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Rough Rider Drop Point Hunter

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Rough Rider Drop Point Hunter

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test 1Rough Rider Drop Point Hunter Thumbnail Imagetest 2Rough Rider Drop Point Huntertest 3test 4
test 1Rough Rider Drop Point Hunter Thumbnail Imagetest 2Rough Rider Drop Point Huntertest 3test 4
test 1Rough Rider Drop Point Hunter Thumbnail Imagetest 2Rough Rider Drop Point Huntertest 3test 4

Rough Rider Drop Point Hunter

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Rough Rider Drop Point Hunter

Rough Rider Drop Point Hunter



Rough Rider Drop Point Hunter - 20.8 cm overall. 9.8 cm stainless drop point blade. Full tang. Light root wood handles with brushed stainless finger guard and lanyard hole. Supplied with Black nylon belt sheath.


Code RR176
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Rough Rider
Blade Material: Stainless Steel
Blade Length (cm): 9.8
Blade Thickness (cm): 0.3
Overall Length (cm): 20.8
Handle Material: Wood
Blade Finish: Satin
Blade Shape: Drop Point
Blade Type: Plain
Sheath: Black Nylon Belt Sheath
Product Weight (g): 235


  1. Good valueReview by
    The knife is good but the button thing to hold the knife into the sheath fell off after about 2 months of hard use and the steel is a bit soft as I managed to roll the edge cutting through big cable ties but other than that the knife has been really good. (Posted on )
  2. For the price.. Why wouldn't you? Review by
    Stripped cable, carved cood, hammered through fire wood, thrown, dropped,
    A few things that this has taken in its stride..
    No defects and takes to a nice sharpen.

    Honestly for the price, its worth having as a back up knife..

    Genuine surprise as expected to destroy it within a week.

    Again thanks to HH for that legendary delivery speed.
    (Posted on )
  3. Good all roundReview by
    Good all round for price
    Excellent delevery orderd Friday del Saturday
    (Posted on )
  4. It even smells good!Review by
    Outstanding quality for the price, it came with a good edge but with a quick strop it went from a rough shave to hair popping. The handle looks good and fits in the hand well, it even has a faint smell of something vanillary. The sheath i got seems to be some kind of nylon but still good quality and heavy duty with a small pocket and a little extension on the clasp to assist opening one handed which is a nice touch i haven't seen before.The price is on par with many moras and it seems somewhat to be comparable with them if a little better looking though the steel is a unknown quantity where as mora are known for it.
    Would recommend.
    (Posted on )
  5. Good valueReview by
    I picked this for the real wood handle which looks & feels good even though its slightly smaller than the tang. Overall, the knife is reasonable for the £14 paid. (Posted on )
  6. Excellent valueReview by
    Received as a gift after having it on my wishlist..
    At the cheaper end of the spectrum on this site, it really does deliver.
    It does need a little work - it wasn't super sharp, but that can be improved. A wood polish will help and I've seen a couple of reviews that suggest some handle pin smoothing (not mine).

    The blade feels strong enough and good in the hand (even in my large mittens).
    The handle is not flimsy and the overall size is well balanced.
    The lanyard hole is handy and the finger guard is solid.

    For the price, it's a good bargain.
    It's not a top shelf blade, but with a little work, it'll do the job.
    The sheath is basic but again, good value and fits well.

    I'm very happy with my gift and it'll get a good work out.

    (Posted on )
  7. Initial Tests and ImpressionsReview by
    Been looking at this knife for a couple of years and finally decided to give it a go. I was, frankly, leary of the steel. I think I've been pleasantly surprised, though. Initial sharpness was very good, and I did my initial tests with the original edge. Afterwards, a little strop had it super sharp. The knife seems to be put together well, although the wood slabs are just a hair short of covering the tang. No hot spots in use, though. The handle fits my medium hands fine, but if you've got big paws, it may feel a bit thin.

    With what appears to be a flat grind with a deep belly and slight recurve, this thing is a slicer. Cuts rope and paracord with no effort. I've done a good bit of carving this morning after the knife arrived, and was well impressed. Feather sticks very well, draw cuts, hole drilling (great tip, but a little thin so don't abuse it). The knife has done everything well.

    My idea for this knife is for it to be an everyday'ish carry, general purpose blade. It seems to tick all those boxes for me. Only time will tell how the steel holds up, so maybe in 6 months or a year I'll do a follow on.

    The sheath actually surprised me. I thought it would be a lot worse, lol. It's functional and holds the knife tightly. It will be replaced with a leather sheath. The traditional look of this knife calls for leather.

    Overall, I couldn't be happier with this knife, especially for the price. Well worth every penny IMO. Of course, the exemplary HH service was there too. I'm continually amazed when my Friday order arrives on Saturday morning. You just can't beat this service!
    (Posted on )
  8. Excellent knife for the moneyReview by
    This is a really nice 3 7/8" (97 mm) bladed sheath knife.

    It's definitely built to a budget, but you would be hard pressed to guess this knife costs as little as it does (£15 at the time of writing) just by looking at it or holding it. The main saving seems to be in the sheath itself, which is a very basic nylon affair. A leather sheath for this would have been more in keeping with the style of the knife.

