review by
    Fantastic little blade.

    Comes sharp, locks well and holds its edge.

    You won't find a blade of this quality at this price ANYWHERE. Fantastic little, basic knife, especially for such a cheap price.

    It looks nice too, it has a smooth, brushed steel finish giving it a clean, fresh look.

    A must buy.
    (Posted on )
  8. WOW!!!Review by
    This knife is one items that one finds very seldom but it is a joy to behold . There is nothing negative I can say about the example I received. A truly astonishing practical little knife, just have to make sure it's not in a pocket when I leave the house!!
    Have now placed a further order for a few more as stocking fillers for Christmas & Birthdays.
    (Posted on )
  9. Happy man with new shiny knife writes.... Review by
    There's a warning label in the packet stating that it contains material deemed carcinogenic in California.I must not smoke steel, thanks for that.
    Apart from that drivelling piece of useless hectoring, it's hard to get irritated. There is indeed a fractional bit of blade-play but at this low price it's sharp, neat, well-made and worth having.
    (Posted on )
  10. Excellent little knifeReview by
    What can you say but super fast delivery and an excellent little knife with many uses,
    This is a solid little fellow very sharp and feels great in the hand,
    I'd recommend this to anyone looking for that something small that's easy to fit in the smallest space, I think it'll last for years
    (Posted on )
  11. Great value little knifeReview by
    This is a nice, solid little knife for the money. It's nearly as well made as the Spyderco Bug, with just a little sideways blade play letting it down, but it is of course a fraction of the price. Lock up is fine, sharpens up easily enough, and it's a handy size. The lock naturally makes it illegal for public carry but it's handy to have around the house etc. (Posted on )
  12. solidReview by
    What can you say about a knife costing less than £4 ? , well its a solid well made sharp little knife and a nice size for your pocket.
    Only drawback is its not uk street legal : (
    (Posted on )
  13. Smooth operator.Review by
    Great little knife. Fits in any pocket. Decent sized handle allows for a secure grip.
    This is not a work knife, but more of a tool of first resort. It will tackle most light jobs in and around the house when you dont want to go get a bigger knife (or the proper tool for the job.)

    Very unassuming and unthreatening. You can pull it out anywhere and no one will look twice.
    If you are allowed to carry a locking knife in your country/state then this is one to buy.

    And the price is unbeatable.
    (Posted on )
  14. Great but eventually loosensReview by
    Had mine about a year now. Great knife. Easy to carry, sharp and locking feature really usefull. Only problem is it's now loosened and doesn't stay shut properly. Does get frequent use though (everyday) so probably to be expected. Definitely getting another though. (Posted on )
  15. How can they do such a solid little knife for £2.95Review by
    Ordered this yesterday arrived today- Unbelievable
    This is a belter of a little pocket knife, robust, solid lock up and super sharp out the box.
    Build quality is excellent proving some things do come out of China well made.
    This will be carried in pocket for years to come.
    How can they sell it for £2.95, that's why its made in China I guess.
    Get one of these instead of paying delivery charge for other items, you won,t regret it.
    (Posted on )
  16. Perfect little work knifeReview by
    I cannot think of any way this knife could be better for the money. It has a solid lock up, it was sharp out of the box, it has stood up to a fair amount of use, it feels well made and it is very cheap. A perfect add-on item. (Posted on )
  17. perfect!Review by
    Many Thanks! very quick delivery,perfect knife quality! good sharpe ! (Posted on )
  18. real bargainReview by
    real knife for less than 3 pound? yes it"s possible. Chinese made but good quality. Polish finish, no sharp edges, back lock works fine. Lock mechanism spring quite strong for such little knife but still safe to operate. Razor sharp from box !! Definitely strong opponent to little SS Spyderco knives. As it is 5 times cheaper it is a real bargain. Have one and I'm sure to buy more. Shame that there is no 3 and/or 4 inches version. 5 star for money to quality ratio. HH service is like always... less than 24 for delivery (Posted on )
  19. Great for the priceReview by
    I bought this instead of paying £2 postage. It's a great little knife and you can't really fault it for £3. If it wasn't a locking knife it would make a great everyday pocket knife, I wish they'd do a non-locking version. (Posted on )
  20. Quality Above the Price TagReview by
    I've got a couple of these, they're really good! They're very solid, good strong lock, no wobble or play and best of all they can be hold a really sharp edge . Very practical pocket knife tool at a quality I'm astonished at for the price. (Posted on )
  21. Great valueReview by
    Rough Rider Lockback RR221

