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Pathfinder Alcohol Stove

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Pathfinder Alcohol Stove

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test 1Pathfinder Alcohol Stovetest 2Pathfinder Alcohol Stovetest 3Pathfinder Alcohol Stovetest 4 Pathfinder Alcohol Stove
test 1Pathfinder Alcohol Stovetest 2Pathfinder Alcohol Stovetest 3Pathfinder Alcohol Stovetest 4 Pathfinder Alcohol Stove
test 1Pathfinder Alcohol Stovetest 2Pathfinder Alcohol Stovetest 3Pathfinder Alcohol Stovetest 4 Pathfinder Alcohol Stove
test 1Pathfinder Alcohol Stovetest 2Pathfinder Alcohol Stovetest 3Pathfinder Alcohol Stovetest 4 Pathfinder Alcohol Stove

Pathfinder Alcohol Stove

In Stock

Available for Delivery



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Pathfinder Alcohol Stove

Pathfinder Alcohol Stove



Patfinder products are created by the "Pathfinder School" who have direct experience of survival in the deepest, darkest areas of the USA. So the equipment they design is going to work and fit the users requirements.

The Alcohol Stove is light in weight and seals the fuel into the stove with a strong and durable seal. A pot stand/windshield/grill-top is supplied for a decent size pot. See the video link opposite to see it in action.

Holds approximately 128 ml of fuel. Burn time is upwards of 20 minutes.


Code PATH-099AS
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Pathfinder
Body Material: Stainless Steel
Dimensions (cm) Non Config: 8.5 x 7.0
Product Weight (g): 214
Youtube Link: Watch Youtube Video


  1. Not impressedReview by
    When the fuel is low it's almost imposable to light, so defeates the reason for a large tank as you need to carry more fuel to top it up..
    you need a wind sheld of some form, to keep the flame controled
    the o-ring does not seal (not an issue I've never had with a Trangia)
    have now replaced the ring with one from Trangia which looks (at home) to solve its leaking
    (Posted on )
  2. okay but look at the alternatives tooReview by
    I already own the trangia and esbit triangles. Love the simplicity and lightweight when I can't light a fire or don't want any smoke.

    The large capacity of this appealed to me. It's at least double+ of a trangia burner. This version has the rubber seal like a trangia and is so far leakproof. The simmer ring works, just tested it on some chorizo and the flame reduces well.

    Out of the box the windshield didn't sit right on the burner. It wobbled and was very unstable. After tweaking it I tested my esbit ti pot and stanley adventure pot. Both fit well. The stanley sort of slots into the shield because it has the angled base.

    I tested lighting it half and completely full on a cold/windy day with no issues using a ferro rod. It takes longer to prime than a trangia. I tested this and the triangle outside 8* and breezy. The triangle was 18minutes to boil 600ml and this was 21minutes to a rolling boil using water from a bottle in my vehicle and the stanley pot with the lid.

    The trangia triangle is faster to the boil but this holds more fuel. If you just want a quick brew stove the triangle is better value. This would be okay for quick food and a few brews overnight etc..
    (Posted on )
  3. Brilliant KitReview by
    Like all of the other pathfinder stuff, this top notch! no parts to go wrong except the sealing ring and apparently a universally available trangia sealing will work just fine. lighting is very easy, just lift as tilt so a bit of fuel comes out on to the top, place wind shield on and light through the gap. it takes a few minutes to get up to working temperature. its a touch unstable if using pots on top of the windshield. the simmer ring is only really usable as a snuffer if using windshield and mine has a couple of sharp edges, easily sorted. I use mine with bio ethanol (from B&Q) and it works great. (Posted on )
  4. Difficult to lightReview by
    I must declare that I have posted a previous review. This is an update. When this stove is only partially filled with fuel it is really difficult to light. The fuel is so far down the central well that there is a problem of lack of oxygen to facilitate the burn. The slightest breeze puts the flame out. So if (as I did) you think that one fill will do you for say a full 24 hours then you could be wrong as anything less than a full stove is a devil to light out in the wilds. You need extra fuel to pour around the top of the stove. I like the idea of this stove so I bought one; however I think that the better option is a Trangia burner and a Trangia triangle or an Esbit triangle. I have been using Trangia burners for 25 years and they are simply better. (Posted on )
  5. Works well if used wiselyReview by
    Large capacity and works well, the "cage" sits on top of the burner but the diameter is pretty small so smaller pots don't sit on it very well. It is designed for the pathfinder cup and mine just sits on top, but you really need a level and stable base . Size is pretty much the same as a trangia and mine works well with a swedish army cookset. (Posted on )
  6. recent purchaseReview by
    bought this item for my son as a present for Christmas so the product hasn't been tested yet. However it was delivered quickly without any issues came well packaged/protected and now its been opened and checked its clearly a quality piece of equipment .
    I expect he will get many years of hot drinks and food while he's exploring the great outdoors all around the UK.
    Would use this company again without hesitation :)
    (Posted on )
  7. use the grill top stove with itReview by
    re Pestweazle..... sink it in the ground to the required depth then use the canteen grill top stove over the top,.......simples !! (Posted on )
  8. Change the O RingReview by
    Dear Alwyn,

    Change the O-Ring, use the O-Ring from a Trangia, it will fix your leaking problem.

    The reason why the Pathfinder leaks is because the O-Ring is too hard, the Trangia uses a softer rubber (which is the same size as a Pathfinder).

    What I did was also lightly sand and polish with abrasive compound the top of the Pathfinder stove to a mirror finish so that a perfect seal was made to the O-Ring.

    Anyway, I know its a lot of effort, but it worked; my Pathfinder no longer leaks.

    Best regards,

    (Posted on )
  9. It works.Review by
    As a stove this product performs adequately. It blooms within a minute and puts out quite a lot of heat. I found the o ring on the lid to give a good seal. I am a little disappointed because the stove does not fit under the canteen kit grill top stove - which is what I bought it for. I watched a video on YouTube by Dave Cantabury where he said it could be used with all the grill top stoves. I would have awarded more stars it this had not been the case. (Posted on )
  10. its ok to get a brew on Review by
    I have had this for a few months now, on the whole it's pretty good when combined with the Pathfinder cup. The only issues I have with it is, it does feel like it could tip over when using it (although it never has). And the O ring on the lid was rubbish from day one and does not allow for a tight enough seal so fuel leaks out for me when transporting it, so I now keep fuel in a separate bottle which is a bit of pain.

    Other than that the service is great and the gear arrives really fast , even to me here in Finland.
    (Posted on )

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    Please note that this item will be dispatched once in stock. We estimate that stock will be here in 4 – 6 Weeks

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