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ResQMe Mini Keychain Auto Escape Tool

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ResQMe Mini Keychain Auto Escape Tool

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test 1ResQMe Mini Keychain Auto Escape Tooltest 2ResQMe Mini Keychain Auto Escape Tooltest 3ResQMe Mini Keychain Auto Escape Tooltest 4 ResQMe Mini Keychain Auto Escape Tool
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test 1ResQMe Mini Keychain Auto Escape Tool Thumbnail Imagetest 2ResQMe Mini Keychain Auto Escape Tooltest 3test 4
test 1ResQMe Mini Keychain Auto Escape Tool Thumbnail Imagetest 2ResQMe Mini Keychain Auto Escape Tooltest 3test 4

ResQMe Mini Keychain Auto Escape Tool

18+ Age Restriction Icon

In Stock

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ResQMe Mini Keychain Auto Escape Tool

ResQMe Mini Keychain Auto Escape Tool



This tool is designed to break the side windows and cut through jammed seatbelts during a vehicular accident. ResQMe is intended to attach to your keychain so you are always prepared for the unexpected. ResQMe contains a spring loaded steel point that will break any tempered glass window and a stainless steel blade for cutting through malfunctioning seatbelts. The break-apart design allows ResQMe to be quickly removed from its storage location in an emergency situation.


Code LH0-$$
Limited Edition: No
Brand: ResQMe
Dimensions (cm) Non Config: (H x W): 7.5 x 3.2 cm
Youtube Link: Watch Youtube Video


  1. Amazing. Buy one for each set of keys.Review by
    I've always made sure all sets of car keys had one on. Never had to use one in an emergency, but wife recently assisted some grandparents who'd locked tiny kids in car with the keys by accident.

    They were getting increasingly frantic and the guy ended up trying to cave the window in with a tyre jack handle. He was really giving it some and failing spectacularly. Wife pops over with ResQMe offering to help, presses hard in the corner of the window (as she'd seen how hard he was beating it) and the window explodes, instantly allowing access to said children. She actually cut herself on the glass as she pressed harder than needed. Audience were all impressed and questions were asked what it was.

    These things really do what they are meant to, and they sell themselves when you see them in action. Essential kit.
    (Posted on )
  2. Great EDCReview by
    Not much more to add really. Weighs nothing, sits on your car keys silently awaiting the time you hope never comes. The only thing I would say is that this was purchased to replace one I bought from HH years ago. The centre punch despite not being used became unserviceable all by its self. HH service is faultless, after all we keep coming back so you must be doing something right. (Posted on )
  3. ExcellentReview by
    I bought one of these about 12yrs ago, long before I knew Heinnie existed. I recently tested it after all those years both for cutting a seat belt and breaking a car window (legally!) it was excellent for both and very impressive after so long. (Posted on )
  4. Great bit of kit Review by
    Rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it... Had one on my old key chain for five years until I lost it... Bought a new one for piece of mind... I played with the old one and it did work for cutting seat belts and breaking glass... Happy!!! (Posted on )
  5. Good stuffReview by
    Ok so I have both Swiss Tech and ResQme.
    ResQme is more skeletonised so I would say 15-20% smaller volume wise (they are both pretty small and light key ring items).

    1. It does work in both main functions as good as the ResQme.
    2. It's much easier to release from the ring, almost to a point where I was concerned I could loose it. I was thinking to myself that it's a better option than ResQme for an elderly person.
    3. It's fatter/fills your hand better so easier to grab. Again, better for your granny.
    4. The torch is a gimmick, very weak, you will drain batteries in a week as the button is exposed to activate in your pocket and the mechanism/construction extremely flimsy especially when changing batteries.

    I gave it to my girlfriend as she liked the colour and the general purpose of this tool. But for a tactical gear junkie the ResQme is a better constructed/less gimmicky option.
    (Posted on )
  6. Peace of mindReview by
    Its not too big to keep on your key ring & it's nice to know that it's there should I need it.

    (Posted on )
  7. Very useful little toolReview by
    Neat little belt cutter and pressurised punch. Solid construction and easy to open when attached to a keyring (Posted on )
  8. ResQme ToolReview by
    I work for a major supermarket in the car park & having seen mothers lock their children & keys in their cars bought a ResQme got called to a 5 series BMW & although side window was laminated it got through(with the assistance of an elbow)& rescued the child Top Class Tool!!! (Posted on )

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