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Opinel Carbon Steel No.4 Non-Locking

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Opinel Carbon Steel No.4 Non-Locking

test 1Opinel Carbon Steel No.4 Non-Locking Thumbnail Imagetest 2Opinel Carbon Steel No.4 Non-Lockingtest 3test 4
test 1Opinel Carbon Steel No.4 Non-Lockingtest 2Opinel Carbon Steel No.4 Non-Lockingtest 3Opinel Carbon Steel No.4 Non-Lockingtest 4 Opinel Carbon Steel No.4 Non-Locking
test 1Opinel Carbon Steel No.4 Non-Lockingtest 2Opinel Carbon Steel No.4 Non-Lockingtest 3Opinel Carbon Steel No.4 Non-Lockingtest 4 Opinel Carbon Steel No.4 Non-Locking
test 1Opinel Carbon Steel No.4 Non-Lockingtest 2Opinel Carbon Steel No.4 Non-Lockingtest 3Opinel Carbon Steel No.4 Non-Lockingtest 4 Opinel Carbon Steel No.4 Non-Locking
test 1Opinel Carbon Steel No.4 Non-Lockingtest 2Opinel Carbon Steel No.4 Non-Lockingtest 3Opinel Carbon Steel No.4 Non-Lockingtest 4 Opinel Carbon Steel No.4 Non-Locking

Opinel Carbon Steel No.4 Non-Locking

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Opinel Carbon Steel No.4 Non-Locking

Opinel Carbon Steel No.4 Non-Locking



Opinel knife blades are made using steels with a high carbon content, which is what makes it possible to achieve the excellent hardness after heat treatment, guaranteeing the good strength of the cutting edge, resistance to wear and easy sharpening. The handles are made from durable French orange beech wood, and the Opinel Yatagan blades, with their curved points and round profiles, are effective, precise and elegant. These small non locking Opinel knives have blades under 3 inches and therefore legal to carry in the UK.


Code WIT-NO4NL-$$
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Opinel
Blade Material: Carbon Steel
Blade Thickness (cm): 0.2
Handle Material: Beech
Lock Type: Non-locking
UK Friendly Carry: Yes
Sheath: No
Pocket Clip: No


  1. Cheap but incredibly cheerful!Review by
    I ordered the 6cm version. It's incredibly light! The blade is very thin, almost delicate-feeling. But watching a youtube review by Vinniesdayoff, I know that this knife is extremely capable. I prefer a thinner blade. It cuts far better. The construction is simple, no bells and whistles, little could go wrong!
    The blade arrived with a significant burr on one side (hence 4 stars). Nothing a few passes on a whetstone and strop couldn't fix. Once that was done, it easily shaves the hair on my arm.
    I don't forsee myself using this for much heavy duty cutting, it's just a nice thing to have in a backpack. Due to the design and the size of the handle, you might find your fingers get quite close to the heel of the blade.
    For the price, there's really nothing to complain about.
    (Posted on )
  2. No 3 - okay by me!Review by
    Well it’s tiny, isn’t it! But that’s alright. In the same way that the petite Spyderco Bug is very popular, the diminutive Opinel No 3 is small but mighty. For cutting, trimming, or opening tasks, this little pocket knife works beautifully. And unlike a Bug, it really does not feel like it has any weight in a pocket, concerns about scuffs from coins and keys are not such an issue, replacing a lost one is a trivial expense, and if it grew legs when loaned out, not quite as likely to sunder a friendship.

    Yes, it’s not meant for prying, it’s too little for food prep, and the usual Opinel niggles are present in terms of rust if neglected and occasionally stiff action (just persevere - it will improve with time and use) but it also responds eagerly to sharpening and especially stropping, and always does well when used sensibly. For example, if using the tip to pierce something, if the material is tough or resistant, support the tiny blade with a pinch grip rather than just holding the handle and pressing forward. Otherwise the little friction folder can easily fold up and nip a finger. The sort of mistake that most people would make only once.

    Yet personally the good attributes far outweigh any minor niggles with this one, so it receives a hearty recommendation. Cheers!
    (Posted on )
  3. light , handy & LegalReview by
    I purchased the #4 and #5 as EDC pocket knives having been informed by my local PC in an informal manner that the #6 could be classed as an illegal locking knife in the UK. Firstly they both have carbon blades that when folded make excellent strikers for fire steels and being small no one seems interested when you happen to be using one for those odd little jobs like they would if you pulled out a larger fixed blade. The blades are thin and don't like sideways flexing but if used sensibly as cutting tools rather than levers i'd expect the high carbon blades to give a lifetime service (legally) Thanks HH for stocking these and providing super fast delivery. (Posted on )
  4. 5 stars for the Number 5.Review by
    My previous choice for a small EDC pocket knife was often an Opinel Number 4. It still has quite a bit of carry time. But sometimes it is too small for certain tasks.

