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Rough Rider Baby Sunfish White Bone

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UK Friendly

Rough Rider Baby Sunfish White Bone

test 1Rough Rider Baby Sunfish White Bonetest 2Rough Rider Baby Sunfish White Bonetest 3Rough Rider Baby Sunfish White Bonetest 4 Rough Rider Baby Sunfish White Bone
test 1Rough Rider Baby Sunfish White Bonetest 2Rough Rider Baby Sunfish White Bonetest 3Rough Rider Baby Sunfish White Bonetest 4 Rough Rider Baby Sunfish White Bone
test 1Rough Rider Baby Sunfish White Bonetest 2Rough Rider Baby Sunfish White Bonetest 3Rough Rider Baby Sunfish White Bonetest 4 Rough Rider Baby Sunfish White Bone

Rough Rider Baby Sunfish White Bone

18+ Age Restriction Icon

In Stock

Available for Delivery



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Rough Rider Baby Sunfish White Bone

Rough Rider Baby Sunfish White Bone



When closed the Rough Rider Baby Sunfish fills the hand with a reassuring feel, like a smooth pebble you might find at the beach. 

It has two hefty blades, one pen and one spear point ideal for so many domestic tasks. This is a knife you will love to use.

The white bone is an appealing feature as are the nickel silver bolsters.


Code RR139
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Rough Rider
Blade Material: 440 Stainless Steel
Closed Length (cm): 10.00
Blade Type: Plain
Blade Finish: Satin
Grind: Hollow
Handle Material: Bone
Lock Type: Non-locking
UK Friendly Carry: Yes
Sheath: No
Pocket Clip: No
Product Weight (g): 170


  1. Love itReview by
    For the price - this is excellent. I carry this at work and use it all the time. It is big for a pocket knife but that’s one of the things I like about it. Sharpens really easily and I love this design of pocket knife with the fat blade. It’s not as high quality as some of my case knifes for example but it’s not bad. Well worth £20 all day long (Posted on )
  2. My Daughter Is Very PleasedReview by
    My first RR, and not even bought for myself! My daughter liked the look of it in a picture, so I got it for her as her first UK legal EDC. When it arrived I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and 'seriousness' of this pocket knife. According to her, it has a high 'cool factor', enhanced by the trivial matter of the white bone scales matching her car's paintwork.
    I'm not into knives which are 'great value for the money'. I want something which is great, full stop. This purchase has certainly opened my eyes to a brand I was hitherto unaware of, and HH can expect an order from me for some more examples of what RR can do. Dammit.
    (Posted on )
  3. A lot of knife for the priceReview by
    Given the price, I'm really impressed with the quality of the design and finish on this knife. Both blades open really easily (maybe slightly less snap for some tastes) and they don't rub. I think the name is a little misleading, it's more of an elephant toenail (due to the sleeveboard pattern), and there's certainly nothing 'baby' about it. Hard to believe this counts as a UK legal carry! Some very minor finishing details you wouldn't see on a pricier knife, and presumably not the highest quality steel. But very sharp straight out of the box. Fits snugly in the watch pocket in my jeans. (Posted on )
  4. Great value, far more than you should expect at the price.Review by
    I was very glad when this came back in stock.

    Ok, first the reasons to buy. It looks great. It feels great. It's UK legal and in some circles traditional.

    Now the downsides.

    At this price you just can't expect perfection.
    440 steel is not great and can vary a lot depending upon batch and heat treatment, but if you want better expect to pay huge amounts more.
    On mine the back was free from flaws, but satin finish. Polishing costs money!
    Grinding and sanding the scales and bolsters is something the manufacturer has to do, but the more effort put in the greater the costs. While mine looks great, it's obvious if you look carefully that they saved a bit here.
    Blade position, with two blades they will rub unless this is perfect. It's not on mine.

    Would I return it.. NOT A CHANCE.

    At the price it's an absolute bargin.

    Ps back spring is what I would expect, though others might consider it weak. A very strong spring would make it tough to open. Some manufacturers do fit heavy springs to all knives, but I would argue that when using a knife you should not ever allow any force that would act to close the knife. Hence strong springs just encourage people to use knives badly.

    Oh, it should almost go unsaid, fantastic service from Heinnie (it's why we shop here).
    (Posted on )
  5. Perfect fit for my hands.Review by
    Great service from Heinnie as usual. Arived in Germany within 72 hours after shipping.

    Good thing, I have hands the size of the proverbial toilet seat! :)

    F&F of the knife is of the quality we've come to appreciate and expect from Rough Rider.
    In this case though it deserves only 4 Stars! For a knife this size the back spring is definitely way too weak! Almost no resistance whatsoever!

