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Mora Wood Carving Knife

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Mora Wood Carving Knife

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Mora Wood Carving Knife

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In Stock

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From: €22.00
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Mora Wood Carving Knife

Mora Wood Carving Knife

From: €22.00


Specially designed knife for carving tools and utensils these Mora knives are extremely sharp and made out of laminated carbon steel. The handle is oiled Birchwood. They are supplied with a plastic sheath.

There is a choice of two blade lengths; 6cm or 8cm.


Code MORA-106-$$
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Mora
Blade Material: Laminated Steel
Handle Material (Text): Birchwood
Sheath: Yes


  1. Daddy's home!Review by
    Started whittling a few years ago. Nice hobby. Relaxing and therapeutic. Tried many different pocket knives, had varied results. Then tried a Mora 106. I have to say, if restricted to only one, this, for me, is it! Hence, "Daddy's home!"

    Very comfortable for longer sessions, so simple to strop! Actually self-guiding.

    To a beginner I would now probably recommend the shorter 120 over my favourite, the 106. But. I like them both. For the price of a Flexcut, you could have both the 106 and the 120. And some wood.

    Tips. Nervous about using these? Practice on a bar of Ivory soap. Dry, obviously. Cheap media, commonly available, and lets you try a technique you may be unsure of without any variation in resistance that is the norm with all woods. Wood is a natural media with ever-changing characteristics with each pass of the woodcarving knife. Ivory soap has no grain and is therefore easy to carve. Try simple shapes then onto flowers. Even younger children can have a go, just shape a plastic picnic knife and "sharpen" it for them with a file, emery board, sandpaper etc. The plastic knife is safer, and again, start them off with soap. Use good judgment and discretion of course when introducing youngsters to this hobby.

    Never force your knife!

    Basswood carves beautifully, good for beginners.

    You can make your own woodcarving knife from a discarded bandsaw blade. Ask around at local machine shops, manufacturing engineers, even scrapyards. Explain what you want it for. It helps to have a couple of samples of things you have already carved. You only need 3 or 4 inches of steel per knife. Most of the blade will be pressed or driven into a larger wooden handle which you can also carve or shape as needed, leaving only an inch or so of working blade. Look online at custom woodcarving knives for examples and ideas. When grinding your blade, if using a wheel, go slow and dip it in water frequently. I used a flexible abrasive disk on my drill. You can epoxy your blade into its handle, too. This lets you use a split handle design. Altogether, it's easier than you might think.

    Good starter pocket knives for wood carving? Rough Rider makes Barlow, Canoe, Congress (personal favourite), Stockman, and, logically, Whittler patterns that do very well. Rough Riders are modestly priced. Many other brands are available, and prices will be more.

    Depending on the model and individual blade geometry you may have to thin the edge, then sharpen to suit. And strop frequently. Nothing is more discouraging to a beginner than trying to use a knife that is not sharp enough.

    Genuine Sheffield steel (not in name only) makes a very good choice. Easy to get sharp and holds a fine serviceable edge very well indeed!

    The advantage to a good pocket knife is that your hobby becomes portable. UK friendly examples, of course.

    But these Moras? While not legal for carry in the way that a pocket knife is, aside from home or studio use many will be using their Moras in conjunction with bushcraft or camping trips anyway - surely "with good reason" in any case!

    The bottom line is that for value for money, comfort and ease of use, simplicity of maintaining, and above all, outstanding performance, a Mora 106 and or 120 is really the very best starting point.
    (Posted on )
  2. Amazing carverReview by
    I bought a 106 from this site, once I sent proof I was over eighteen the knife came the following day ! To say it was sharp is an understatement, I carved a spoon during my youngest son's football training session. These are outstanding value for money, dangerous thing with Mora's is they are very addictive ! (Posted on )
  3. SuperbReview by
    Crazy sharp out of the box. A very shallow blade which may limit it's uses slightly, but you see that before you buy. The blade is thick enough to be very stiff so doesn't flex. The sheath isn't great by any means, but at this price, if the design suits you I doubt you could find a better value knife. A little gem. (Posted on )
  4. Make your carving so much easierReview by
    These are brilliant... cheap in price but not on value

    Easy to handle and easier to sharpen on the rare chance it needs it.

    The blade geometry on these mean that it cuts extremely accurately and leaves a finished edge

    The sheath is a load of rubbish . Ugly but 100% safe. Which is fine as you will love this knife that much you will get a leather sheath for it.

    The plain handle is easy to customise to how you like it.
    Leave as is....or sand it ...or carve it with your own decoration and oil it.

    It's up to you.. I've got loads and personalised them and give as gifts.
    Never had a bad response znd that's because these are great.

    Get some as presents for xmass
    (Posted on )
  5. Sharp!Review by
    Arrived very sharp, holds an edge very well and with a little bit of fettling on a strop becomes even sharper. I've not used one of these before and it's taken a few days to get used to the way it cuts, it's well worth the effort.
    Once again I've been astounded by the speed of HH's service, ordered after midday on Friday and received it before midday on Saturday!
    (Posted on )
  6. Good wood carverReview by
    Excellent knife, razor sharp, rarely needs sharpening. The sheath isn't great, typical Mora, and it's quite easy to drop when wet. Brilliant knife, those are the only faults I've found. (Posted on )
  7. Superb!Review by
    This knife is worth every penny. Very good quality and extremely sharp out of the box (extremely sharp!!! Its true, you can shave your arms with it).

    Also true to Heinnie's phenomenally fast delivery, I was expecting my usual midday post to work and somehow they even made my posty arrive earlier and it was on my doorstep at 7:30am the next day!
    (Posted on )
  8. Very good knife but...Review by
    The knife itself was a bit of a mystery to me as I'd never had a knife with a laminated blade before. Turns out, all the specs available on various websites are wrong. It is NOT STAINLESS steel. This does not matter to me much but may matter to some. I discovered this by pealing a kiwi, as the blade took a nice patina almost immediately. It wouldn't throw sparks while struck with a piece of flint as the spine is probably too soft for that, but it did take a nice uniform bluing with permablue like any other carbon steel. After reading the steel description on Mora's site, I realised this is, indeed, a high carbon plus some kind of alloy steel. You can actually see the borderline between the two steel types a few millimetres above the edge.

    The knife works fine. The round handle makes it very wieldy, the high grind bites deep but not too aggressively, and its slender profile makes even fiddly jobs much easier.
    (Posted on )
  9. Great little wood-carving knife!Review by
    Can't believe there are no reviews for this great little carving knife, i.e. the Mora 106! It has a particular soft spot with me, as it's the first knife I used when starting my greenwood carving a couple of years back. Along with its smaller sibling, the 120, these knives are essential if you want a cheap, but good, entry to spoon carving, etc. You'll need a bigger blade if you want to lose a lot of wood quickly, (e.g. a Mora HighQ Robust) but, for everything else after the blank is formed, these knives will do you proud. They are comfortable in the hand, keep a good edge and, are easy to sharpen and hone. (Posted on )

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