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Nitecore Tube

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Nitecore Tube AZURE

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test 1Nitecore Tubetest 2Nitecore Tubetest 3Nitecore Tubetest 4 Nitecore Tube
test 1Nitecore Tubetest 2Nitecore Tubetest 3Nitecore Tubetest 4 Nitecore Tube
test 1Nitecore Tubetest 2Nitecore Tubetest 3Nitecore Tubetest 4 Nitecore Tube
test 1Nitecore Tubetest 2Nitecore Tubetest 3Nitecore Tubetest 4 Nitecore Tube
test 1Nitecore Tubetest 2Nitecore Tubetest 3Nitecore Tubetest 4 Nitecore Tube
test 1Nitecore Tubetest 2Nitecore Tubetest 3Nitecore Tubetest 4 Nitecore Tube
test 1Nitecore Tubetest 2Nitecore Tubetest 3Nitecore Tubetest 4 Nitecore Tube
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test 1Nitecore Tubetest 2Nitecore Tubetest 3Nitecore Tubetest 4 Nitecore Tube
test 1Nitecore Tubetest 2Nitecore Tubetest 3Nitecore Tubetest 4 Nitecore Tube
test 1Nitecore Tubetest 2Nitecore Tubetest 3Nitecore Tubetest 4 Nitecore Tube

Nitecore Tube

In Stock

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From: €12.00
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Nitecore Tube

Nitecore Tube

From: €12.00


The smallest, water-resistant, rechargeable everyday carry light available. 

Two brightness levels and infinite brightness adjustment modes all through a single thumb switch. The Nitecore Tube is the latest in ultra compact lights. USB rechargeable, this eliminates the need for batteries and the 100 deg angle beam gives you great close range vision.

Perfect for use on your keychain, gloveboxes, tool boxes, bags, and basically anywhere you can slip this compact light into.

Constructed from durable polycarbonate materials, the Nitecore TUBE has a maximum output of 45 lumens and a built in rechargeable battery providing up to 48 hours run-time on low output.

The single multi-stage switch accesses the 2 brightness levels and the infinitely variable output mode. The TUBE is an extremely lightweight and  compact torch, which is perfect for attaching to a set of keys.

The battery is charged via a micro USB charging port (cable not included).

Product Features:

  • Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Integrated intelligent Li-ion battery charging circuit (micro USB charging port)
  • Single multi-stage switch offers access to all functions via one-handed control
  • Features two brightness levels and infinitely variable output mode
  • Features extremely wide 100° flawless beam to light up peripheral vision
  • Dual metal key ring connector withstands up to 35 kg
  • Extremely lightweight, compact and portable

Technical Details:

  • Type: Key ring LED torch
  • Operating Modes: High / Low / Momentary
  • Luminous Flux: 45 lumens on high / 1 lumen on low
  • Beam Range: 24 m
  • Lamp Type: LED
  • Batteries Required: Lithium-ion battery (included and fitted)
  • Run Time: 1 hour on high, 48 hours on low
  • Body Material: High strength polycarbonate
  • Environmental: Water resistant to IPX4 standard
  • Impact Resistance: 1.5 m 


Limited Edition: No
Brand: Nitecore
Light Colour: Yellow
Body Material: Polycarbonate
Overall Length (cm): 7.2
Lumens: 45
Runtime: 1.0
Beam Distance (m): 24
Battery Type: Other
Bulb: LED
Rechargeable: Yes
Strobe/SOS: No
Water Resistance (m): IPX-4
Product Weight (g): 10


