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Pathfinder Canteen Cup Snap Fit Lid

Out Of Stock

Stock due in 4 - 6 Weeks

Pathfinder Canteen Cup Snap Fit Lid

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Pathfinder Canteen Cup Snap Fit Lid

Out Of Stock

Stock due in 4 - 6 Weeks



Back Order Item

Please note that this item will be dispatched once in stock. We estimate that stock will be here in 4 – 6 Weeks


Pathfinder Canteen Cup Snap Fit Lid

Pathfinder Canteen Cup Snap Fit Lid



Stainless Steel lid which snaps securely into the Canteen Cup.


Code PATH-1202
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Pathfinder
Body Material: Stainless Steel
Product Weight (g): 63


  1. Product is decent - but Its Rothco not Pathfinder BrandReview by
    I read the reviews, saw some confusion as to what it fits,
    figured its Pathfinder and will fit their mug. its not a perfect fit but then its primarily designed for use with the GI Issue mug. The problem stems from there being numerous variations in canteen mugs which are not all a universal size.

    End of the day, even it is does not clip onto the mug,
    it sits on top and performs pretty much the same way,
    keeping dust/dirt/ash/bugs from getting into your mug.

    I would give it 4/5 stars only because its Rothco and not Pathfinder,
    (maybe you guys at heinnie haynes should remove pathfinder from the title)

    (Posted on )
  2. Not to Nato canteen cupReview by
    Arrived today and needed quite much modification to fit nato canteen cup. (Posted on )
  3. Found somethign it fits...kindaReview by
    I discovered that this lid fits a French Army mug I had laying around. The only writing on the mug is at the back between the 2 handles and is printed "PL76" The lip of the mug is also rolled over more into a curved shape.

    I recently search for and found another French Army mug on an auction site and I ID'd it by the handle config of the PL76.

    That arrived today and it is ever so slight different. Handles the same but printed on the back is "PL75". Also the lip is not rolled as much as the 76. More in the style of the US Army canteen type.

    Still happy with the lid though

    The lid fits ok-ish. It rest on top ok but you can push it a little and you'll hear a little click.

    I filed the 75 with hot water to expand it and it still fit over just about ok and I could still click it down if I wanted. The mugs hold 700ml.

    The French Army mugs I have do not have the rivets showing on the inside where the handle has been attached.
    (Posted on )
  4. Does exactly what is saysReview by
    I agree with SJ if you purchase an item aimed at one thing use it for that purpose. The lid I got snaps on lovely very strong and keeps in the heat lovely, a brilliant addition that fits in the bottom of the pouch and comes in really handy. Cheers HH again for less than 24 hr delivery (from memory it was a few weeks ago) (Posted on )
  5. Does not fit Pathfinder canteen cup.Review by
    Ok, when I say this lid doesn't fit that's not strictly true. It will snap onto a cold canteen cup if you push in the concave side of the cup. The problem is most people want to use a lid when cooking in the cup over a fire or stove. In this situation it is only possible to lay the lid loosely on top of the cup which leaves a slight gap. I used the lid like this on an open fire and found that ash got into the water I was boiling. I think the Heavy Cover lid for the GI cup would be better but shipping from the states is $54. It is a pity HH don't make the fit clear. I also wish they could supply the Heavy Cover lid which I would buy. (Posted on )
  6. my skoda wheels don't fit my rangieReview by
    why oh why oh why - I bought some wheels from skoda, hoping that they would fit my range rover, but they don't. Never mind, I'll try them on my porsche - oh, they don't fit.
    moral of the story is if two parts are made by different companies, better check before purchase whether they'd fit.
    (Posted on )
  7. Doesn't fit BCB or GI canteen.Review by
    I bought this lid *hoping* it would fit the BCB Crusader only to discover that it doesn't. 'OK, it'll fit my US GI canteen then' was my next thought. Nope. Very disappointed with this purchase. Heinnie could do with adding a description to this item so others won't make the same mistake I have.
    On the bright side the build quality seems good and should last some years if taken care of. The handle is well attached to the lid and I am sure if could take a knock.
    (Posted on )

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