    The fit and finish of the knife are good, with only some minor misalignment of the handle scales to the full tang, which is to be expected when you are paying so little for a knife. The handle material itself is good and the knife metal is blemish free and performs as you would expect and want it to.

    Honestly, I'm very surprised at the actual quality of this knife. It's much nicer than I was expecting.
    (Posted on )
  9. Bushcraft for £13Review by
    Had a month now so time for a honest review, got mine at lower price probably exchange rates popping it up a little. Mine arrived razor sharp and have been to the woods half a dozen times now and it has performed excellently touched edge up after use (after trip) and it easy to sharpen, no hot spots no blisters , comfy in hand.. Cracking entry model knife into bushcrafft I can see me passing this one to my boy when hes that little bit older for a knife like daddies. Thanks HH (Posted on )
  10. I must have got a duff oneReview by
    Soft steel, will not hold its edge, more butter knife than bushcraft.
    Can't belive there are no other no poor reviews other than my previous.
    I guess mine was a duff knife. made on Friday night just before pub o'clock.
    (Posted on )
  11. rough rider drop pointReview by
    what can you say about this knife that's not been said before, for the money that you pay its fantastic value at £12.95, ive had more expensive knives at three times what this was and they've been nowhere as good. very sharp straight out of the box good enough to do the paper cut but could be that little bit sharper with the minimal amount of work on the blade, the sheath is very basic woven nylon and you can get by with it but I'll probably get a decent quality leather one with a fire steel attachment on it, after all this is going to be used in the field so you might as well have everything you need close at hand. all in all this is a fine field knife and one that I would recommend. (Posted on )
  12. brilliant budget bladeReview by
    I purchased this knife purely because of the reviews its received. I can't believe what you get for £12.95. It does raise the question about what the people earn that produce it. I must admit I laughed out loud when I read the box. It is a very good knife and everybody should have one in either their shooting, fishing or camping kit as a back up. (Posted on )
  13. Top DrawReview by
    Firstly thanks to Hennie for super service and delivery, now how do Rough Rider make a knive of this quality for £15 the fit and finish is bang on no gaps anywhere the blade is straight true ,and sharp with a lovely wood handle some of the reviews have commented on the quality of the sheaf not being very good ,to me the knive fits in snug and hangs from the belt well with ok quality for £15 it's a steal (Posted on )
  14. Good valueReview by
    For £12/$15 its a brilliant knife. The steel is not great quality and will need sharpening often but for the amount you pay that is expected . The build quality is good with a nice handle but the sheath feels pretty cheap but does the job. Over all its a good knife for the money, easily the best knife in this price bracket . Excellent service form H&H it came within two days with standard delivery. (Posted on )
  15. Drop Point HunterReview by
    I have purchased a number of Rough Rider knives now and have only been disappointed with one but the Drop Point Hunter certainly isn't it.

    The finish is excellent and the almost iridescent burr scales are lovely. This knife goes to prove that cheap Chinese products do not always equate with poor quality - for the price the quality is fab.

    I have no problems with the sheath either- it does what it is designed to do; what more do you want for £11.95p.

    Well done!
    (Posted on )
  16. outstanding knifeReview by
    got this out of curiosity when it arrived it was sharp a couple of strops later it was really sharp. You just cant miss this knife at this price. (Posted on )
  17. BargainReview by
    Ordered this on a whim and wasnt expecting much but have to say pretty impressed! Fit and finish is very good on mine and it came pretty sharp.Not as sharp as I would like but quick sharpen soon sorted that.Cant knock it for the price but have to say the sheath is pretty mediocre at best.
    Usual impeccable service from HH.
    (Posted on )
  18. Good knife but expect some workReview by
    Bought this knife because I wanted something more "traditional" than a Mora Companion while still being affordable.

    Quality wise, it does leaves room for improvement. My main critique was the edge grind it came with - it was simply appalling. The bevel must have been approaching 35 degrees on both sides. With half an hours work using a Lansky I took that down to 25 degrees on each side and now it cuts well. It sharpens to a razor edge if you put the effort in and will easily take the hair off your arm, but I don't think the steel is high enough quality for it to last a long time. Secondly, the scales on the handle could fit better and aren't as rounded as I'd like. Like some people have mentioned, the sheath that it comes with is cheap but functional.

    On the positive side, the knife is nicely contoured and the handle scales are made from an attractive burl. It also uses full tang construction, so could probably stand up to more demanding tasks like batoning. The blade does thin out considerably towards the tip though, so you should probably avoid striking it there.

    Taking all the above into account, you can't really ask for much more at the price point. I knew it wouldn't be perfect when I bought it. For what I paid (£12), I'd definitely recommend it to others after a quick warning about the clean up work it'll likely need.

