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Mora Robust

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Mora Robust

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Mora Robust

18+ Age Restriction Icon

In Stock

Available for Delivery



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Mora Robust

Mora Robust



Robust knife with extra thick blade of carefully selected carbon steel and with an extra impact resistant handle.

Mora have given these knives an impact resistant handle with a new, larger, geometry that fits even better in your hand. The finger guard has been developed to optimize safety. The blades have a perfect balance between length and width, which gives a better experience when using the knife. The carefully chosen knife steel is hardened in Mora, Sweden according to a secret recipe.


Code MORA-12249
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Mora
Blade Material: Carbon Steel
Blade Length (cm): 9.1
Blade Thickness (cm): 0.32
Overall Length (cm): 20.6
Handle Material: Resin
Blade Type: Plain
Product Weight (g): 140
Youtube Link: Watch Youtube Video


  1. Why not?Review by
    Silly not to buy one at this price.

    If I had to complain about anything, retention in the sheath is pretty , er, minimal.

    But again, at this price, it’s ridiculous value.

    Buy 2
    (Posted on )
  2. Fantastic knife for the moneyReview by
    Just taken delivery of my new Mora Robust. I have to say, straight out the packaging, it's sharp. Very sharp. Very, very sharp. I've just shaved some hair off my arm, it's that sharp.

    It's also a good weight, the handle is comfortable and the knife feels well defined in the hand.

    It cuts paper like it isn't there and an initial trial of making a sharp point on a piece of willow was most satisfying. I'd have happily paid double the price for this knife.

    And thanks to HH for the great service.
    (Posted on )
  3. What it says on the tin. Review by
    Wanted a nice sturdy knife I could beat on to start bushcrafting and Mora do not disappoint. Great strong thick knife and makes a surprisingly decent and quick light chopper. Like the clip on and off sheath too

    Only real complaint if any is that the blade stains easily and has to be stropped clean and the spine is fairly rough fit and finish wise.

    HH great as always shipped in 2 days standard shipping.
    (Posted on )
  4. For Deer work, it's first choice every time for 14 yearsReview by
    I have used the same Mora robust for 14 years. I won it in a raffle ! I have many other more expensive knives like Karesuando and Buck and Laguoille, but for regular deer gralloching in the field I use the Mora. Always holds a great edge. The sheath could be improved aesthetically, but it is easy to clean and does the job. (Posted on )
  5. 5 Stars for quality and valueReview by
    This is a superb knife. I own a couple of "top brand" knives and, yet, this is my go to knife on every occasion. Why? It is simply just as good as the "best" with the added advantage that if I am clumsy enough to break or lose it can be replaced for not much over a tenner.

    The hard plastic sheath is not brilliant, but a quick search on the internet and I sourced a leather version for about a tenner.

    5 stars for this knife.
    (Posted on )
  6. Very impressed.Review by
    Much to my horror, this knife outperformed a knife that cost 10 times as much. I'd love it if it was full tang, but as it is, it is far stronger than anything I could ever throw at it. I love the blade length and handle size - really great modern heavy duty puukko. Only thing I didn't like is the sheath being a centimetre or 2 longer than it needs to be. The charm of the overall knife length is it can fit in a pocket or hang around a neck. Having a sheath that is needlessly big takes away from this. Nothing a hacksaw and a lighter wont fix though. (Posted on )
  7. Mora robustReview by
    Great knife as you would expect from Mora sharp and sturdy blade good to take into the woods for Bushcraft needs never had any complaints with Mora knifes and I have a few would recommend this one as usual service from Heinnie Haynes fantastic (Posted on )
  8. Great toolReview by
    It's another great "go-to" knife, just like any Mora, but with a little bit more strength and therefore versatility. The added heft of a slightly thicker blade helps with small chopping tasks.

    Feels more substantial and better quality than you expect for £12. Grip fills my hand nicely and is very comfortable. Sharp enough out of the box.

    Sheath has no rattle, a positive click when knife in place, and retention seems very good so far. It's actually a nice quality plastic, and finished very well in itself. There's also a point on the front of the sheath, and at the top of the clip to add an elastic (band, bungee, hair tie etc) strap over the butt of the knife to hold it in, for added confidence or if the retention ever weakens through use.


    Moras only available in Scandi grind, to my knowledge. Wouldn't be my first choice. Bites deeply into wood with ease but I don't feel as much control, and they're not as versatile as full flat, convex or high sabre grinds IMO.

    With Moras the edge runs right into the handle, so there's no set point to start sharpening from, just as close to handles as you can, and a mini-choil (like 1 or 2mm) would have been nice.

    No lanyard hole. A lanyards sometimes useful for some tasks, but if you really needed it, you could improvise something.

    Only minor negatives (personal preference really) and still easily deserving 5 stars in my opinion.

    So far, I'm convinced that no one provides better online shopping service than Heinnie. Thanks
    (Posted on )
  9. Top knifeReview by
    brought this a few days ago have been out in the woods to test and well for £13 what a knife done all my timber prep and feather sticks also tent pegs and fire pot holder 10/10 you should really be at the check out now buying one cool knife. (Posted on )
  10. Can't go far wrongReview by
    Had mine for over a year, it's been bashed and abused more than any knife I own both out in the woods, processing game or doing DIY tasks at home and it's never let the side down. When pack weight has been an issue, this is a lot of knife for very little weight. The only down side is the knife gets a little loose in the sheath over time but there's ways around that. A real little cut price work horse. (Posted on )
  11. 5 star VFMReview by
    Mora Robust. A handy little knife. Good quality carbon steel and 12 quid to boot. I'm more than satified. (Posted on )
  12. Brilliant knife; sheath needs a tweakReview by
    Mora knives have been my primary whip making tools for about a decade, prior to which I've been through a lot of other knives. This beauty is the absolute nuts for tough jobs or where a chunky blade is good. Shaping wood, for example, or digging arrows out of trees. The combination of secure grip and short blade give great control.

    Alas, the sheath. The belt/pocket clip is good but not as secure as Companion's and knife retention isn't nearly as good - it takes less effort to release than replace the knife. It rattles due to the shaping on the outside - were it oval section, again like the Companion's, it would be nice and quiet. I'm no fan of the gimmicky wee knobble. I'm not likely to dangle one knife from another so I cut it off. And another thing - why not make the sheath to fit the blade? There must be a good inch of fresh air between the point and the end of the sheath.

    Top knife - 5 stars; sheath drops a star. I'd like a version of this knife with a 10cm blade (maybe 2.5mm thick rather than 3mm) and a sheath more like the Companion's, fitted to the length of the blade and with more positive retention. In green and black like my favourite chocolate.

    (Posted on )
  13. Pretty ToughReview by
    You can't beat this for the price. Decent steel, tough blade (stands up to some (light/medium) battening and sharp as hell. What more do you want for 12 quid!? (Posted on )
  14. Buy ItReview by
    Stop reading this review and proceed to checkout. (Posted on )
  15. Very good Review by
    Chunky feel well made Mora :-) great price (Posted on )

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