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Otter Anker-Messer

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Otter Anker-Messer

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Otter Anker-Messer

18+ Age Restriction Icon

Out Of Stock

Stock due in 14 - 21 Days



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Otter Anker-Messer

Otter Anker-Messer



A true classic and the best-seller in the Otter range. The model impresses with its typical solid construction and maritime appeal, with the hand crafted brass inlay in the form of an anchor. A traditional pocket knife that acquires a beautiful patina through constant use, its rounded handle scales giving it the feel of a worry stone. The handle scales are made of bubinga wood and the stainless steel blade with the typical Solingen fine ground surface (manual belt grinding) is of the finest Solingen steel.


Code 01OT004
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Otter
Blade Material: Stainless Steel
Blade Length (cm): 7.0
Blade Thickness (cm): 0.2
Closed Length (cm): 8.90
Overall Length (cm): 19.0
Handle Material: Bubinga
Lock Type: Non-locking
UK Friendly Carry: Yes
Sheath: No
Pocket Clip: No


  1. Anchors away, Matey!Review by
    The single blade sheepfoot folder in its role as a seafaring working knife has an interesting place in history that will appeal to traditional pocket knife enthusiasts, collectors, and history buffs alike. To hold in your hands a descendant of maritime utility with a proven historical record is to have tangible contact with a sailor's EDC from generations past; carried without thought of it being anything other than an item as essential as a pocket whetstone, marlin spike, or any other shipboard item. Long before the development of anything as trite as acronyms to describe ordinary everyday objects.

    The old navy rope knives were noted for their sturdy reliability, often called into service along with a wooden mallet, to quickly "cut ties" with a comparatively thick line. The rounded end of the sheepfoot blade made a sensible choice for a folding pocket knife suitable for use on rough seas. An accidental fall onto a pointed fixed blade or even a Sheffield made Barlow of the era, with its usual 5" or so closed length and comparatively long spear point blade, could easily have meant a tragic fatality. The blunt end of a sheepfoot blade tended to minimise injury. The same could be said of port activities when shore leave, combined with opportunities to enjoy brief freedom from shipboard rigours, consumption of local beverages, and boisterous enjoyment of available entertainment could easily escalate beyond friendly rivalry.

    The pattern has endured for many decades after. The robust British Army pocket knife in its varied forms has carried forward the sensible sheepfoot blade, and other countries likewise saw the practical wisdom of this classic design. For example, many standard issue maritime pocket knives of the early 1900's will usually have a sheepfoot blade, with or without a smaller pen blade, marlin spike, and shackle.

    The point? This is a well-proven design that still has its place. Having long been an admiring user of Sheffield steel in its many patterns for pocket knives, it seemed only fitting to evaluate the pocket cutlery from a European locality with a renowned steel-producing legacy in terms of quality and performance, Solingen.

    So, the cute little Otter. This pocket knife really grows on you. If you like the usual lamb foot style, this one will at once win your approval. The quality is truly excellent. All grinds are beautifully done, the wooden scales are most tactile and invitingly smooth, and the fit and finish is first rate, very well crafted. No filler here! The backspring is appropriately stout and the edge is probably one of the nicest, out of the box, of any of its type that I have ever seen.

    As a working pocket knife this will not let you down.

    I agree with the other remarks; the brass anchor at first seems a bit bright and out of place for a daily user. But, yes, it will develop a fetching patina, and soon your Otter will look as at home in your gardening glove or your workshop as it will in your pocket. History and everyday practically. Superb.

    This is really well made. Built to last for decades to come, and not at all afraid of honest hard work and everyday use. Within its class this is an absolute standout. Cheers to Heinnie's for making the Otter Anker-Messer available. Highly recommended!
    (Posted on )
  2. Great quality working knifeReview by
    Fantastic knife, with very good build quality! This is my first lambs foot blade and am very happy with how it handles day to day jobs. The wood scales look very nice with the brass pins and anchor (although i am looking forward to the brass developing a nice patina) this knife should last a lifetime if not abused. Also was very sharp right out of the box! (Posted on )
  3. Excellent every day carryReview by
    Knife arrived shave sharp . An excellent knife and uk legal too , fast delivery from heinnie. Build quality is excellent (Posted on )
  4. Awesome knife, Awesome serviceReview by
    I have many slip joint edc knives but this one is a favourite, Very similar in size to the Victorinox Spartan, solid construction. Mine arrived shave sharp, flawlessly made without any issues and arrived the next day. Couldn't ask for a better quality product or service. (Posted on )
  5. Handy EDCReview by
    Lovely well made knife. Takes a very keen edge and very easy to maintain it. Uk friendly and non threatening. A good choice. (Posted on )
  6. Don't be put off by the anchor!Review by
    Iv'e bought knives like this before, Sheffield made ones that can cost upwards of ú50, and when they arrive the blade wobbles/scales aren't flush...very disappointing as I always try to buy British, but this is a lovely knife..good fit and finish, very solid but small enough to fit comfortably in you're pocket, and always good to have a lanyard hole! Just don't be put off with the anchor as the knife more than makes up for it, good working knife. (Posted on )

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