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Nite Ize Keyrack

In Stock

Available for Delivery

Nite Ize  Keyrack

test 1Nite Ize Keyracktest 2Nite Ize Keyracktest 3Nite Ize Keyracktest 4 Nite Ize  Keyrack

Nite Ize Keyrack

In Stock

Available for Delivery



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Nite Ize Keyrack

Nite Ize Keyrack



The Nite Ize KeyRack is as functional as it is compact, versatile as it is simple, and useful as it is (for lack of a better word) cool-looking. Its high quality stainless steel carabiner clip has a secure gate closure on one end, allowing you to clip your keys to an existing key ring, belt loop, purse strap, zipper pullanything with a loop or D-ring. The other end holds six different-colored plastic S-Biners, perfectly sized to hold 6 separate keys. Identify your keys by color, and attach and release them individually from the Key Rack with ease. No more fiddling with split rings or fumbling to find the key you needthe Key Rack is perfect for quick and easy sharing of keys with family members, leaving a key for a valet or babysitter, and taking a single key when youre out on a run or ride.

  • Packaged with 6 Plastic Size #0 S-Biners combining the innovation and versatility of the S-Biner to provide unique functionality and access to your keys.
  • 6 different color S-Biners allow for easy identification of similar style keys no more guessing!
  • Features a durable stainless steel carabiner clip which allows you to clip the Key Rack to an existing key chain, purse, jacket, strap or other convenient location.
  • Specification

    Code BMC-KRK-03-01
    Limited Edition: No
    Brand: Nite Ize


    1. Big clip OK, little clips NBGReview by
      I do not recommend this. The little 'S' clips are not serious hardware.
      I LOST a lovely little RoughRider mini knife that was clipped to this device and I almost lost an important key (which I finally found on my drive). Neither of the objects were especially heavy or subject to undue tugging.
      The small clips just don't have enough lock. The spring retainers "get round the back" of the S-body and jam open. I have replaced them with standard split rings on the main body and all is now fine.
      5 stars for the main belt/lanyard clip, minus three for the individual 'S' clips. The least you expect from a keyfob is that it keeps your keys intact.
      (Posted on )
    2. Really good!Review by
      Had one of these for a couple years now and use it everyday. Great design and well made - it's still going strong. Snapped a couple of S-Biners under strain, but never had a problem with the gates on them. Great value for money. (Posted on )
    3. DO NOT USE!!!Review by
      Heinnie - great service as usual.
      BUT...Horrible product - 'S'-Biners can 'reverse clip' and loose your keys.
      I have been using for about 5 months. I recently noticed one of the small S-Biners had come unclipped from the main clip in my pock and thought it was an unusual accident. But has happened again and have now lost set of keys. After fiddling around I can see how though general everyday use the clips can fairly easily disconnect themselves.
      (Posted on )
    4. PeteReview by
      Really impressed with the Keyrack. Mine is attached to my front belt loop and acts mainly as a pass holder and also to hold onto building keys on site. It has taken quite a battering in the 18 months I've had it but it's performed admirably. As always excellent serivce from H/H. (Posted on )
    5. gavinReview by
      Great little product would reccommend. Alot less bulky than you may think been great so far have a Spyderco Bug and my keys on it seems to be holding up ok. Great postage from Heinnie next day on standard free delivery. (Posted on )
    6. Yes - BUTReview by
      I purchased 2. One for the wife, the other for myself.
      In two weeks one of the S-Biners has broken and there have been two instances of the "latch" popping out. I have emailed Nite Ize looking to purchase spare S-Biners as potential replacements.
      I would suggest that they are nice to look at and a great replacement for multiple key rings.
      BUT, ultimately I expect to return to the stainless steel carbine hook brought from a chandlery and various key rings.
      (Posted on )

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