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Puma Tec Outdoormesser Wood

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Puma Tec Knives Outdoormesser Wood

test 1Puma Tec Knives Outdoormesser Woodtest 2Puma Tec Outdoormesser Woodtest 3Puma Tec Knives Outdoormesser Woodtest 4 Puma Tec Knives Outdoormesser Wood

Puma Tec Outdoormesser Wood

18+ Age Restriction Icon

In Stock

Available for Delivery



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Puma Tec Outdoormesser Wood

Puma Tec Outdoormesser Wood



Made by Puma IP (international production). This outdoor knife is a quality back-up tool on the campsite. It has sturdy Jacaranda Wood handles with an extended thumb guard to prevent the hand from slipping and a small serrated area on the blade for the really tough cutting jobs. It comes with a superb leather sheath.


Code HBZ329416
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Puma Tec
Blade Material: AISI 420
Blade Length (cm): 15.7
Blade Thickness (cm): 0.5
Overall Length (cm): 27.9
Handle Material: Wood
Sheath: Yes


  1. Five years onReview by
    We've been together 5 years. It's done all I've asked and more. It's processed deer in Scotland and deer, thar, pigs and other game in NZ. It'll light your fire, chop stuff, process game, in fact everything a really expensive knives made out of the most on trend steel will do. It'll do these tasks without breaking, bending or the blade chipping.
    I have an emotional attachment because it triggers memories. I'm not gentle with it nor an idiot, but if it does get broken or lost I won't be disraught, it cost be £*0 quid. Let's be honest, most knives will do what I and most people require.
    I know people who buy exotic knives that cost a fortune. They don't use them through fear of loss.
    Buy a couple of these they are brilliant.
    (Posted on )
  2. my 2 penethReview by
    i bought my white hunter in 1977 at a price of about £67
    even then i found that the "grind" was a bit (blunt)
    and have since "reshaped the grind" it will now hold its own against any "scandi grind"

    but i have to say while not exactly "stainless" steel 01 tool steel would have been better

    but i do love timber scales , my hunter is staghorn
    but at £44 pound what can you expect?
    looks beter than a buch119
    could well feel beter than said 119
    but idoubt if its as sharp out of the box!

    my personal opinion is i think its a VISION thing
    ie do you or can you viualise it ?
    if so then why not .
    so yes i will be buying one of these when they are in stock even if it needs reshaping
    (Posted on )
  3. A very good solid knifeReview by
    I bought this to go to Alaska two years ago. I made fires with it skinned a bunny and lent it to quite a few guys I met for a play with it. It does what a knife is supposed to do when treated reasonably. No fancy steel or grinds. Not a knife for a knife snob. I like it (Posted on )
  4. Outdoormesser Wood UpdateReview by
    I have re-ground the blade to a flat, shallow bevel. Sanded the handle and polished the steel to a dull shine.
    This is a nice knife but has taken a lot of work. I'm happy with the final results and exceptional value.
    (Posted on )
  5. Mixed feelings about the Puma Tec OutdoormesserReview by
    Have mixed feelings about this knife.
    Would I have bought this knife if I had looked and held it rather than buy on line, I expected so much more.
    It is a big slab of very good quality metal, Blunt and with very steep grind angle that makes getting an edge very difficult. The edge is more axe than knife.
    I have begun to re-grind and polish the whole blade that will loose the serrated teeth.
    Results thus far are encouraging and I now have a very good edge.
    The handle is made down to the budget, mine had small tear's and splinters that I sanded out, the sheath is crude and I will find something to replace it.
    That said it is going to be a very good knife after spending many hours working on it.
    Yes, I would still have bought this knife for ú37.00 but my expectations would have been more realistic.
    Alternates to this knife are the Buck Skinner or Kershaw Redkneck, both quality knives, razor sharp out the box and quality leather sheath.
    (Posted on )
  6. BigBillyReview by
    Great value for less than forty quid. Agree with the previous review about the White Hunter feel. The handle and sheath colour were exactly as illustrated. Tempted to get the Outdoormesser Stag as well.
    Usual fast service from HH
    (Posted on )
  7. Puma Tec:Outdoormesser (wood)Review by
    First up, it has to be said that this knife offers GREAT value for money. For the cost of this knife there is not a lot wrong at all. It feels very much like the 'White Hunter' in your hand, with the build being sound and pretty sharp out of the box. Sheath is rather good and secures the knife well. One small point that may annoy some, the actual knife and sheath are MUCH darker than the photo suggests. Its much more like the sheffield M.O.D. Survival Knife in colour. All in all I would recommend this knife and the service, as usual, was fast and reliable!! (Posted on )

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