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Nebo Leo

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Nebo Leo

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test 1Nebo Leotest 2Nebo Leotest 3Nebo Leotest 4 Nebo Leo
test 1Nebo Leotest 2Nebo Leotest 3Nebo Leotest 4 Nebo Leo
test 1Nebo Leotest 2Nebo Leotest 3Nebo Leotest 4 Nebo Leo
test 1Nebo Leotest 2Nebo Leotest 3Nebo Leotest 4 Nebo Leo
test 1Nebo Leotest 2Nebo Leotest 3Nebo Leotest 4 Nebo Leo
test 1Nebo Leotest 2Nebo Leotest 3Nebo Leotest 4 Nebo Leo
test 1Nebo Leotest 2Nebo Leotest 3Nebo Leotest 4 Nebo Leo
test 1Nebo Leotest 2Nebo Leotest 3Nebo Leotest 4 Nebo Leo

Nebo Leo

In Stock

Available for Delivery

From: €12.00
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Nebo Leo

Nebo Leo

From: €12.00


The Nebo LEO™ is an amazingly versatile pocket light. Fully dimmable and equipped with Memory Power Setting, the LEO’s work light and spot light pivot and rotate to direct the light wherever you need it delivering a powerful flood and a spot depending on the job. A pocket clip, magnetic base and a kick stand / hanging hook give the LEO endless options of hands-free lighting.

It is available in grey, orange or black.


  • Work Light (220 lumens) - 5 hours / 22 meters
  • Spot Light (80 lumens) - 7 hours / 52 meters


  • Rotating directional light
  • Non-slip rubber coating
  • Water and impact-resistant
  • Fully dimmable
  • Memory Power Setting
  • Pocket clip
  • Powerful magnetic base
  • Kick stand / hanging hook


  • Top-positioned, ON/OFF button; hold to dim


Code DALE-NE6657-$$
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Nebo
Overall Length (cm): 16.6
Lumens: 220
Runtime: 5.0
Batteries: 3 x AAA (included)
Battery Type: AAA
Bulb: LED
Rechargeable: No
Strobe: No
Beacon: No
Product Weight (g): 87
Vimeo link: Watch Vimeo Video


  1. Not as good as I was expecting from the reviewsReview by
    I had high hopes for this after reading other reviews but it's not a great device.
    It's much larger than I expected, quite bulky for a AAA torch.
    The screwed on battery compartment doesn't seal properly.
    The bottom battery cover unscrews, counter-intuitively, clockwise.
    The pocket clip isn't very strong.
    The button is difficult to press, you certainly won't turn this on accidentally. Very difficult to operate with thick gloves on.
    Apart from that, it is very bright!
    (Posted on )
  2. Insanely brightReview by
    Based on the previous reviews, and at a tenner, I took a punt and bought three of these as practical stocking filler gifts for family members. Wow, the light panel is insanely bright. You cannot look at it without it hurting your eyes. The dimming feature is great and saves battery life and reduces glare. It's powered by standard batteries so you’ll never be without. early days but I must say that I’m really impressed. Just ordering one for myself. (Posted on )
  3. Versatile, Portable, BrightReview by
    Bought this on a whim--and pretty much the day I got it, it came in handy. The magnet makes is useful to hang it from car bonnet (day 1 use: replacing burnt bulb on my truck, in the damn dark) or other metal (Day 2 use: replacing the oven element in the tight corner behind the range). Mostly I use when stalking (Day 3 onwards...). It's either on magnet on the side of the truck as I do a ground gralloch, or clipped to my shirt/smock. It's very bright, and you can use either to cast ambient light or use the pivot head to point where you want to look specifically. It has been a great supplement to a head torch--much brighter for the outlay. Highly recommended for those who need portable light in any circumstance. I paid £12.99 for this, and consider that a steal. I see it now is cheaper. Might then buy a spare! (Posted on )
  4. Excellent inspection-type torch.Review by
    The Nebo Leo is fairly pointless as a traditional torch, but that isn't its intended purpose. The LED panel on the front gives out a very nice wide, even light which is absolutely perfect as an inspection lamp or a work lamp. It's also surprisingly bright.

    The magnetic base, hanging clip and pocket clip offer endless attachment possibilities and the rotating adjustable head mean that you can easily set this up to illuminate whatever you're working on.

    Keep one in the car - it's perfect for changing a tyre at the road side. keep one in the garage as an inspection lamp. Electrician? Plumber? Throw one in your tool box, you'll use one all the time. Military mechanic or engineer? Get a couple, you can use them for endless things.

    This won't replace a traditional flashlight but as an emergency work light it's very hard to beat.
    (Posted on )
  5. Brilliant, Review by
    Great little torch built well, very robust, strong, gives of a great amount of light, used mainly indoors in the middle of the night for checking on kids, and even changing the babys nappy in the night without waking anyone else up. Again the magnet is a great help. Used once to walk along the river bank, was great help. (Posted on )
  6. Great torch Review by
    I’m an electrician that works a lot of evenings and nights , I always have 2 torches on me , Fenix TK35UE and Nitecore MT21C and the LEO is now what I pull out first .It’s reasonably bright but the ability to swivel the head and the magnetic base are brilliant, leaving my hands free . The Nitecore has a magnetic base as well but the LEO gives a good spread of light for lighting up the pathway in front of you or a fuse board. Only had it 3 weeks and the batteries are still ok so I’m not sure what it does when the batteries get low. The Nitecore is very annoying when the battery gets week as it is hard to turn on or cycle through it’s settings. For distance over 3m you need a torch with a focused head.
    Well worth the money and a great torch
    (Posted on )
  7. Absolute bargain. Review by
    I bought this originally due to its low price and as a writing torch when on duty at night. I’ve used it for a few weeks now and I’m extremely impressed. It’s versatile, easy to clip onto my vest and pushed out a surprising amount of light. I’ve even used the magnet a few times when looking for VIN numbers in the dead of night. I highly recommend this torch! (Posted on )
  8. So Useful torch Review by
    Liked the look of this torch and now i have one i am very pleased with the build quality and nice touches like the base magnet and kickstand , and it came with batteries included , the rubberised coating helps with service life and grip :-) (Posted on )
  9. Amazing ValueReview by
    Although I had to return the first one I received as the programming wasn't right I knew I wanted one that worked as this is a great light for the money. Usual great, prompt service from HH. Build quality is pretty decent and its so versatile with the magnet and directional head. Seriously, for £12.99 it's a bargain! (Posted on )
  10. useful Review by
    a great lantern/flashlight. its dimmable and it remembers the setting. the wording on the box is a bit unsettling it says is carcinogenic in America. (Posted on )
  11. ExcellentReview by
    Thought this was going to be the first item I ever had cause to return to HH, and there have been many bought over the years.
    After being delivered in HH's usual prompt manner could not get this torch to work. Had the supplied batteries in / out about 4 times with out success and was just about to try a change of AAA's or to phone HH to ask if there was some trick to , when PRESTO !!!!, let there be light, and there was. Don't know what the problem had been, me probably, but torch now working. Bit big for EDC in your pocket, but I knew that up front when ordering, but a fine little torch for a bag, inside coat pocket or a cars glovebox.
    (Posted on )

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