    Enter the Opi No. 5. As a lightweight yet capable pocket knife it carries almost without notice, easily apportions fruit and veg into bite size pieces, is comfortable for whittling chores, and sharpens a pencil in no time. Compared to the tiny No. 4 it has more to hold onto, has more reach in the blade (useful for food prep, for instance), and all at no appreciable difference in weight, price, or space in your pocket.

    In some ways, a No. 5 is better than slipping the locking ring off from a No. 6, to have a UK friendly Opinel in your EDC kit. Sometimes smaller is better. And - although this may not be a frequently used feature - a non-locking Opinel floats!

    Opinel’s convex grind makes for an effective slicer. These pocket knives may not keep their edge for as long as some of the more recent ‘wonder steels’ but you can guarantee that an Opinel will sharpen up in almost no time, and with stropping, achieve an atom-splitting edge. Meanwhile, the 440C or D2 enthusiast will just be starting to perspire with the effort needed to get their vaunted ‘über-blade’ as sharp.

    If your little Opi loosens, don’t worry. A bit of moisture makes the wood swell up. So just give it a quick wash, then rinse, shake out any excess water, and dry your Opinel off. Or gently peen the nail with very light hammer blows. If the action becomes too tight, again, not a problem. Try a tiny drop of mineral oil in the joint. Some like to use a dab of beeswax. Persevere, in either case, and things settle down. Best not to use olive oil in the joint. Okay for the blade but you don’t want residue in the joint.

    Some people like to carve or file a notch in the wooden handle to permit more access to the blade. This is useful if you find that the blade is a bit difficult to open. Opinels are a popular choice for customisations, and even a novice can easily shape, sand, and refinish to their liking. Have a look online for examples and ideas.

    The crisp corners of the back of the blade will make sparks from a ferro rod with no problem. Even closed. So this might be a handy addition to camping gear. Or perhaps in a basic first aid kit.

    Simple to use and maintain, inexpensive yet very serviceable, and certainly in the smaller sizes, not likely to raise an eyebrow in normal sensible use. Opinel’s are world renowned, and with good reason.

    Don’t be put off by the thin blade. These really do work, and they work really well!

    Preferences and requirements may change over time, but personally, a little Opinel, on its own or as part of the bits of kit for the day, is a very useful item. This has been proven again and again.

    Thanks, Heinnie, for making this legendary brand available.
    (Posted on )
  5. Opinel No5 Carbon Review by
    This is my first Opinel and i was a little surprised just how light weight it is . Ok its only a number 5 but i have knives of a similar size that are much heavier . The blade is thin but very sharp out of the "Bag" ,(it doesn,t come in a box ) , ideal for opening mail etc but nothing to heavy . Glad to have an Opinel in my collection but not sure i will buy another .A bit of rustic France . (Posted on )
  6. Opinel No.2, 3.5cm.Review by
    Good little micro knife. Nice little backup for when you can't whip out a knife that people may deem "scary". No complaints. (Posted on )
  7. No worries. Review by
    "Sacrificial" is a fitting term for the Opinel No 4. That is, if a task seems likely to damage the blade, this little trooper steps bravely forward. Saving that posh expensive slipjoint in your other pocket from ruin and your personal catalogue of life lessons from chagrin.

    Whilst in a shop, the shipping carton for an item I had just purchased had an information panel I wanted to keep. The salesman was about to go in search of a box cutter, but I assured him I could sort it myself. The little No 4 went straight to work without raising an eyebrow. Seconds later the information panel was in hand, and the No 4 slipped back into my pocket.

    Now, hidden in the layers of thick cardboard was a large staple. It curled the blade's edge, so badly that my kitchen steel could not correct it. Some work on a coarse stone, then on a Sharpmaker, and finally stropping, restored things.

    This event shows why the No 4 is a good choice for an expendable pocket knife. True, many other little bits of cutlery would fit this role, but I would rate a No 4 as probably the top performer; the cheapest option.

    It is also handy for trimming jobs where you don't have much access, if a Stanley knife is too big to be used. Also, the belly on the tiny Opinel blade is sometimes more appropriate than the sharp point on a utility knife. With care you can go by feel to score or slice some materials, such as vinyl sheets, without leaving a mark on the furniture surface underneath.