    Would be nice to know, if that is the case only on my specimen or is the whole new batch like that?
    (Posted on )
  6. I agree with all the above positive reviewsReview by
    I had intended to write my own review, but on reading the above reviews, found that they had said it all! Basically, this knife is a delight! Out of stock when I first wanted one, I bought one immediately on getting the email to say they were back in stock. This knife is a wonder to hold. My one criticism is that somehow the photo, although good (and after all I did buy as a result of looking at the photo), doesn't quite convey the individuality of the knife. But I don't really care: I have the real thing - I don't need the photo! (Posted on )
  7. Very nice for the moneyReview by
    Fit and finish is as good as my other rough riders.

    Handle scales are fitted almost perfectly, with only a tiny chip at on one the corners and are mostly unblemished bone with a few character markings.
    Action was very gritty when it first arrived but after being cleaned out moves nicely with a solid snap on opening and good stiffness.
    Blades are both very sharp but do rub against each other leaving small scratches. No blade play.
    Bolsters are mirrored polished with a few small scuffs. Some rough machining on grooves.
    Back springs are mostly well fitted but have a gap at one end.

    Overall It's a good looking knife with a lot of weight that makes for an impressive UK legal edc.
    (Posted on )
  8. Big and fat but somehow likeableReview by
    I didn't realise how wide it would be but when it arrived I was pleasantly surprised. A bit of a novelty but I like it. Fits nicely in the pocket if a bit obtrusive. Happy to have it in my collection. Glad I bought it. (Posted on )
  9. Deserves a big hand...Review by
    Been hoping to see this one become available again. Very pleased to see it being offered in the consistently excellent White Bone. I have two from a several years ago, one with handsome tobacco brown jigged bone, one with man-made abalone scales, which to some might seem gaudy, but which I find to be appealing, like a colourful Oriental landscape, delicate, intricate and intriguing. Also noticeably slimmer than its ruggedly masculine twin.

    The bone handled one is a distinctively impressive EDC when I am in the mood for its hefty presence. It always provokes amused disbelief then admiring approval when I allow trusted friends or workmates to have a look; invariably bemusement turns to respect as they examine the cutting edge. Then they want to know where I bought it. And yes, despite its portly contours, it is indeed well within the requirements to be UK friendly.

    This pattern, and a similar one, is sometimes - and a bit bewilderingly, interchangeably, by some - referred to as Sunfish, Sleeveboard Sunfish, or, most intriguingly, Elephant Toe, or Elephant's Toenail, depending on manufacturer and to some extent, date of production. These latter designations have a fascinating story in the distant past in the heyday of African safaris. It originally was a cutler's response to a certain gentleman's request for a truly robust pocket knife that would endure the rigours of such a life without compromise or failure. Worth looking into its history online. So for a collector, this pocket knife is a fascinating link to a colourful "boy's own" time of adventures straight out of H Rider Haggard.

    Actual use? The thick main blade would do very well for stripping bark from green wood, certainly is capable of standing up to reasonably hard use, and takes a pretty good edge indeed, as Rough Rider owners know. The ergonomic fitness is surprisingly good. The great breadth is compensated for by the knife's somewhat slim width. So it is a comfortable knife to use. Despite its hardy size, I don't think that batoning would be wise. I know that Rope Knives of yore were made for this, but appreciation for this unusual pocket knife would stop me. Along with common sense.

    The main edge of the pretty abalone knife was, out of the box, very useful for whittling. Obviously for material removal rather than for fine detail. The size of shavings produced are matched only by my Mora 106 or 120. This is no exaggeration. This amazingly effective performance is due to a steeper angle on the edge. And it is laughably easy to maintain on my Spyderco Sharpmaker followed by ordinary stropping, with care to preserve the angle. So it gets quite a bit of use for rapid material removal or rough shaping, is pleasant to use for push cuts thanks to the thick spine beneath my thumb, and fits my grasp beautifully. Also, it smooths very nicely, turning large angular facets into subtle, then fluid, contours. Using this on seasoned hardwood is an absolute joy!

    All in all, this pattern is a delight. Consider the reality of the listed specifications before you buy. Personally this has my unreserved endorsement.

    The other Rough Rider White Bone models have been truly excellent, especially the magnificent Silver Select Stockman. My others: Barlow, Canoe, Peanut, all are very good. And ideal for gifts. As a brand, RR quickly established themselves in terms of astonishing value for money. A paradigm shift for pocket knives made in China.

    The White Bone series, in my experience, raises the bar. Compared to the cost of a Case or GEC similar if not identical model, the cost of a RR makes it instantly more viable to anyone but the most determined, and affluent, collector.

    Keep in mind that bone, being a natural material, may well have or very occasionally develop minor imperfections. This is normal, and only adds to character, certainly in my experience and opinion. Bone ages beautifully.

    I am genuinely pleased that I bought mine, and anyone interested in this pattern will have a similarly enjoyable experience.

    Especially so in dealing with the legendary Heinnie Haynes. Cheers!
    (Posted on )

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