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Rough Rider Canoe

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Rough Rider Canoe

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Rough Rider Canoe

18+ Age Restriction Icon

In Stock

Available for Delivery

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Rough Rider Canoe

Rough Rider Canoe



In the summer of 1898, Teddy Roosevelt began to organize the 1st U.S. Volunteer Cavalry for what seemed to be an inevitable and difficult battle with the Spanish. Over 23,000 men volunteered to ride with Roosevelt, but he whittled that number down to 2,000 handpicked cavalrymen. The men hailed from every corner of the United Sates. They were Princeton football players, full-blooded Pawnee Indians, trail-wise cowboys, aristocratic Englishmen, polo players, and even Rhodes Scholars. They came from every state and social class the United States had to offer. Roosevelt's quintessential choice was equal parts cowboy and soldier. He was a man who could ride out and defeat the Spanish every day of the week. He was the best of the best. These men, who defeated the Spanish at the grueling battle of San Juan Hill later that summer, became known as Teddy Roosevelt's Rough Riders. The Rough Rider brand honors the tradition of Teddy Roosevelt's Rough Riders by choosing the very best knife patterns and materials from around the world and building the perfect line of personal cutlery. From the classic Mother of Pearl Stockman with 440 Stainless Steel blades to the long, sleek lines of a Tactical Linerlock, Rough Rider offers the finest craftsmanship and the best cutlery, and like the Rough Riders, these knives are always ready every day of the week.

The Rough Rider Canoe is 6.1in overall in length and has two handle materials to choose from, Jigged Bone (Brown) or White Bone.


Code RR045-$$
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Rough Rider
Blade Material: 440 Stainless Steel
Blade Length (cm): 6.4
Blade Thickness (cm): 0.0
Closed Length (cm): 9.20
Overall Length (cm): 15.8
Lock Type: Non-locking
UK Friendly Carry: Yes


  1. standard Review by
    I'd say this knife hits the middle ground between a good and bad knife. It is very sharp and keeps an edge reasonably well but my knife did have a bit of side to side play and the main blade always got caught on the smaller pen blade when closing. Other than this though a great cheap EDC option. (Posted on )
  2. Positive , in a wayReview by
    Got amber jiged bone one and the shield is not "road kill beever", it's diferent. (Posted on )
  3. Brilliant knives!Review by
    I dont buy my knives from Heinnie because i live in Australia, but i couldnt resist the chance to add my two cents' worth about RR knives....they are always a pleasure to unwrap because they are so well built and beautifully finished. A real pleasure to own and use!
    My only concern is that they are such good value that traditional American makers like Case (and your own Sheffield makers) are perhaps going to lose some business (so I make a point of buying lots from them as well!!!).
    (Posted on )
  4. DisappointedReview by
    A horrible knife for every day use. The back spring is loose. The tension is so weak that while I'm cutting into an apple, if I pull back the knife, the blade folds to close position.
    It was a waste of my money and time to manufacture it.
    Also a thicker stock for the main blade would be better,

    I gave it 2 stars because of the wonderful customer support @Heinnie and for the acceptable fit and finish + beautiful blade shape. It came very sharp from the factory ... but I can't say anything about the persistence of the apex.

    I own a RR Canoe Tabacco and a Copperhead.... which both have acceptable spring tension (I would say medium compared with my VictorInox Pioneer), but on this Canoe is weakest.

    Going for 20+Euro RR or perhaps a Canoe Buck would have been a better idea.
    I knew that RR suffers from bad quality control, I was expecting low quality on fit and finish... not on a basic functionality.

    Probably my last RR.
    (Posted on )
  5. Superb knifeReview by
    I needed a new knife to replace a SAK that had too many bells & whistles.
    I chose the white bone version of the Rough Rider Canoe (RRC) & I think it looks very stylish.
    Expecting it would need sharpening, as lots of knives do when you get them, I prepared my sharpening kit but surprisingly didn’t need it; both blades were razor sharp & didn’t need any work.
    The RRC was bigger than I expected but sits comfortably in the hand & I know will last me a long time.