    Superb service from Heinnie. The knife arrived within a day or so of confirmation.
    (Posted on )
  19. Decent knife for decent price. Review by
    Bought as a side gift for someone, happy with the quality of the knife, for the price. Agree with some previous reviews, not too sharp out the box, but nothing a simple sharpening block doesn't sort. Hope it engraves well!
    As always, received quickly!
    (Posted on )
  20. Very impressedReview by
    First off I'd like to say I don't think I've ever had better service from an online supplier. Delivery cost £2 and I ordered before 3pm on a Friday and it was here early Saturday. Doesn't get better than that in my opinion.

    Now about the night does come with a reasonably sharp edge out the box but if you want it razor sharp it will need a little attention. The quality of the finish was impressive. Very smooth handle and no rough edges between the handles and the tang. Would definitely recommend this as a handy back up for a camping pack or back up to a pocket folder.

    Will definitely buy Rough Rider again and will most definitely be buying from Heinnie Haynes again!
    (Posted on )
  21. Re worked the blade grind but it's just to soft. Review by
    I was unhappy with the blade angle so I had a re think.
    I have ground both faces to a totally flat grind with a very coarse finish.
    Effectively I have a fine toothed saw blade.
    The results being I was able to cut and work the blade for longer, a quick touch up on a flat coarse abrasive and it was ready again, however !
    it did not take very long for the blade to bend under what I would call untaxing work.

    It's not Industrial, I broke it.
    (Posted on )
  22. Difficult to review, inexpensive but flawedReview by
    Beginning with the price £12.00, what can you expect for that today.
    Looks good, fit and finish most acceptable, timber handle very pleasing, sheath made down to a budget, stainless steel blade !!!!!!!!! a problem.
    Up until then every thing was doing fine but the blade is a generic stainless steel, as soon as I began to sharpen this the deposit on my White ceramic sharpening rod gave everything away.
    Once sharp it did not take long to lose the edge, a soft blade knife is limited in what you can use it for, a real pity given so many aspects of this knife are positive.
    I would pay the extra money to see these knives with a better grade of blade steel.

    A special thanks to HH for resolving an issue with Mr Postman, Re ordered Friday, arrived Saturday, fantastic service
    (Posted on )
  23. good cheap knifeReview by
    This is a great knife to purchase if you don't want to spend a ton of money on it. The fit and finish of the knife was good but it could do with a sharpen, the sheath was also quite disappointing as it only lasted a few weeks. The knife is a good all round knife and HH het it to you sooooo fast!!! :-)
    (Posted on )
  24. Great knife! Review by
    This is one of the best knives for the price i have ever bought! Fit and finish was pretty amazing for a cheap knife, no marks or scratches and there was no imperfections in the fittings of the knife, everything is flush as can be. The only slight downside was the 'out of the box' edge was not very sharp. The sheath is a little c****y but the knife is cheap. While the knife would look better with a leather sheath,the sheath it comes with is functional and would still be better than a c****y cheap leather sheath. (Posted on )
  25. Great purchaseReview by
    I don't normally leave reviews,but this seems to be such a good buy I couldn't resist! The fit & finish of this knife is impressive for the price ,it could have come sharper but not a problem .The blade is great but with a slim tip wouldn't want to abuse it ,overall nice little knife for the money. As usual received next day, with out a doubt best price and service on the web!!!!!! (Posted on )
  26. NiceReview by
    Attractive alternative to a mora . Needed a sharpen on arrival , but then plenty sharp enough .
    Sheath very basic but works
    (Posted on )
  27. Brilliant value for money.Review by
    under 12 pounds its a bargain its not razor sharp but its got an edge , good quality both knife and sheath for the money its five stars im very happy with it. (Posted on )
  28. VFM 1Review by
    A good solid knife priced to be used & abused .
    Still amazed at how quick HH get your order out, thanks : )
    (Posted on )
  29. ExcellentReview by
    Lovely knife ;) Very pleased with purchase.

    Knife could have been razor sharp ootb but little effort gives this knife a stunningly sharp edge. Handle feels good and a decent weight.
    (Posted on )
  30. RR drop pointReview by
    excellent knife it is just the job as a small skinning or field knife .the scabbard is a nice snug fit .
    HH are amazing ordered 4pm monday and got here by 10am tuesday
    (Posted on )
  31. Great BuyReview by
    This was so cheap that I thought I'd add one to my order, and I'm glad that I did. For the money, this is fantastic value, and a great knife. Yeah, the sheath is poor, but that's what I expected, plenty of more expensive knives have been let down by a rotten sheath. The knife, however, can't be faulted. (Posted on )
  32. BargainReview by
    How they can make and sell a knife of this high quality for such a ridiculous price is inexplicable. Buy one or you'll regret missing the chance. delivery spot on as usual. (Posted on )
  33. BargainReview by
    As always HH deliverd super fast , thanks HH .
    For the price i canot fault the knife its an everyday knife ,built tough looks good,super sharp out the box , slight disapointment that the sheath dosent realy match the knife in the looks department but its functional and has a nice wide belt loop ,the press stud holding the knife handel is a little tough to pop but in time i guess it will ease , ,maybe a tan sheath would suit better , but for the money its a no brainer .
    (Posted on )
  34. ExceptionalReview by
    Amazing value for money. Great little knife, beautiful, polished wood scales, utility sheath. (Posted on )

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