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Rough Rider Canoe High Carbon

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Rough Rider Canoe High Carbon

test 1Rough Rider Canoe High Carbontest 2Rough Rider Canoe High Carbontest 3Rough Rider Canoe High Carbontest 4 Rough Rider Canoe High Carbon
test 1Rough Rider Canoe High Carbontest 2Rough Rider Canoe High Carbontest 3Rough Rider Canoe High Carbontest 4 Rough Rider Canoe High Carbon
test 1Rough Rider Canoe High Carbontest 2Rough Rider Canoe High Carbontest 3Rough Rider Canoe High Carbontest 4 Rough Rider Canoe High Carbon
test 1Rough Rider Canoe High Carbontest 2Rough Rider Canoe High Carbontest 3Rough Rider Canoe High Carbontest 4 Rough Rider Canoe High Carbon

Rough Rider Canoe High Carbon

18+ Age Restriction Icon

In Stock

Available for Delivery



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Rough Rider Canoe High Carbon

Rough Rider Canoe High Carbon



You wouldn't believe it was possible to improve on Rough Rider quality but with their High Carbon line thats exactly what they have done! And the price stays the same!

The Rough Rider Canoe High Carbon features two blades; one pen and one larger spear point blade both made from carbon steel with a Titanium finish to resist rust. The handle is a lovely feature using black G10 with red liners and nickel silver bolsters.

Please be aware that the blade may incorrectly be stamped as 440 stainless steel. This was a factory error that took place at the point of manufacture and the blades are in fact carbon steel. 


Code RR1571
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Rough Rider
Blade Material: Carbon Steel
Blade Length (cm): 6.5
Blade Thickness (cm): 0.2
Closed Length (cm): 9.20
Blade Type: Plain
Blade Finish: Titanium Finish
Grind: Hollow
Handle Material: G10
Lock Type: Non-locking
UK Friendly Carry: Yes
Sheath: No
Pocket Clip: No
Product Weight (g): 94


  1. BrilliantReview by
    A1 fit and finish.
    You get the benefits of carbon steel, but without corrosion.
    Cannot fault this knife. Looks good and feels good.
    Very pretty and functional item. Great service from HH as usual as well.
    (Posted on )
  2. Brilliant quality, solid canoe.Review by
    This is one of my favourite knives. Carbon blades are thick and solid and the whole knife feels a lot more chunky and substantial than other canoe pattern knives from RR. Highly recommended. (Posted on )
  3. Superb productReview by
    Ordered Thurs. & got it standard post! This is a true bargain at its marked down price of £14 due to being stamped as SS in error. Thicker carbon steel than the ss versions & takes & holds a good edge. Titanium coated blades with no play that snap into place - lovely! Looks great & is very well finished - a great UK EDC. (Posted on )
  4. Nice little knifeReview by
    Fine little knife and very sharp out of the box. With the carbon blade it should be easy to keep that way. The little RR motif in the handle fell out immediately but with our old friend Gorilla glue it was easy to put right. Good value! (Posted on )
  5. Quality controlReview by
    I have quite a few Rough Rider knives and they range in quality from flawless to sloppy. This knife unfortunately was towards the sloppy end of the scale.. I liked the fact that it is chunkier than the usual canoe knives from RR, and the blade stock is thicker. The trouble with my knife was that both blades had blade play side to side. That said, it may not be the same for everyone as I think it's the luck of the draw. Perhaps HH could introduce a picking service for an extra cost to check the knife over before shipping. Rough Rider quality control is a little hit and miss. Good service as ever from HH. (Posted on )
  6. This knife makes me hate myselfReview by
    Why? Well because Chinese knifes are ** and I have that whole only Buy British thing going on etc etc. Alongside the exploitation of people within a ** regime....Argh! To the point of this knife. It is astounding that a knife of this quality is sold for £14! No blade play on either blade, blades are heavy and sturdy. Grind and bevelling clean and symmetrical. OTB sharpness, fair 7/10. Strong back spring, knife is heavier than my others. 95g, my broker plus is 57g. Handles and liners are well fitted, RR shield not so much. No half stop on either blade, blade finish is good looking but uneven, some minor pitting on the carbon steel. Backsprings have a gap between them. Knife came dirty, with brass swarf and some scratches to the bolsters. The red liners still had wisps of material unfinished. Rinse clean polish with autosol, a quick sharpen with the Lansky and What a knife, edge holding so far is brilliant. It has come up way better than an A Wright or an Eyewitness costing 5 times as much and that dear reader is why I hate myself, because objectively this isn't *, quite the opposite it's brilliant. British knife makers need to demonstrate more added value to justify the price tag and they just aren't in comparison to the RR. Many thanks to Richard at HH for recommending this one. Buy one it's worth twice this much. (Posted on )
  7. Great knife, must buyReview by
    You have to buy these Rough Rider carbon steel knives, I can find no information about them online but when I got it the knife arrived very sharp and the action is nice and smooth with a strong spring. For the money these are incredibly good value, and great options for UK EDC. I'll be buying other models of these Carbon Steel Rough Rider knives for sure. (Posted on )
  8. A good inexpensive EDCReview by
    I have used this High Carbon Canoe as my EDC for over a month and it has done everything asked of it . Over this time the knife has loosened up a litle making the penknife blade easier to open but has also resulted in a barely noticeable side to side blade play on both blades which does not affect its performance. .The OTB fit and finish on my knive was good apart from the blade centering of the penknife blade which was and still is offset and touching the liner in places.The main blade centering is perfect. Due to the contact with the liner the penknife blade is now showing scratches to the surface of the titanium blade coating .But Hey So what! I bought this knife as a user not for a collection and used it I have and am extremely happy with it .
    For the money you can't go wrong highly recommended even taking into account the assosciated issues with my particular sample I wouldn't hesitate in getting another.
    Great delivery from HH as usual
    (Posted on )
  9. Well made and a great priceReview by
    I think most of us are used to the not quite perfect finish of RR. But they are all shure to be cheap and useful and to me ,worth having.

