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Rough Rider Blade Blanks Set

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Rough Rider Blade Blanks Set

test 1Rough Rider Blade Blanks Settest 2Rough Rider Blade Blanks Settest 3Rough Rider Blade Blanks Settest 4 Rough Rider Blade Blanks Set
test 1Rough Rider Blade Blanks Settest 2Rough Rider Blade Blanks Settest 3Rough Rider Blade Blanks Settest 4 Rough Rider Blade Blanks Set

Rough Rider Blade Blanks Set

18+ Age Restriction Icon

In Stock

Available for Delivery



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Rough Rider Blade Blanks Set

Rough Rider Blade Blanks Set



Make your own fixed blade knives with these Rough Rider blanks. In three sizes these blanks will provide hours of honest hard work creating a set of knives to be proud of. 


Large: Overall Length: 31.7cm - Blade Length: 17.5cm - Width: 2.55mm - Tang Holes: 1cm

Medium: Overall Length: 20.2cm - Blade Length: 9.4cm - Width: 2.66mm - Tang Holes: 0.9cm

Small: Overall Length: 16.4cm - Blade Length: 7.8cm - Width: 2.65mm - Tang Holes: 0.8cm




Code RR1717
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Rough Rider
Blade Material: Stainless Steel
Product Weight (g): 454


6 87 0 100
UpdateReview by
10 10
I've upgraded my opinion of these blades since my April review of the smallest. I've now got a set of 3 excellent kitchen knives which rival any we've owned over the last 40 years. I've enjoyed every minute of the learning process & have made a matched set of knives using salvaged English, American & European Oak with pins & lanyard pins made from aluminium, brass , copper, SS & even wooden dowels with pins through the centre. Cutting, shaping & fitting the scales was great fun & I even put blue plastic liners on the mid-sized blade with filework along the spine. I also made a knifeblock by gluing together various offcuts of scrap wood. This learning project turned out so well that I've just bought another set of these. It IS possible to put a good edge on these by doing a slow. Careful freehand grind on a belt sander. The only drawback to these blades is they don't hold a good edge for very long but that is true of most knife sets under £50. To get a 3 knife set as unusual looking as these would set you back hundreds of pounds & I can't recommend these highly enough at only £12 for the 3. Even with the other materials required plus electricity this set cost under £35. Several people have seen them & been fascinated by their appearance & the fact that they are uniique. Apologies for the verbosity but I really am over the Moon with these blades - try some yourself & see! (Posted on )
Great for the money!Review by
8 10
These blades r hard to sharpen!!! Hope they will hold an edge!? Good value for £10. Also ordered at 1520 and were delivered b 4 noon the next day!!!!! Great service!!!!! (Posted on )
Worth a go!Review by
8 10
I got these because I am new to knifemaking as a potential hobby for when I retire next year. i've seen them criticised for poor steel, edge quality & finish but at £11 for 3 I don't think you can go wrong if you want to practise without wasting cash. I'm making my own Micarta for scales & have also found that a piece of microbore flexible copper pipe is a perfect fit for the smallest blade, being 8mm diameter & 6mm bore. Using this I've made a lanyard pin, a mosaic pin with various sizes of electric cable & another mosaic pin with 6mm brass through the center. I've altered the shape of the handle with a bit of subtle grinding & am so far very pleased with my progress. I look forward to moving onto the bigger blades soon. These blanks are perfect to learn with. Thanks HH for good service & value! (Posted on )
ExcellentReview by
10 10
Excellent value for money. This will make a very good small collection set particularly for newbies (Posted on )
For beginners onlyReview by
6 10
These blades are horrid. The steel is a pain to sharpen and the ergonomics are terrible.

On the good side. For a tenner you get three blades to work on. If you want to learn how to assemble a knife these are perfect for practice. The handle shape will test your skill at shaping and the recurve blades will test your sharpening skills.

Don't buy if you want a good user a condor blade for instance. But if you are starting out these are a cheap way to build up your skills. If you ruin the blades working on them, all they have cost is the price of a pint and a chicken kebab.

(Posted on )
Well worth the moneyReview by
10 10
£10 3 blanks yes please, I have made something really quite special with the large one and planing to replicate on the little ones, convexed my one and personally choice, these are quite hard to be honest, for a tenner you cant really go wrong tbh, Cheers HH (Posted on )

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Questions & Answers

does it come with the three baldes
Yes you get all 3 its a real bargain
Heinnie Haynes answered on 23 June 2017

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