    With regards to Heinne & their delivery .....what can I say? I ordered the RRC at about 15:30hrs on the 30th November & it arrived at 09:50hrs on the 1st December & I’d only chosen the normal delivery option (cheapest of course).
    (Posted on )
  6. superb knifeReview by
    just arrived, superb knife, travelling back in time ! The whole experience has been a pleasure throughout highly recommended .Many thanks once again . (Posted on )
  7. White bone Canoe review Review by
    With their Smooth White Bone series, Rough Rider have reached a level of quality that only a few years ago would have been considered unthinkable for a pocket knife made in China. The brand has from its inception represented surprisingly good quality and value for money.

    While it is true that a faulty or lacklustre pocket knife can be produced by any manufacturer, it has been my personal experience that the quality and consistency of Rough Rider models has been as good as any other make, and invariably at a fraction of the price of a comparable example.

    The Smooth White Bone series, if anything, only improves on the quality. Comparing the one recently ordered from Heinnie’s to an earlier Brown Jigged Bone RR, the spring tension is improved, especially noticeable on the main spear blade, the polish on both blades is to a higher level, the action is smoother, and the bolsters have a nicer finish.

    Adding to the old fashioned charm of the very popular Canoe pattern, the white bone scales have some small mottled areas of light brown, with a few dark flecks here and there. This variance is actually an attractive feature. At first glance, this classic pocket knife could easily be mistaken for an heirloom passed down through generations.

    In terms of performance, the time tested design is comfortable and ergonomic in use and carry. The 440A steel sharpens easily, responds quickly to stropping, and offers excellent corrosion resistance. The size of blades are ideal for day to day tasks that one would normally expect of their pocket knife.

    For someone coping with arthritis, the Canoe pattern is a sensible choice, for a traditional slipjoint; easier to operate and maintain, in my opinion, than many other patterns where the blades may be smaller or more difficult to open due to strong backsprings.

    The Canoe pattern is UK friendly, and very easy on one’s pockets, with smooth contouring and minimal thickness. The weight is a nice blend of comfort and reassuringly hefty presence. Ideal for picnic duties or an apple when one fancies a quick snack. The comfortable handle design makes for a good whittler, too.

    Overall, this white bone Canoe is one of my favourites from Rough Rider. It looks classy enough to suit fancy or formal occasions, and has the inherent dependable quality to serve any daily tasks within its capabilities. Very well recommended!

    Service from HH was superb, as ever!

    (Posted on )
  8. Fast delivery Review by
    Surprised how small this knife was. Blade a wee bit thin for my liking.. but that said for the money very nice knife.. (Posted on )
  9. I Canoe, can you?Review by
    Very good EDC. Comfy in hand or pocket. Convenient in shirt pocket since it's reasonably thin. Affordable and nice and sharp. Zips through cardboard. I prefer to snip the tip off HT milk cartons. Makes a small precise spout that way and helps minimise spills if you accidentally drop your litre of moo juice! Less mess to clean up in an "Oh, dear!" situation than with the gaping hole (milk geyser) left by those plastic contraptions built into the top of the carton. Found that out the hard way!

    These make nice gifts as well. A nice classy alternative to the ever-popular SAK.

    Main blade on mine has a soft back spring. Surprisingly common on a Canoe, from any maker. Not necessarily a bad thing because the main blade can easily, if not rapidly, be pinch-opened with one hand. If the average SAK main spear blade is a 3 out of 5 for pull strength, I rate my RR Canoe at a 2 for effort needed to open. Again, not a bad thing.

    The RR Canoe. Get one, give one, be safe, have fun!
    (Posted on )
  10. Great little knifeReview by
    Ordered in the white bone and it really is a lovely little knife
    One tiny gap between the liner and the scale which i filled
    A tiny bit of blade rub between the blades but I've seen that on blades from Case knives
    also so not a problem
    Really pleased with it
    Usual superb service from Heinnie
    (Posted on )
  11. Classic pocket knife for a great price.Review by
    I always thought that rough riders knives were not worth considering because they are Chinese produced and low cost. It seems I was mistaken. I bought this as an additional purchase as I lked the bone handle and though for the price I would give it a go as an everyday pocket knife. Having received it it is a classy looking knife, is a nice traditional style, it was very sharp out the box, the bone handle gives it a very traditional feel and it seems to be very well put together. Of course you can buy other knives which will have superior steel and made by companies with richer tradition and history but you will pay much more for a knife that essentially does the same tasks and will look very similar. Overall a nice old school knife and amazing value. (Posted on )
  12. Very nice, but QC a bit lackingReview by
    First off, this rating is based on the knife I now have. The first one I got arrived with quite a bend in the small blade and was returned. Heinnie service was excellent and it's replacement arrived quickly.