    This little knife is a bit different, chunky with micarta scales and surprizingly red liners which look good along
    Side the brass liners.

    The finish is more than you might expect from RR, especially at this price.

    The blades are solid in the handle and open and close nicely with a good solid click.
    Both blades are nicely ground and sootb but a quick light strop on some brown card and I think I might be
    able to shave with it.

    This is a lovely little knife, buy one you wont regret it.
    (Posted on )
  10. SolidReview by
    I'm a big fan of canoe pattern and have standard RR canoe. But the lateral play of the blade on that knife is annoying; it's hard to trust it to much. Bought this expecting the same knife with high carbon steel and better fit and finish (and hoping no blade play).

    Got something slightly different. This high carbon variant is a solid lump, the blades are thicker and overall is much more imposing than standard RR canoe. Could be as much as 50% thicker overall. Zero blade play which is great. Sharp and rock solid. Opening of main blade tight with solid click out. Can't open smaller blade when main blade closed, just can't get enough grip on it as it's so tight - which is a shame. No problem when main blade open, but just a PITA. Some pitting noticed on the main blade.

    Arrived same day as a douk douk and prefer the usability and utility of that knife to this. Will put this one in the drawer with the others :-)
    (Posted on )
  11. SuperbReview by
    After my first order many years ago now, I have aquired the habit of immediately typing a review. By the time I have written the last word of any review, the item (posted overseas) has arrived. Time-travel is clearly possible.

    The knife.
    I will save any further chat as others describe well it's attributes and I agree (mine if faultless) just buy it, your world will be a lot happier.

    Is that a knock at the door?
    (Posted on )
  12. Best Rough Rider yet!Review by
    I have probably ten Rough Rider knives and for the money they are all cracking knives but this one blows them away. It has become my favourite edc, the Spyderco has gone back in the drawer. This feels great in the hand ,blade seems to keep its edge well fit of the scales is 8. Out of 10 but it's £14!! Some of the £60 equivalents aren't this good and at this money it's not the end of the world of it gets lost. Very impressed, I've been hoping for a carbon blade from Rough Rider for some time and this doesn't disappoint. Usual great service from HH too! (Posted on )
  13. Excellent ValueReview by
    A great, inexpensive EDC, sharp enough out of the box for just about any task. It reminds me of the older Case folders, and the quality is very good at this price point. G10 is a bit of a 'Marmite' material, and the scales on mine are very slightly out of true, but for less than £15, who cares? I actually bought a second as a spare!!
    If anything, it is slightly heavier than I would have liked for daily carry, but it is a Canoe - if you want a light knife, get an Opinel! Very impressed, and as usual Heinnie Haynes' service was second to none.
    (Posted on )
  14. What a cracker !Review by
    What an excellent knife ,it is a solid well constructed item ,sharp out of the box and feels great in the hand .Its now a favourite . I think the only way to improve its looks would have been to make the red liners a little wider . A cracking knife .

    HH marvellous ........ as always .
    (Posted on )
  15. ExcellentReview by
    This high carbon steel, Rough Rider knife is by far the best Rough Riders knife that I have, and I have quite a few.
    I can highly recommend this knife, and if you find one better, in the same price range, let me know.
    And as usual, a first class service from the team at Heinnie Haynes.
    (Posted on )
  16. Great Value FolderReview by
    Good value folder. Really like this knife lovely traditional looking knife with good fit and finish. Feels really solid in the hand. Sharp out the box. The carbon steel had signs of slight pitting but all round a nice user for the collection and of good quality. Good slip joint retention very interested to see how the high carbon steel holds up. Heinnie Haynes top quality service once again. Thanks!! Buy it now!! (Posted on )
  17. Bliney!Review by
    How do they do it for the money?!
    This knife is a gem. It's well made, well finished, has a good solid weight and looks fantastic.
    The backsprings on this one, unlike many Rough Riders have a really good snap and retention, I'd say 6/10.
    The red liners are a little thin but a nice touch none the less.
    I quite like the coating on the blade, unsure of what the steel actually is but it seems decent. It comes good and sharp, strops to a razor edge.
    It's worth twice the price, easily.
    Great everyday pocket knife!
    (Posted on )

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Hallo, i had got some questions in general. Do you deliver your knives also to Germany? If yes . How much are the cost for shipping? Thanks.
Hallo Peter, yes we ship all over the world, please see shipping tab at bottom of page for the options open to you:
Heinnie Haynes answered on 19 January 2018

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