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Rock Creek Steenbok

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Rock Creek Steenbok

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Rock Creek Steenbok

18+ Age Restriction Icon

In Stock

Available for Delivery

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Rock Creek Steenbok

Rock Creek Steenbok



Forged from a high-alloy steel (HWS-1K), with an edge hardness of 58-60HRc and excellent corrosion resistance, edge-holding and ease of sharpening. The blade thickness is 3/16in, and the blade is flat ground. A thumb grip is provided on the back of the blade and a finger groove is provided at the choil for blade control. The Tang is very substantial, terminating in a short thread at the pommel. The stacked-leather handle employs bark-tanned leather and is secured by a sleeve nut at the pommel. The guard and pommel are investment cast in stainless steel. Sheath is made in bark-tanned leather with stainless steel reinforcing at the wear points.


Code KH2518
Limited Edition: Yes
Brand: Rock Creek
Blade Material: HWS-1K Stainless Steel
Blade Length (cm): 7.6
Blade Thickness (cm): 0.0
Overall Length (cm): 19.0
Handle Material: Leather
Blade Hardness (HRC): 58-60 HRC
Sheath: Leather


  1. Steenbok sheath updateReview by
    I wrote a quick 1st impresions review a couple of days ago re this knife & sheath. The knife itself gets a full 5 stars as I feel it is unique & very handy but I had to give 1 star as the sheath was not fit for use.
    I have now made a few mods to the sheath.
    1) I have stuck a couple of pieces of 2 inch long by 1 inch wide rough leather to the inside where the handle rubs with leather glue to make a much tighter & safer fit. These cannot be seen from the outside so have not spoilt the looks of the sheath.
    2) As a secondary safety measure I have made a couple of holes with a leather punch to the front part of the belt loop & have attached 2 pieces of 12mm black elastic to hold the handle tightly. Again this has not spoilt the look of the sheath.
    3) A good coat of leather balm for waterproofing.
    This seems to have done the trick & I am now happy to add the knife to my bushcraft kit or put on my belt. Previously it would simply have fallen out . It now gets a full 5 stars.
    Rock Creek need to re design the sheath for future release though as unmodified it is a danger.
    (Posted on )
  2. Good knife but dangerous sheath.Review by
    Hows this for service? Ordered Thursday 18/12/14 at 17:15, arrived Friday 14:00. Outstanding I say, especialy with Xmas being only a few days away.A big thank you to the guy's at Heinnie Haynes.
    As for the knife I will do a first impressions review now & a more in depth when I have has a chance to test it out.
    I bought this as well as a Wrights leather handled Hunter as Xmas presents from my kids, to use alongside my Down Under Outback as a do it all trio.
    The quality of the Sheffield knife puts this to shame though.
    The good points are this knife could have been custom made to fit my hand, the leather grip is perfect in shape & finish. It could not be improved at any price.
    The blade shape is totaly unlike any leather handled knife on the market today.
    The choil is just right for me to choke up for fine detail work & the gimping is just in the right place . It's shape is like a short Ray Mears bushcraft, but less clumsy. Much handier than a Down Unders Bushmate.
    It has a flat grind that is perfect for what I want it for, both for carving & if you turn it upside down as a zipper for skinning. It is very sharp but the finish lets it down. On the side that says made in China it has not been buffed propely & has several surface marks.
    It comes in a good quality sheath, but what a shame it is useless,it's very thick & well made but far too loose for my liking,.You could not wear this on your belt or on your person without the fear of loosing it.
    If it were to fall out while walking you could stab yourself in the leg & you may bleed to death if out in the woods. It is dangerous. I would advise Heinnie Haynes to take this off sale & insist Rock Creek re design the sheath.
    It should have a press stud fastener or have been an inch deeper. The blade is too short & it,s too handle heavy for this design of sheath, I have a friend who is a cobbler & will have to ask his opinion on how to stop it falling out.
    To conclude a very well desiged knife but let down by the finish & poor designed sheath. As I consider it dangerous I can give only 1 star now until I can find a solution to the sheath.
    (Posted on )

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