    The new knife is nicely finished, although all the polishing seems to have been done after assembly. This has left some of the edges (of the springs for example) quite rough compared to, say, a SAK. The knife feels nicely weighty in the hand, the blades open and close smoothly and easily but the smaller one is lacking "snap" on opening.

    That being said, I really like the knife and I think it represents excellent value for money. For those reasons it gets five stars.
    (Posted on )
  13. white bone handle.Review by
    This was a second choice as the knife i ordered was out of stock, when i read email i asked to change my order and choose this with a white bone handle, change my order friday morning got the knife next day! hows that for service!! as for the knife, great quality, very well made for such a cheap knife, well pleased. (Posted on )
  14. great valueReview by
    I got the brown jigged bone handle. It is sharp, well finished and has a nice snap to it. How do they manage to sell something this nice for such a low price ? (Posted on )
  15. A Boyhood RecapturedReview by
    I sat down at my desk and wrote a story involving four children growing up in 1968 set in rural Wales. In the story I recounted several activities and pastimes I did as that boy. Most of those involved the use of a penknife. After finishing the story I got somewhat nostalgic, and remembered the cheap pen knife I owned as an 8 year old. I am happy to say thanks to Heinnie Haynes, I now own a pocket knife that is like a time-machine, in that it has allowed me to travel back in time to that boy making a bow and arrow.
    The Rough Rider Canoe is excellent. The perfect size, and not overly adorned with unnecessary tools and gadgets. It was razor sharp out of the box and easy to open.
    But it is the sheer delight of holding a really simple, but incredibly beautiful green knife, which can transport this 52 year old back into the 60's where carrying a pocket knife was essential and not like attitudes today where law abiding people like my peers here can be criminalised for simply having a penknife, which some of us have carried for years.
    (Posted on )
  16. Really good inexpensive EDCReview by
    Arrived next day, as always (Thanks HH), and when I got it out of the box I couldn't stop playing around with it. Arrived pretty sharp, but touched it up with an ultra fine oil stone and now it's splitting atoms. Originally bought this to tide me over until I get more EDC's, like the SAK Farmer, or a Case peanut knife, but who knows, maybe I'll just carry on carrying this it's so great! (Posted on )
  17. Excellent valueReview by
    As ever, superb service from H.H.
    Wanted an inexpensive, UK legal, pocket knife which would not raise eyebrows at work. What a pleasant surprise! Nicely finished, sharp straight from the box and looks far more expensive than it actually was. Strong competitor for the Swiss Army knife but not quite in the same league for build quality. All in all though, strongly recommended and an ideal gift with Christmas approaching. I'll definitely be buying one or two other models from the extensive range of Rough Rider knives.
    (Posted on )
  18. Great valueReview by
    For the price, fit and finish are excellent. A very good everyday pocket knife with quality way beyond the cost.
    Superb service from HH as usual.
    (Posted on )
  19. Brilliant vfmReview by
    I have carried this knife in my pocket for one month now and have used it daily on light to medium everyday tasks. In that role it perfoms exceedingly well. It is a traditional kind of pocket knife. It is very non-threatening. The fit and finish are easily of the standard expected of a knife for two or three times the price. Because the blades are highly polished, they hardly need more than a wipe to clean them. The blade shape is ideal for edc use (less likely to break than a clip point), and the knife pattern, with its rounded ends, makes for a very comfy carry. I have just given the knife its first sharpening with a cheapo sharpener and it honestly quickly became scary sharp with no effort.
    I don't know how long this knife will last, but it looks and feels good for a few years use at least, and for that price I couldn't ask for more.
    Extremely highly recommended!
    (Posted on )
  20. PerfectReview by
    I love my pocket knives and believe that they should be functional but also bring pride in ownership. This fits the bill. Good blades and folding mechanism, beautiful handle, and at this price you are not afraid to use it! Another thumbs up for HH service too. Arrived the next day despite only paying standard delivery (a step up from Amazon!). (Posted on )
  21. Fantastic valueReview by
    I haven't had a knife like this since I had a cheap copy of the traditional Scout Knife when I was a child. The Swiss Army knives never really appealed to me and I have used Opinels for most of my life. In real terms this is probably cheaper than what was paid for the Scout knife....but the finish is so much better with bone scales rather than plastic. Really sharp out of the box. Highly recommended (Posted on )
  22. Very nice knifeReview by
    This was my first Roughrider. I like it a lot. Some of the scale ends stand a bit proud but I don't care about that.