    At just under £3.0, this little knife is a real bargain.

    Blade length from choil to tip is 49mm and blade blank is 1.98mm thick. Overall length is 131.6mm and the closed length is 76mm. Overall thickness is 7.1mm.

    The slender profile and long clip point makes it ideal for many small and intricate jobs. The mech is a standard back lock which holds the blade solidly with no discernable play. The blade was sharp right out of the box and a light honing quickly achieves a razor sharp edge.

    The body is plain stainless steel and is reasonably well finished. A small lanyard / key ring hole is provided. The knife is of riveted construction and cannot be easily dismantled for maintenance.

    Would make an ideal key ring chain except for the locking blade – not UK legal carry! It’s high time this law was changed IMHO.

    Service from H.H was superb as usual.

    Highly recommended.
    (Posted on )
  22. First Rough Rider PurchaseReview by
    It will not be my last. Fantastic design. The first time you snap it open, how can you not smile. Solid lock, blade is dead centre, zero play. A quality, practical item. Bulletproof. It even looks bad ass when it's closed.

    *Bought a second as a gift both were identically sound.
    (Posted on )
  23. Super Handy Small Type Pocket KnifeReview by
    For a small handy knife you can not go far wrong with this ú4.00 quid little workhorse, hell if it dies tomorrow for the ú4 I'd buy another and let it too attack the jobs I don't want to damage my more expensive knives on.

    (Posted on )
  24. Well worth ú4 and moreReview by
    What can you say about a knife that cost ú4? Was it even worth that much? Yep...easily.

    It's a solid little knife. Really well made considering the price. The finish is better than expected with only minor tool marks near the pivot end of the case. Other wise it's a nicely polished bit of stainless.

    The lock is very crisp and solid with zero play in any direction.

    It came pretty sharp out the box - slices thickish copy paper pretty cleanly.

    It's a bit like a Spyderco Grasshopper in size etc, except this blade locks (so no UK EDC most people), and this only costs ú4!!!


    This was part of my 2nd order from HH. 1st order took just 21hrs from order to delivery. This order took just 18hrs EVEN THOUGH I PLACED THE ORDER AT 4:15PM!!!
    Amazing service...Thanks Heinnie
    (Posted on )
  25. Great practical knifeReview by
    Great knife, It was a little bigger than I was expecting but still more than pleased.
    It's got its little jobs around the house but it's mainly used for opening letters/boxes.

    Thanks for a great product and service HH.
    (Posted on )
  26. great little knifeReview by
    Bought this knife to bring my order past the ú30 free delivery amount and I'm glad I did. It's a great little knife. It fits nicely in the pocket, came almost razor sharp from the box and does all the jobs you would want a pocket knife to do. Honestly I can't believe you can buy a knife as good as this for under 4 quid. (Posted on )
  27. Bought this as…Review by
    Bought this as a stocking filler for Christmas so pleased to see it comes in a nice box. The knife itself is very well made and paper slicing sharp, which is sharp enough for me. Fantastic value and cheap enough to have one handy wherever it might be needed. (Posted on )
  28. Great ValueReview by
    This little knife is big enough to be useful and small enough for a survial tin.
    Mine came sharp with a solid lock up. Well made bit of kit and at a great price!
    (Posted on )

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