    Opinels really excel when it comes to slicing. Despite its miniature proportions, the thin blade and the renowned convex grind lets it glide through materials that other blades would balk at. I had to halve a tough plastic bottle lengthwise. Including the hard thick threaded spout. My trusty Case, with its hollow ground blade, hung up in the spout. Substituting the No 4 finished the job in no time. A slight rocking motion helped it bite through the hard tough material.

    When using a No 4 on apples, although the blade is short, juice tends to not run into the joint if the knife is held above the fruit, tip down. A hollow ground blade, even one quite a bit longer, will often channel fruit juices right up and into the joint of the blade. In this instance, in my opinion, the thin convex blade gets the nod even over the respected SAK equivalent.

    And the diminutive No 4 is as sheeple friendly as can be. It looks, and is, disarmingly old fashioned. All at a negligible 10 grams. If lost or ruined, this little knife is easy to replace. Very simple to sharpen and maintain. Value for money? Off the scale. EDC with no worries.

    So, the tiny Opinel No 4. Maybe the ultimate small, expendable, "sacrificial," sheeple pleaser that will also serve you for many years to come. Simply ideal!

    Service from HH? Sublime.
    (Posted on )
  8. A fascinating advert for a bigger knife.Review by
    I bought the 5cm bladed Opinel from HH (Top service, great prices, fast delivery as always) out of my facintation with friction folder.

    It arrived today and my first impression? "Bl**dy h*ll it's small! And blunt!". A good look over it and I can see and feel the quality in this blade that belies its price. It is small but very well made.

    2 minutes on my blade-medic (bought through HH) and 2 more on my strop (again, HH) and the thin, carbon steel blade on this knife is now a scalpel. Really easy to sharpen.

    My new, jeans' watch pocket EDC!
    (Posted on )
  9. This classic folder every knife collector should have !Review by
    Great quality... razor sharp (Posted on )
  10. Staple of my edcReview by
    Regardless of where I go, or what the occasion I can guarantee that this little thing is tucked safely in my pocket. For the price it is a truly fantastic and well made knife and it's easy on the eye as well. Can't go wrong with it. (Posted on )
  11. Best budget backup Review by
    Initially bought a size 6 as a winter project to modify the handle. Once it came out of the packet though I was wonder where it would fit in my kit. Sharp enough to whittle and big enough (just) to be comfortable in the hand. Would buy another one maybe a 7 or 8 for regular usage. (Posted on )
  12. very smallReview by
    I bought the no 3 and it is very small . it has a thin blade that is very sharp. this makes it great for slicing. I bought this knife to bump up the total price to get free shipping and had i known it was this small i dont know whether i would bother now I know how small it is. I think I shall use it as a marking knife for carpentry or as another review said in a first aid kit (Posted on )
  13. wow this is smallReview by
    And sharp (Posted on )
  14. it is what it isReview by
    It's a tiny opinel. Yes it is thin and for that reason you can get this little thing to scary levels of sharpness. It's a folding scalpel.

    Can you snap it ? Yes of cause you can if you are that way inclined.

    It's a fun item that you can buy with pocket change but it won't chop trees down lol
    (Posted on )
  15. good little opie,Review by
    Ive a few opinels and love them all, this litte knife is ideal for small jobs and keep mine in with my first aid kit, must have for any opinel fan, (Posted on )
  16. Nope, it's a bad wee knife!Review by
    Upon closer examination I became enraged by it's fragility and so I snapped the blade in half like a cheap feeler-gauge. This knife compares to a Spyderco Bug in the way that the Wright Flyer compares to an A10. (Posted on )
  17. Blade too thinReview by
    Get a Spyderco Bug, Sog Micron, or Vic SD instead - this blade is so thin that you can snap it with your fingers easily. It's a toy. (Posted on )
  18. Good wee knifeReview by
    Small, sharp and cheap. Exactly what I wanted. (Posted on )
  19. Small and sharpReview by
    It is a miniature knife indeed. But it cuts over any expectations. The blade is thin indeed, it is to enhance you cutting even further. With some you do not use a miniature knife for heavy tasks or as a prybar so there is no chance for it to brake. It is perfect for the overly sensitive Metropolitan public, when you really need to cut something and though a classic knife in your pocket is fully legal, you still need to be cautious, not everybody knows the law and you may be getting some weird looks. That's when this little wonder saves the day. Use it wisely (Posted on )
  20. cool but miniReview by
    Very excellent cutter but the blade is very thin and fragile. It is microscopic please check the specs before you buy. (Posted on )

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