    The small blade has a good firm snap open and closed but the large blade isn't so strong, which is the only thing I would like to see being better.

    All in all this is a great value for money knife and the blades sharpen up well.

    (Posted on )
  23. For the money rediculousReview by
    A great user it looks amazing with a really good fit and finish, the blades are very sharp as shipped from Heinnie.

    My biggest criticism is that the blades don't open very smoothly they are very stiff all the way to open. There is no decisive snap when opening or closing these knives. To me it feels like the internals need a bit more polishing from the factory.

    However, the blades do lock open and closed well and it takes pretty significant force to close them. So as a user I think this knife is great. For the money there is nothing even comes close. In terms of competition for this knife somthing like a Victorinox Spartan (which I bought at the same time as this knife) would probably be the closest thing, the Spartan is an all around better tool. The blades and mechanism are better but it does not look anywhere near as ornate as this knife and it is twice the price (ú18 at the time of writing).
    (Posted on )
  24. cracking knifeReview by
    Handsome, lovely to hold (no not me the knife)five stars all the way. HH five stars plus for service, great stuff. (Posted on )
  25. Well worth the moneyReview by
    A nice traditional pocket knife. Looks (and feels) like a much more expensive knife. Fit and finish is excellent, especially for the price. (Posted on )
  26. I love itReview by
    I've been looking for a a generaly nice penknife to add to my set (I just love knives in general) and I found the Rough Rider Canoe Ocean Wave. At first I was dubious about the quality for just under ú10, but oh boy am I glad I bought it.

    It arrived this morning (I ordered it yesterday 27/01/2012 at 1530 hours approx.), upon opening the box and seeing the knife I was delighted. It looks beautiful. Curious to know what the handle was made from I read the box only to find it is made from pearl dyed blue. The blades are nice and strong and you have to use a good amount of force to close the blades. It has a nice weight to it and feels fantastic.

    I can't believe I was dubious about ordering a Rough Rider and I will definately be ordering more if the quality is like this and HH continue their amazing service!

    Overall I'm a happy bunny and look forward to buying more Rough Rider knives in the future.
    (Posted on )
  27. Super quality very cheap.Review by
    I replaced my old faithful Victorinox with this knife. It has stronger blades, and a much better look and feel, if you like traditional style. How can they sell it for this price? (Posted on )
  28. excellent!Review by
    Had this wee thing for a few months now. Love it, sits in my pocket the whole time, and is there when I need it. Razor sharp out the box, the fittings are excellent. I can't add anymore to what's already been said by others. For the money you won't do better, and some that are more expensive are much worse than this. (Posted on )
  29. A great pocket…Review by
    A great pocket friendly knife that I've used in public and at work, arrived with a great sharp edge.
    A nice feel and very tactile, no extra badge on the handle and no extra advertising etched on the blade which is good.
    (Posted on )
  30. get one!Review by
    Had this for several months now and must have forgotten to review. What a great company this is, cheap as chips, performs great and looks great. Even snobs can't deny its value. If like me you love the price and function of moras then you will love these. (Posted on )
  31. David T.Review by
    Received R.R. Canoe today. Excellent! Fit and finish superb. Delivery,fast.very happy with it it will be my edc for sometime to come. (Posted on )
  32. Good, no-nonsense pocket…Review by
    Good, no-nonsense pocket knife, just right for everyday use. Excellent value and the usual excellent Heinnie service. (Posted on )
  33. Definitely a hidden gem!Review by
    With a price tag like this your not afraid to use it. With the build quality and spring strength that far outshines the price it gives you the confidence to use it.
    I now have four dotted about and now dont edc anything else, use it nearly every day and for a number of months cutting everything from card to rigiduct and nylon rope, so far the only edge maintenance i have needed is just regular stropping Nuff said really.
    Coupled with HH unwavering quality of service.
    Buy it, try it, like it.
    (Posted on )
  34. great valueReview by
    Buy it, nicely made, blades are sharp and solid. A bargain and a knife that you'll be proud to pull out and use. The price in this case is NOT indicative of the quality. (Posted on )
  35. A great knife for the priceReview by
    A first class knife with superb quality for the price, it fits my hand nicely and will no doubt give me many years service. Have decided to order more for my friends, I know they will be impressed, (Posted on )
  36. Incredible deal!Review by
    I think that this knife is a small gem. Everything is made quite nice for the price. Nice steel, fits and fittings okay and a good snap when opening and closing.
    Blade is sharp enough to accomplish many tasks, handles are well polished and very pleasant.
    Surely the best deal since time.
    And this knife worth minimum three times the price. Thanks Heinnie also for the great delivery service!
    I will order again more Rough Riders for sure!
    (Posted on )
  37. ExcellentReview by
    Both the service and the Knife. From ordering to opening the package less than 24 hours! I am really looking forward to my next order, many thanks (Posted on )
  38. I'm blown away by how nice this knife is for ú8.95Review by
    The nickel bolsters, brass liners and nice bone scales give a feel of quality that belies the price. It's not a high-spec steel, but not the cheapest either. Both blades have a sharp edge.

