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Nitecore Tini

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Nitecore Tini SILVER

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Nitecore Tini

In Stock

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Nitecore Tini

Nitecore Tini



The Nitecore TINI is a mini key ring size torch with the added benefit of being rechargeable. Constructed from aero grade aluminium with electroplated edges and switches, the TINI weighs in at only 13.4 grams and fits perfectly onto a key ring so it's with you when you need it most.

A built-in high capacity 280mAh Li-ion battery can run for up to 60 hours and charges via micro-usb, standby duration of up to 365 days. Various power sources can be used to charge such as power banks, solar panels, the Nitecore F2 Flexbank charger, mains or vehicle USB adapters. The battery features over-charge protection, over-discharge protection and terminates when charging is complete. During charging the power indicators inside the switches will flash and upon completion stay solidly lit.

Output is provided by a Cree XP-G2 S3 LED with a maximum brightness of 380 lumens. A textured reflector and lens provide uniform and soft lighting.

Operation of the TINI via two side switches: power and mode. Press and hold the power switch to turn the light on, this prevents accidental operation. When the light is turned on tap the mode switch to cycle through the brightness levels low, mid and high. Direct access to turbo from any state by pressing and holding the mode switch, releasing the switch reverts to previously used mode. Access turbo mode from any state by holding the mode switch for 0.6 seconds.

Two modes of operation are available: demo and daily. In demo mode the light automatically turns off after 30 seconds while in daily mode the light needs to be turned off manually. Switching modes is achieved by pressing both switches at the same time. The light will flash once to indicate it's in demo mode and twice for daily mode.

Power Tips: When the TINI is turned off, tap the function mode once, the blue indicator beneath the two switches will blink to report its remaining power: 3 flashes for above 50%, 2 flashes for below 50% and 1 flash when under 10% battery power remaining

  • Turbo: 380 Lumens - 15 minute runtime
  • High: 145 Lumens 1 hour runtime
  • Mid: 38 Lumens - 4 hour runtime
  • Low: 1 Lumen - 60 hour runtime

Continuous illumination means the lights can be used, even while charging and constant circuit provides no flicker (PWM) for less visual fatigue. Advanced Temperature Regulation (ATR) regulates output and adapts to the ambient environment, thereby maintaining optimal performance.


Limited Edition: No
Brand: Nitecore
Body Material: Aluminium
Dimensions (cm) Non Config: 4.3 x 2.4 x 1.1
Head Diameter (cm): 0.34
Lumens: 380
Runtime Details: 15 mins on full power
Runtime (minutes): 15
Product Weight (g): 15


  1. everyone should have oneReview by
    small bright rechargable whats not to like apart from the price

    it doesnt look much its so small, that is until you try it in the woods at night
    hard to believe so much light can come from a keyring torch you dont need it to be on full at all really to see where you are going, find the dog etc..
    (Posted on )

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