  1. love it Review by
    Great key ring torch , plenty of light levels + rechargeable , need i say more ?
    Oh yes , get one !
    (Posted on )
  2. Super BrightReview by
    Really cool little torch which I have on my keys, suprised it didn t come with lead but it didnt say it does so I shouldnt assume. Very clever, long battery life and really hard wearing from the couple weeks its been battered on my keys. Nice one Heinnie (Posted on )
  3. Great at the start (Don't buy)Review by
    This little torch is brilliant for a while but 3 months and suddenly stop working, its on my bunch of keys and get used every now and then. Thought it just needed a charge but I thought wrong, gutted and annoyed with nitecore as I like there products usually (Posted on )
  4. Best EDC LightReview by
    I ordered a couple of these lights about a while ago, unfortuately one of the lights that came was faulty but thanks to Richard at HH a replacement came the very next morning! These lights are perfect for keychains and are bright enough for most daily tasks. The interface is simple to use, 1 click for low mode, two clicks for high, plus a couple of extra features. The plastic it is made from is solid and has held up well on my keys. The button makes it easy to turn on, although It has come on in my pocket a few times. I find the battery lasts me just over a week using it for 5-10 minutes a day on high mode. A micro USB cable is needed to charge the light, I find that it takes around 1hr 45mins to charge the light from no charge, using a apple wall adapter. There is a tiny blue LED in the body of the light that turns of when the light is fully charged. All of the Tubes that I received where around half charged out of the packaging. It would be nice if nitecore included charging instructions on the package as it didn't say what cable was required. I have found that the clear tube is fractionally brighter than the black tube, I assume this is because the black plastic absorbs more light. The lanyard ring is very sturdy. These lights would make an excellent stocking filler! Definitely the best EDC light available and at an unbeatable price. (Posted on )
  5. Close but not quite rightReview by
    I really like a lot about this torch. It is well priced, very light, tough, easy to charge, the two brightness modes offer great versatility and are easy to select.
    BUT, it is constantly switching on in my pocket, a couple of times till it drained right down. Most of the time I only notice when I become aware of a bright, about 45lumens, radiance from my front pocket area.......
    This is surely an easily solved problem without compromising what is otherwise an excellent edc torch.

    nb - as per usual this torch came quicker than should be humanly possible. HH as reliable as ever!
    (Posted on )
  6. Bull Bars Fitted - Fully KittedReview by
    I made a neat little guard for the switch from a piece of paperclip and some black tape and am now the proud owner of a non-self-switching -on torch. Back to five stars: three from Nitecore and two from me.
    (Posted on )
  7. Good but flawed in one important respect.Review by
    I got one, and because of it's extra brightness and similar size I used it to replace my Photon Freedom as a keyring torch. Alas, there is no use in having a bright torch if it's switched itself on in your pocket and the battery's gone flat. Which has happened several times. So yes, it's really bright and has three useful modes but it needs a means of locking it off, If it wasn't easily activated in the pocket by the other items on your keyring it'd be perfect. As it is, the Photon has re-established itself as a keyring light of superior design. (Posted on )
  8. Excellent little lightReview by
    This little keychain light is excellent, by far the best keyring light I've ever come across. It is smaller than I expected, but that is a good thing as it adds hardly any bulk to my keys when sitting along side them.

    Though there are two pre-set brightnesses, you can also actually choose a brightness by holding the power button down for a second.

    When it first arrived and I tried it out, on the brightest setting, the light actually reached the wall that was about 6 feet away in a room well lit by sunlight.
    (Posted on )
  9. perfect pocket lightReview by
    45 lumens on Hi mode from pocket friendly device. Low mode is enough to walk around dark room but Hi mode and wide light angle made a magic. Battery life ?? what is a problem if we can charge it same as our smartphone :) Its made from plastic but looks solid, only issue is USB port cover that looks very flimsy. Can not buy any thing better for that money. Remember that it is a key ring EDC tool not full size torch (Posted on )
  10. best in classReview by
    good quality key fob light,dimming feature on something this small surprising,outstanding amount of light ,lit up my sitting room!! great quality split rings also,only slight downer it is a bit fiddley to attach the usb cable and you have to supply it but this torch well recommended zmf blyth (Posted on )
  11. IndispensibleReview by
    Bright, compact, useful, ever-ready. HH service.........

    (Posted on )

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