    I find my thumb pushes the small blade against the main one when opening, so they scratch each other slightly. The backspring is slightly stiffer than a Swiss Army Knife's, so perfectly practical, but I'd prefer it a bit stronger. Very minor criticisms given the value for money, so I give it 5/5.
    (Posted on )
  39. Worth twice the price and someReview by
    If you want to know What I think of this knife, you want to see it cut paper and look at lots of high quality pictures. Then go to my channel on youtube at davetogo123 Or save you self the bother and just buy it. And unwanted writing ie China and 440 razor sharp steel comes off when cleaned and for that reason I give it 6 stars. (Posted on )
  40. Excellent knife for…Review by
    Excellent knife for very little money, great fit and finish, very sharp out of the box. Great service from Heinnie Haynes. (Posted on )
  41. Great little knifeReview by
    Nice finish, compact but comfortable to hold with a nice heft to it for a small knife, slipjoint not loose but not a nailbreaker either, sharp out the box. Very nice little everyday carry and all for under 9 nicker, how can you go wrong ? (Posted on )
  42. Excellent ValueReview by
    Even after reading all the great reviews, I was still a little surprised at the quality of this knife for ú8.95. It's on par with (if not a little better than) similar knives I've paid over twice as much for. It looks and feels high quality, and mine came very sharp. I will be trying out more from this range. Lightening fast shipping from heinnie too. (Posted on )
  43. V Good KnifeReview by
    After reading the reviews I relented and ordered this knife. Have to say very impressed with quality, much better than I thought. Appreciate the blade steel is not the best, but very sharp out of the box. I will purchase the green jigged bone next. HH service top notch as usual. (Posted on )
  44. ExcellentReview by
    Excellent quality, is easily worth 3 times its asking price, feels very solid and will clearly last for a long time.
    (Posted on )
  45. MrReview by
    VV Good knife for under ten quid. Surprised by how solid this thing is and it will be my EDC from now on. Have ordered another from the range and if it is the same quality i'll be getting all of the range. (Posted on )
  46. ExcellentReview by
    I have a Buck and Rough Rider canoe knife. The Buck retails for 3 times the price yet I still prefer the Rough Rider. For an every day carry (edc) you can't wrong. (Posted on )
  47. classic folderReview by
    What can I say about this knife, for the price you simply can't go wrong buying one of these for edc or a collection, Even if it was two or three times the price. Edge retention is good for such a budget folder and build quality couldnt be better either. If you like classic folders get one, simple as that! (Posted on )
  48. CanoeReview by
    Did not expect too much for ú9 Great build quality and finish came very sharp. Feels very sturdy and solid.

    Look great in green.
    (Posted on )
  49. OutstandingReview by
    I wasn't expecting too much for under a tenner but how wrong could I be. Superb build quality and the finish is spot on, came shaving sharp too. Feels really sturdy and solid in the hand and has already replaced my swiss army knife as my every day penknife. I cannot reccomend this knife enough. 10/10 (Posted on )
  50. v- quick serviceReview by
    Great knife, well made, great price too. (Posted on )
  51. Good kit!!Review by
    Super quick service yet again HH!!

    Wanted a change from the old Swiss Army and wasn't expecting much for under a tenner. Surprised to say the least. Seems a well made, sturdy bit of kit. A bit or work on the edge maybe. Nice tight case and fit and it looks good.
    (Posted on )

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